Akbash Dog Sponsored Genetic Diversity Test

This research test has been generously subsidized by the Akbash Dog Association of America.  We request that entry be limited to those that have been pre-approved by Akbash Dog Association of America. It is hoped that the pre-approval process will provide Akbash Dog from the widest range of pedigree lines as possible.

The world’s best Canine Genetic Diversity Test, from UC Davis’ renowned Veterinary Genetics Lab. Developed by dedicated veterinarians and conservation geneticists specifically to assess genetic diversity in breeds, dogs, and matings.

Individual test results will not be available until after the initial breed analysis, which will be after 30 to 50 dogs, depending on the overall variation found in the breed. After that analysis is released, all test results will be sent to owners and run through the BetterBred conservation genetics algorithms.

After the initial breed analysis, results will be emailed to you from the UC Davis Veterinary Genetics Lab 15-20 days after receipt at the lab.  Results will also be run through BetterBred algorithms at that time and available for public viewing.

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