Poodle - Miniature

Temperament: Very active and happy, good with kids. Biddable and funny. High grooming needs, hypoallergenic.

Height: 10-15 inches

Weight: 10-15 pounds

Life Span: 12-18 years

Breed Average Outlier Index: 0.36

Breed Average Genetic Relatedness: -0.02

Breed Average Internal Relatedness: 0.03

Last 10 Recently Added Public Dogs!

No.NameGenderOutlier IndexAverage Genetic RelatednessInternal Relatedness
1 Windswepts Rumor Has it II F0.340.03-0.16
2 Starlit OMG What a Happy Day M0.28-0.030.14
3 Great Lakes Kalamazoo Keeper F0.73-0.150.06
4 Great Lakes Michigan Mitten F0.47-0.100.12
5 Mystique Kastle Sugaree At Wow M0.64-0.160.01
6 Dreem RustiK Sunrise F0.22-0.010.22
7 Dreem Olivia Rose F0.52-0.06-0.02
8 Mivida's Moonstruck Mystique F0.51-0.070.10
9 Bar W Big Rock Candy Mount Bethel M0.18-0.010.31
10 Karbits Krystal F0.410.00-0.18

The poodle was first recognized by AKC in 1887. Poodles were historically a landrace breed, which means they developed over time in response to the needs of their environment. Some believe the miniature poodle was bred down in size from the larger variety, and the genetic record supports this theory.

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The follow includes dogs with birthdates listed in the database.

DLA Haplotypes in the Breed

The Dog Leukocyte Antigen or DLA is the region in the canine genome that controls the immune system, among other things. There are three classes or areas, and the VGL Canine Diversity Test genotypes or records the two regions with the most variation. Because it is an area that mutates more rapidly than others, the method VGL uses is ideal for identifying specific combinations of DNA, and not merely showing whether a dog inherited two of the same sets of genetics from its parents or two different ones.

"Haplotype" is a generic name for a set of genes that are bound together and inherited as a set. The DLA Class I and Class II haplotypes are very tightly bound and represent about 2 million base pairs of DNA - a sizeable chunk. These two haplotypes together make an extended haplotype that is nearly always passed from parent to puppies as a pair. We therefore have two tables below showing both the combinations of DLA found in this breed and how often they appear, and also how often they appear individually.

Remember that frequency percentages do not show how many dogs carry them, but rather how many of these haplotypes exist in the breed as a whole. Every dog has two sets of DLA haplotypes, one inherited from dam, and one inherited from sire. These almost never recombine in new generations.

DLA Class I/Class II Combinations :

Class I HaplotypeClass II HaplotypeFrequency in the Breed

DLA Frequencies :

ClassHaplotypeFrequency in the Breed
Class I00.15%
Class I10011.33%
Class I10020.15%
Class I10030.74%
Class I10040.59%
Class I10055.60%
Class I10060.29%
Class I10080.29%
Class I10098.26%
Class I10110.59%
Class I10128.70%
Class I101310.77%
Class I10140.59%
Class I10163.10%
Class I101826.70%
Class I10200.29%
Class I10210.15%
Class I10250.44%
Class I10282.80%
Class I10317.08%
Class I10320.59%
Class I10364.57%
Class I10400.59%
Class I10450.44%
Class I10540.15%
Class I10681.18%
Class I11054.72%
Class I11061.92%
Class I11073.10%
Class I11081.03%
Class I11091.33%
Class I11100.29%
Class I11110.88%
Class I11120.15%
Class I11680.15%
Class I12500.29%
Class II20011.47%
Class II20020.59%
Class II200352.06%
Class II20040.15%
Class II20070.15%
Class II20088.26%
Class II20091.03%
Class II20110.59%
Class II20128.41%
Class II20130.15%
Class II20143.10%
Class II20152.95%
Class II20163.10%
Class II20170.15%
Class II20214.87%
Class II20220.15%
Class II20240.88%
Class II20254.87%
Class II20280.59%
Class II20321.03%
Class II20370.88%
Class II20400.44%
Class II20500.15%
Class II20531.18%
Class II20662.36%
Class II20670.29%
Class II21310.15%

