Temperament: Intelligent, playful, social dogs.

Height: 8.5-11.5 inches

Weight: 7-13 pounds

Life Span: 14-16 years

Breed Average Outlier Index: 0.35

Breed Average Genetic Relatedness: 0.00

Breed Average Internal Relatedness: 0.02

Last 10 Recently Added Public Dogs!

No.NameGenderOutlier IndexAverage Genetic RelatednessInternal Relatedness
1 Happy Paws' Good Vibes F0.230.08-0.07
2 Happy paws' Spiced Rum F0.52-0.01-0.04
3 Happy Paws' Little Dutch Majical Blaze Of Glory F0.220.05-0.01
4 Happy Paws' Muffin Top F0.43-0.040.15
5 Happy Paws' Black Forest Cake F0.41-0.040.21
6 Terra De Bern Kiss Me Baby M0.340.02-0.03
7CH Happy Paws' Bring The Heat F0.200.020.19
8 Happy Paws' My Heart Is In Havana M0.280.05-0.12
9 Happy Paws' Rise from the Flames M0.240.050.03
10 Habana LoveStory’s Miracle F0.42-0.04-0.01

The Havanese breed is based on the now extinct Blanquito de la Habana (little white dog of Havana), which descended in turn from the also extinct Spanish Bichon Tenerife. The Blanquito was bred with breeds of similar Bichon type and to Poodles to create the modern Havanese. It was officially accepted as a breed by AKC in 1996 and comes in a variety of colors.

Breed Standard coming soon!'

Havanese are a genetically diverse and healthy breed. They have some issues that are typical of small dogs, like patellar luxation, Legg-Calve-Perthes and liver shunts, but they are not highly frequent. Maintaining overal diversity will help keep these infrequent.

The research for the Havanese breed regarding gene flow and inbreeding indicates that breeders are currently doing a pretty good job creating heterozygous dogs and maintaining the genetics they have retained from their ancestors. Breed average IR of .03 indicates some level of inbreeding within the population.

The breed has an average effective allele frequency of 4.48, with overall allele frequencies being an average of 8.576. Though this is very good for a purebred dog, this indicates opportunity to have higher effective alleles in the population.

The research for the Havanese breed regarding gene flow and inbreeding indicates that breeders are currently doing a pretty good job creating heterozygous dogs and maintaining the genetics they have retained from their ancestors. Breed average IR of .03 indicates some level of inbreeding within the population.

Havanese possess considerable genetic diversity in both DLA class I and II regions, similar to that of the Miniature Poodle and much greater than breeds such as the Akita, Black Russian Terrier, Italian Greyhound, Flat-coated retrievers, and Alaska Klee Kai. This diversity involves 35 different STR-associated DLA Class I and 27 DLA Class II. Several DLA types are unique to the Havanese breed.

The follow includes dogs with birthdates listed in the database.

DLA Haplotypes in the Breed

The Dog Leukocyte Antigen or DLA is the region in the canine genome that controls the immune system, among other things. There are three classes or areas, and the VGL Canine Diversity Test genotypes or records the two regions with the most variation. Because it is an area that mutates more rapidly than others, the method VGL uses is ideal for identifying specific combinations of DNA, and not merely showing whether a dog inherited two of the same sets of genetics from its parents or two different ones.

"Haplotype" is a generic name for a set of genes that are bound together and inherited as a set. The DLA Class I and Class II haplotypes are very tightly bound and represent about 2 million base pairs of DNA - a sizeable chunk. These two haplotypes together make an extended haplotype that is nearly always passed from parent to puppies as a pair. We therefore have two tables below showing both the combinations of DLA found in this breed and how often they appear, and also how often they appear individually.

Remember that frequency percentages do not show how many dogs carry them, but rather how many of these haplotypes exist in the breed as a whole. Every dog has two sets of DLA haplotypes, one inherited from dam, and one inherited from sire. These almost never recombine in new generations.

