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Last 10 Recently Added Public Dogs!

No.BreedNameGenderOutlier IndexAverage Genetic RelatednessInternal Relatedness
1Havanese Havasamllpaw Rico Ritz N Glitz M0.280.010.16
2Poodle - StandardUKC CH Meeker's Smoking Gun Silver Briar F0.28-0.050.04
3Poodle - Standard Simply Southern’s Double Shot Whiskey F0.32-0.04-0.10
4Berger Picard Ides of March Purple Collar Girl F0.230.060.22
5Berger Picard Ides of March Green Collar Girl F0.30-0.030.19
6Berger Picard Ides of March Pink Collar Girl F0.30-0.050.24
7Berger Picard Ides of March Gray Collar Boy M0.260.080.07
8Berger Picard Ides of March Orange Collar Boy M0.220.020.27
9Berger Picard Ides of March Yellow Collar Boy M0.20-0.010.34
10Berger Picard Ides of March White Collar Boy M0.30-0.040.12