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List of Public Dogs

No.NameGenderOutlier IndexAverage Genetic RelatednessInternal Relatedness
1Alegria's Silver Desert Dust At ArganF0.290.03-0.07
2Alley-Oop's Finite NumberM0.52-0.030.03
3Alley-Oop's Finite ReflectionF0.34-0.040.11
4Alley-Oop's Finite SequenceF0.210.000.09
5Alley-Oop's Harmonic FunctionM0.40-0.02-0.09
6Alley-Oop's Harmonic MeanF0.260.05-0.16
7Alley-Oop's Harmonic MotionF0.200.05-0.10
8Alley-Oop's Harmonic ProgressionF0.340.02-0.08
9Alley-Oop's Harmonic ResonanceM0.26-0.01-0.05
10Alley-Oop's Harmonic SequenceF0.30-0.020.05
11Alley-Oop's Harmonic SeriesM0.290.03-0.13
12Alley-Oop's Imperial SystemM0.32-0.01-0.02
13Alley-Oop's Independent VariableM0.340.000.04
14Alley-Oop's Indirect ProofM0.260.000.01
15Alley-Oop's Infinite DecimalM0.290.000.05
16Alley-Oop's InfinityF0.300.000.01
17Alley-Oop's Initial ConditionM0.330.04-0.10
18Alley-Oop's Inner ProductM0.42-0.060.19
19Alley-Oop's Internal ForceM0.36-0.01-0.10
20Alley-Oop's Mooli EntalpiaF0.42-0.04-0.02
21Alley-Oop's Root Of NumberF0.250.07-0.16
22Annie OrangeF0.32-0.050.06
23Antonia von der Oase SonnenstrahlF0.290.08-0.30
24Asa's Willy Wonka Glow FactoryM0.300.02-0.06
25Bar W Big Rock Candy Mount BethelM0.18-0.010.31
26Bar W Wild ThingM0.260.03-0.13
27Baroque Because You're MineF0.42-0.01-0.05
28Baroque Just Take A BowF0.430.00-0.10
29Baroque Moonstruck Chances AreM0.18-0.020.34
30Baroque Somersault SallyF0.260.030.07
31Belgae Dreem She's All ThatF0.170.010.20
32Belles Fleurs Scent of Jasmine at KayekidsF0.220.000.26
33Caralot's Finders Keepers Losers WeepersM0.240.020.02
34Caralot's First Times's a CharmF0.290.00-0.04
35Caralot's Forever A TripletakeM0.21-0.020.12
36Caralot's Just A Little Bit SaucyF0.25-0.040.25
37Caralot's Play it Once AgainF0.48-0.06-0.06
38Cartier Toscanella Big BangF0.27-0.030.12
39Curlyfriends ArianaF0.45-0.03-0.07
40Curlyfriends Classic MauiM0.58-0.070.04
41Cuttingedge Zeus De FlinkM0.40-0.01-0.11
42Dakar-Tesoro Di MauroM0.240.010.03
43Darkover Dreem of Blue SkyesF0.33-0.020.15
44Dimarnique's Christian Dior EditionM0.210.06-0.16
45Donna Victoria FestivaF0.380.04-0.12
46Dreem Gentle LadM0.210.020.12
47Dreem Glad TidingsF0.310.01-0.03
48Dreem Glorious DayF0.32-0.050.24
49Dreem Grace NoteF0.270.000.10
50Dreem Grand DetourM0.32-0.01-0.01
51Dreem Klasyk AndromedaF0.37-0.070.07
52Dreem Klasyk CalliopeF0.240.01-0.04
53Dreem Klasyk Glad You're MineF0.230.08-0.09
54Dreem Klasyk Keepin' OnF0.40-0.03-0.08
55Dreem Klasyk Miss QF0.34-0.090.33
56Dreem Klasyk Nothing Like ItF0.36-0.060.25
57Dreem Klasyk Peter The RockM0.270.020.04
58Dreem Klasyk Zoe FaithF0.34-0.050.17
59Dreem Like That Of BelgaeF0.330.00-0.11