DLA Class I/Class II Combinations :

Class I HaplotypeClass II HaplotypeFrequency in the Breed

DLA Frequencies :

ClassHaplotypeFrequency in the Breed
Class I10033.72%
Class I10064.73%
Class I10110.14%
Class I10121.72%
Class I10143.87%
Class I101620.49%
Class I10180.29%
Class I10292.01%
Class I10350.86%
Class I10401.29%
Class I10521.15%
Class I105413.47%
Class I10681.86%
Class I10840.43%
Class I10927.02%
Class I10932.44%
Class I11142.15%
Class I11159.46%
Class I111610.74%
Class I11172.72%
Class I11180.14%
Class I11200.29%
Class I11210.86%
Class I11220.14%
Class I11230.14%
Class I11240.29%
Class I11252.01%
Class I11270.14%
Class I11280.29%
Class I11290.14%
Class I11320.29%
Class I11332.58%
Class I11400.14%
Class I11420.43%
Class I11480.57%
Class I11540.86%
Class I11730.14%
Class II20014.01%
Class II200318.91%
Class II20060.14%
Class II20074.73%
Class II20110.14%
Class II20120.57%
Class II20140.86%
Class II20162.15%
Class II20171.15%
Class II20181.58%
Class II202212.46%
Class II20240.29%
Class II20323.01%
Class II20330.14%
Class II20350.14%
Class II20373.87%
Class II20400.14%
Class II20533.15%
Class II206617.91%
Class II207010.89%
Class II20710.86%
Class II20722.15%
Class II20731.58%
Class II20742.87%
Class II20752.01%
Class II20760.29%
Class II20772.87%
Class II20790.29%
Class II20820.72%
Class II20830.14%

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List of Public Dogs

No.NameGenderOutlier IndexAverage Genetic RelatednessInternal Relatedness
12Cute’s Sky Walker Vom SalzetalM0.51-0.110.27
2Accent-Sonrisas I Got A SecretF0.41-0.010.05
3Adagio Under The Seda SunF0.53-0.080.06
4Adorele Fantastic Mr. FoxM0.44-0.01-0.06
5Almendares BalladynaF0.34-0.040.07
6Almendares DakarM0.42-0.030.00
7Almendares PabloM0.240.020.00
8Almendares Show Must Go OnM0.29-0.030.00
9Almendares Whiskey With Amistosa and TwinkleM0.32-0.010.02
10Amara Soliloquy of NarwynM0.220.05-0.04
11Amazing Dance ShisukaF0.56-0.110.02
12Ambler Sherrex's You're Gonna Hear Me Roar M0.250.09-0.13
13Amblers Cleveland RocksM0.350.00-0.01
14Amistosa's Eleven Pipers PipinF0.300.030.12
15Amistosa's Gone With The WindF0.350.010.11
16Amistosa's Lancaster of JasperM0.400.010.07
17Amistosa's Mistletoe and HollyF0.250.08-0.11
18Amistosa's Quintessential GemF0.220.07-0.07
19Amistosa's Your Wishes GrantedF0.360.02-0.02
20Amor Tamaran Thunder RoadM0.34-0.01-0.09
21Amor's Amita At Nightn'gaelF0.27-0.020.18
22Amor's Who Could ResistM0.170.100.05
23Angelheart's Stairway to HeavenM0.270.020.01
24Angelheart's Under PressureM0.330.03-0.14
25Annahavanas Mischief PuckM0.61-0.090.16
26Annahavanas Orly ChockletF0.50-0.050.03
27Artwryks in Carneys Paradise GardenF0.36-0.020.11
28Ashstone's Gizmotron at DelSolM0.260.040.12
29Ashstone's Magnifica at DelSolF0.180.010.17
30Ashtone's Hearts Delite FargoM0.250.03-0.10
31Askin Almost SorryF0.18-0.020.49
32Askin Dance Me to the End of LoveF0.190.050.08
33Asunray Caught Red HandedM0.64-0.08-0.12
34Asunray's Island SpiceF0.320.000.00
35Bailemos CalienteM0.74-0.140.09
36Bailemos ChanguitaF0.68-0.12-0.03
37Bailemos Dealer's Choice SkylerF0.54-0.050.02
38Bailemos FashionistaF0.40-0.04-0.06
39Bailemos I Put A Spell On YouF0.42-0.02-0.08
40Bailemos PachangaF0.62-0.130.04
41Bailemos Poker FaceM0.48-0.050.05
42Bailemos Pretty Fly For A White GuyM0.61-0.05-0.12
43Bailemos Tiene Bembe JoseM0.41-0.01-0.05
44Bamboo Star of HavannaM0.36-0.01-0.04
45Baribal's IronmanM0.24-0.010.09
46Baribal's Undercover AgentM0.46-0.050.05
47Behike’s SadarM0.300.03-0.11
48Berill Canis Minor HadeszM0.34-0.020.07
49Berill Canis Minor LollyF0.48-0.080.13
50Beseme's Legacy Lives On @SunsationM0.40-0.030.04
51Carita's Man About Town, a SocialiteM0.200.050.15
52Carneys Flower from the HeartlandF0.250.000.20
53Carneys Luminescent MoonflowerF0.41-0.050.05
54Carneys What Grows Wild Along the RiverF0.29-0.010.19
55Chazard Shady Lady at LabayamesaF0.63-0.110.09
56Christa's Jumpy Clown InazzaF0.46-0.050.01
57Classical Fivefields AnarchyM0.42-0.02-0.07
58Classical Fivefields EntropyF0.250.040.00
59Classical Master RhettM0.150.090.09
60Classical Set Fire To The RainF0.240.020.12
61Classical's Brad PaisleyM0.210.080.02
62Classical's Mon Petit AmieF0.40-0.040.13
63Claytonia BeguineF0.51-0.04-0.13
64Cloudy Crystal Mano GentisM0.290.030.04
65Colleen Star of HavannaF0.300.01-0.06
66Cubana's Buick SkylarkF0.44-0.110.30
67D'els Peluts RagnarokM0.46-0.040.11
68Dark Night Davino Star of HavannaM0.330.000.06
69DelSol's Chocolate SurpriseF0.47-0.070.02
70DelSols IMO MY Best FriendF0.310.00-0.05
71DelSols Knockin' on Heavens DoorF0.250.03-0.13
72DelSols Sasha O WeatherfordF0.310.01-0.07
73Dianaia Faberge Splendour For JanabearF0.45-0.060.02
74Dianaia Over The Rainbow For JanabearM0.32-0.010.03
75El Rey Morocco's T in the RifF0.400.01-0.13
76Eleonora Black-Snow FlakeF0.170.06-0.01
77Elvis De Islagorca Teddy Bear For SedaM0.62-0.160.21
78Fantastic Dream’s Golden Fire of DestinyF0.40-0.060.20
79Fivefields Always and AgainM0.250.020.09
80Fivefields Coffee BeanM0.200.050.03
81Fivefields Here Be DragonsF0.200.030.12
82FiveFields Someone Like YouF0.210.020.17
83Flordecuba Amarillo StarF0.460.01-0.19
84Flordecuba ArmarosM0.51-0.07-0.03
85Flordecuba JacintoM0.38-0.030.01
86Flordecuba JezebelF0.35-0.050.12
87Flordecuba MalachaiM0.39-0.03-0.10
88Flordecuba OriasM0.52-0.080.03
89Flordecuba Out Of DarknessF0.45-0.060.06
90Foxy Lady By LabayamesaF0.45-0.03-0.09
91Gadby Des Echos Du HoyouxM0.41-0.050.02