60Dreem Olivia RoseF0.52-0.06-0.02
61Dreem RustiK SunriseF0.22-0.010.22
62Dreem Von Schoene Leading Edge at IngaryF0.42-0.030.02
63Dreem Von Schoene Leap of FaithF0.44-0.060.07
64Dreem Von Schoene Light The WayF0.48-0.05-0.05
65Dreem Von Schoene Living LargeM0.38-0.02-0.01
66Dulcinea N Starlit on the rocks at LamininM0.270.00-0.01
67Eaglehill's Quick StepM0.15-0.030.30
68Eaglehill's Set Me FreeF0.310.010.02
69Eaglehill's Wind DancerF0.29-0.030.04
70Eaglehill-South FashionsetterF0.44-0.080.06
71Eaglehill-South I Choose You ZF0.190.040.00
72Eaglehill-South Ice Breaker Of Dulcet MividaM0.270.04-0.07
73Eaglehill-South The Dark Side Of VanTanF0.33-0.01-0.01
74Eaglehill-South The Keepsake from KayekidsF0.26-0.020.03
75Eaglehill-South You Dance WhyF0.18-0.080.44
76Eaglehill-South You Say KCF0.200.000.07
77Eaglehill-South's Tell Me TrueM0.220.000.18
78EagleHill_South N Shiann Dancing Through The FireM0.260.04-0.08
79Earthstone's Azure TitanM0.60-0.11-0.01
80Ehmler PoppyF0.67-0.150.10
81Eleni's Dolce Creme FrappuccinoF0.36-0.040.02
82Eleni's Moonstruck Master PlanM0.350.02-0.01
83Eviddente A Good Night KissM0.68-0.090.01
84Exmoor Victoria FestivaM0.42-0.060.06
85Fine vom Pudelparadies Hahnst├ĄttenF0.44-0.03-0.10
86Finnesse DynamiteF0.52-0.070.03
87Finnesse Evening PrimroseF0.320.000.00
88Finnesse Thunder Boltz N LighteningF0.45-0.110.24
89Forever A Georgie Girl At CaralotF0.42-0.050.02
90Forever Anything's Possible With GodM0.36-0.02-0.02
91Fukuchima Cinnamon MoonF0.48-0.090.09
92Geraldo D'Argent BoucleM0.40-0.03-0.09
93Glow Athos ChromeM0.280.010.13
94Glow Bright SelenaF0.26-0.020.11
95Glow Ceasar the HunterM0.44-0.04-0.09
96Glow Cuttingedge Kwik SilverF0.26-0.030.27
97Glow Heavenly JoyF0.31-0.010.04
98Glow Kayekids Orange GinoM0.44-0.05-0.05
99Glow Lady Go DivaF0.33-0.040.03
100Glow Louis the Zulu WarriorM0.29-0.030.07
101Glow Luzia Desire for FireF0.43-0.05-0.06
102Glow Sir Pierre Frenchy PompeyM0.190.020.01
103Goodelife's Count Your BlessingsM0.33-0.01-0.01
104Great Lakes Darling DearbornF0.57-0.11-0.05
105Great Lakes Detroit FireM0.60-0.130.11
106Great Lakes Faygo Cream SodaF0.75-0.130.01
107Great Lakes Grand HavenF0.74-0.120.02
108Great Lakes Kalamazoo KeeperF0.73-0.150.06
109Great Lakes Keen KalamazooF0.60-0.120.02
110Great Lakes Lovely LivoniaF0.77-0.10-0.23
111Great Lakes Michigan MittenF0.47-0.100.12
112Great Lakes Mighty MackinawM0.62-0.120.02
113Great Lakes Sault Ste. MarieF0.60-0.11-0.08
114Great Lakes Sleeping Bear DunesM0.78-0.130.06
115Honey Bear Opus Sugar RushF0.49-0.06-0.08
116Horizon's Fashion FlairF0.50-0.190.09
117Horizon's Right This MinuteM0.37-0.120.38
118Horizon's Wild BlueF0.45-0.03-0.06
119Kallista's Light Up The NightM0.40-0.020.03
120Kameo Towards The Sun At OpusF0.310.010.03
121Karbit N Pomeroy's Sky Is The LimitF0.52-0.110.06
122Karbit's VelociraptorM0.36-0.01-0.07
123Karbitrose Big Big LoveF0.33-0.030.13
124Karbitrose Devine EmmaF0.51-0.04-0.03
125KarbitRose Doctor PepperM0.320.000.01
126Karbits Fits To A Tee F0.40-0.03-0.06
127Karbits I Got You Babe at RosemelF0.29-0.020.19
128Karbits KrystalF0.410.00-0.18
129Karbits Playing With FireF0.270.000.03
130Karbits The Full Monty FitzhughM0.430.02-0.15
131Karbits Your Island of GamesF0.48-0.050.02
132Karbitskayekids Eleanor RigbyF0.180.010.06
133Karbitskayekids I Have A DreamM0.35-0.040.20
134Kassels Buddy Holly@Mystique Kastle M0.42-0.090.19
135Kayekids A Hope and Dream That FitzF0.28-0.030.31
136Kayekids Baroque Pistol Packin' PattyF0.320.03-0.02
137Kayekids Beast of Burden for KarbitF0.46-0.04-0.06
138Kayekids Bon ChanceM0.40-0.050.03
139Kayekids Classic A Hope and A DreamF0.370.00-0.08
140Kayekids Classically CharmingM0.41-0.02-0.15
141Kayekids Delightful and DelovelyF0.42-0.040.08
142Kayekids Eaglehill-South Queen BeeF0.210.05-0.21
143Kayekids Fitz the BillM0.310.00-0.02
144Kayekids Gentleman GeoffM0.330.01-0.03
145Kayekids Goodness GraciousF0.38-0.030.10
146Kayekids Heart of the MatterF0.320.02-0.02
147Kayekids HiJaxed My HeartM0.160.06-0.04
148Kayekids Keep the Journey Rockin Eaglehill-SouthM0.330.01-0.09
149Kayekids Leap of FaithM0.28-0.010.17
150Kayekids Let's DanceM0.32-0.020.04
151Kayekids Living LargeM0.49-0.03-0.10
152Kayekids Luxury EditionF0.280.06-0.12
153Kayekids MarshallM0.34-0.050.13
154Kayekids MiloM0.35-0.04-0.05
155Kayekids MykaF0.34-0.080.34
156Kayekids Once Upon A TimeF0.44-0.03-0.04
157Kayekids One Oscar At A TimeM0.34-0.010.03
158Kayekids OrlandoM0.360.000.00
159Kayekids Playing A RoundM0.290.000.18
160Kayekids Quality EntertainmentM0.29-0.010.04
161Kayekids Quiche LorraineF0.32-0.020.10
162Kayekids Salty DogM0.42-0.040.02
163Kayekids SerendipityM0.30-0.050.16
164Kayekids Till There Was YouF0.26-0.050.20
165Kayekids U R A Scrumptious CookieF0.30-0.020.06
166Kayekids U R My Kitty KatF0.38-0.050.04
167Kayekids XactlyF0.43-0.070.04
168Kayekids XactlyF0.61-0.100.05
169Kayekids Yabba Dabba DoM0.370.03-0.08
170Kayekids Z R One In A ZillionM0.30-0.060.04
171Klasyk Dreem From MaestosoM0.34-0.050.19
172Klasyk Dreem Hearts 'N DiamondsF0.30-0.02-0.04
173Kozyrnoy Valet Iz Doma TajurM0.330.000.04
174Kudryavyi Gnom Perchik ChiliM0.36-0.030.21
175Kudryavyi Gnom Puppy LoveM0.64-0.100.15
176Leeanns Glow Dulce De LecheF0.53-0.070.08
177Lemon Pie iz Volzhskoy SerenadyM0.38-0.060.29
178Logos I Have Something To SayF0.220.020.10
179Logos I'm PricelessF0.22-0.070.26
180Logos Knock On Any DoorM0.180.000.27
181Logos Raise A GlassM0.180.030.06
182Lookin Good In Levi'sM0.300.00-0.15
183Magicstar Miss Marple von der SilbermoweF0.340.01-0.01
185Midas Glow Tesoro di MauroM0.43-0.040.07
186Miss Mariana FrizzleF0.36-0.020.05
187Mivida Cyr Aramis With GlowM0.270.010.05
188Mivida Sweet SurrenderF0.30-0.040.00
189Mivida's Keeping the FaithF0.31-0.050.11
190Mivida's Moonstruck MystiqueF0.51-0.070.10
191Mivida's PandemoniumF0.60-0.220.12
192Mivida's Sweet Sin-SationF0.38-0.07-0.06
193Moonstruck Against All OddsF0.250.03-0.03
194Moonstruck Clair de LuneF0.290.020.06
195Moonstruck Dreem #2M0.40-0.040.05
196Moonstruck Dreem Hawk on the WindM0.36-0.070.07
197Moonstruck Eppie Apricot BoyM0.37-0.040.06
198Moonstruck FredM0.36-0.070.06
199Moonstruck Last Chance To DanceF0.28-0.030.12
200Moonstruck Midsummer DreemF0.260.03-0.09
201Moonstruck Party Of OneF0.34-0.010.01
202Moonstruck Peaches & Creme FrappuccinoF0.46-0.04-0.11
203Moonstruck Queen of the JungleF0.29-0.020.00
204Moonstruck RenaissanceF0.220.09-0.17
205Moonstruck Second ChanceM0.310.02-0.15
206Moonstruck Strawberries & CremeF0.290.02-0.13
207Moschino Iz Volzhskoy SerenadyM0.58-0.090.07
208Mydrm Never Say NeverF0.370.00-0.11
209Mystique Kastle Sugaree At WowM0.64-0.160.01
210Nicesteps Deluxe DesignM0.39-0.070.23
211Noir Peace At MidnightF0.48-0.10-0.01
212Noir To Kill A MockingbirdF0.36-0.090.12
213Of Lovely Children Latino LoverM0.37-0.040.07
214Opus's Feel The LightF0.36-0.020.03
215Opus's Kiss The SkyM0.340.00-0.02
216Paean Starry Starry NightF0.36-0.020.01
217Paean Sterling Sylver SmithM0.49-0.05-0.02
218Palman's Heart of Rockn RollM0.330.010.03
219Pearl's Indulgence to MividaF0.41-0.090.13
220Piciu Dei Gini S Tsvetochnoi PoljanyM0.190.010.29
221Raziel's Tempting TangoM0.190.030.02
222Refinne Mivida The Chase Is OnM0.34-0.030.11
223Safranne's Arrow Right On TargetM0.48-0.070.06
224Safranne's Ode to JoyF0.36-0.03-0.03
225Safranne's Quest For A MiracleF0.310.03-0.19
226Safranne's TrendsetterF0.44-0.02-0.10
228Santa's Little Helper iz Volzhskoy SerenadyM0.54-0.03-0.02
229Shiann Dartagnan Magnum GlowM0.34-0.020.00
230Shiann Yiskas Dancing in the SunF0.280.010.05
231Shiann's Dont Stop Believin At MorningstarM0.45-0.03-0.09
232Silver Eljano Vom Orechers HofM0.31-0.010.00
233Snowball iz Volzhskoy SerenadyM0.49-0.050.10
234Starlit OMG What a Happy DayM0.28-0.030.14
235Sylversmith Mia Mount Bethel DreamF0.46-0.07-0.01
236Ullrich Vom AnnenhofM0.55-0.070.03
237Vanir's Palman's Beau JestM0.46-0.070.13
238Veroette Out On The Town With MividaF0.37-0.030.05
239Whisper Ragazza's Dream Vom AnnenhofF0.32-0.010.14
240Windswepts Rumor Has it IIF0.340.03-0.16
241Yankee Doodle von MaklascheiM0.36-0.030.00

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