92Georgie Girl By LabayamesaF0.410.02-0.13
93Gilwood Hidden MickeyM0.31-0.020.18
94Giocoso Piu Mosso d'NarwynF0.390.00-0.01
95Giocoso's Shooting StarM0.320.010.10
96Habana LoveStory’s Dr. Boy #1M0.270.020.04
97Habana LoveStory’s Heart and SoulM0.270.04-0.11
98Habana LoveStory’s MiracleF0.42-0.04-0.01
99Habana LoveStory’s St. Boy #3M0.220.04-0.04
100Habana LoveStory’s St. Boy #3M0.34-0.060.22
101Hank from Bohemica landM0.390.01-0.06
102Happy Paws' Black Forest CakeF0.41-0.040.21
103Happy Paws' Bring The HeatF0.200.020.19
104Happy Paws' Good VibesF0.230.08-0.07
105Happy Paws' Havin Fun in Carneys GardenM0.390.00-0.06
106Happy Paws' Little Dutch Majical Blaze Of GloryF0.220.05-0.01
107Happy Paws' Muffin TopF0.43-0.040.15
108Happy Paws' My Heart Is In HavanaM0.280.05-0.12
109Happy Paws' Rise from the FlamesM0.240.050.03
110Happy paws' Spiced RumF0.52-0.01-0.04
111Harbor's Just Too Busy Being FabulousM0.27-0.020.14
112Havasamllpaw Friday Nite LitesF0.220.010.05
113Havasmallpaw Go Lucky RubyF0.28-0.010.09
114Havasmallpaw Lucy in the SkyF0.29-0.060.29
115Havasmallpaw Rico Ritz N GlitzM0.270.020.16
116Havasmallpaw with Mr MikeyM0.310.000.04
117Havasmallpaw Zorro the BanditM0.300.05-0.10
118HBH Henwrach All Fyred UpF0.59-0.10-0.11
119Heartland’s Scandal at FlordecubaF0.39-0.060.20
120Heartsong's Welcome to StorybrookeF0.41-0.02-0.15
121Hekarwe's Little Wonder of OzF0.310.00-0.02
122Henwrach Full Moon FeverM0.40-0.030.01
123Henwrach Honor Set Fire To The RainF0.43-0.06-0.01
124Henwrach The Devil You SayM0.58-0.06-0.07
125Honor Yukon MistM0.280.020.08
126Inigualable Bebo Valdez de Los GabatosM0.290.000.07
127Inika-Mia Coeur De MasaiF0.37-0.01-0.12
128Janabear Amazing GraceF0.37-0.050.21
129Janabear One AloneF0.360.03-0.08
130Janabear The Flower SongF0.38-0.020.05
131Jessamine's Asters Bloom in the SummerwindM0.270.010.14
132Joyaseda's BraveheartM0.42-0.020.03
133Joyaseda's Hunter with TwinkleM0.31-0.030.11
134Joyaseda's Spanish DancerF0.37-0.01-0.12
135Karvil’s Havanese TeishaF0.330.00-0.07
136Keep Your Temper Caballero PedoroM0.43-0.05-0.08
137Labayamesa de las Flores de la VidaF0.58-0.090.03
138Lancaster's Checkered PastM0.390.01-0.03
139Lancaster's Connect the DotsF0.320.03-0.11
140Lancaster's Jersey Girl at SchianoF0.340.01-0.07
141Lancaster's Life of the PartiM0.330.010.09
142Lancaster's Patchwork of TimeF0.37-0.010.03
143Lancaster's Phoenix at Twinkle and AmistosaM0.370.03-0.06
144Lancaster's Run for the RosesF0.34-0.010.05
145Lancaster's Sonoran Desert DaisyF0.350.000.02
146Lancaster's Sweet SnickerdoodleF0.44-0.040.04
147Lil Scamps KokomoM0.43-0.070.12
148Lil Scamps Sardi She's A Devil In DisguiseF0.250.08-0.11
149Little Phantom of Velvet DreamsM0.350.03-0.07
150Little Wonder's AbracadabraF0.310.04-0.18
151LittleWonder Sound of LaughterF0.300.08-0.18
152Los Perritos Dancing in Carneys GardenF0.250.020.11
153LosCompanero Aces R HighM0.49-0.02-0.15
154Lossombra's Little Cover GirlF0.250.04-0.03
155LosSombra's Little Runway StarF0.240.060.07
156Lossombra's Winnie The PoohF0.48-0.01-0.22
157Love Her Madly Coeur De MasaiF0.52-0.070.17
158Narwyn Darkwing 'Til This NightF0.29-0.010.18
159Narwyn Darkwing Where Echo Lies at AmaraM0.340.000.11
160Narwyn Hello Buenos AiresF0.370.05-0.18
161Narwyn Lorem IpsumM0.250.05-0.07
162Narwyn MeadowView Mischief ManagedM0.55-0.060.10
163Narwyn Quid Pro QuoF0.380.000.03
164Narwyn Sorry Not SorryF0.240.030.16
165Narwyn Stars Were Bright FernandoM0.330.020.01
166Narwyn Too Cute To Be SorryM0.210.07-0.05
167Narwyn When in RomeM0.300.030.01
168Nauti Numbered AccountM0.280.02-0.12
169Nauti Pardon The InterruptionF0.230.040.05
170Newtonwood The Edge of GloryF0.22-0.020.13
171Newtonwood Yours TrulyM0.220.030.05
172Nina Love de las Flores de la VidaF0.48-0.04-0.10
173Nirvana Sardi RoxanneF0.330.010.06
174Nirvana Sardi This Is Country MusicM0.270.06-0.04
175Nirvana Sardi You Had Me From HelloM0.300.000.09
176Nirvana's GiselleF0.360.01-0.18
177Nirvana's Painted VeilF0.310.02-0.05
179Odissey Azure of Frisky PawsM0.59-0.110.12
180Old Havana Pixie StarrdustF0.340.05-0.15
181Old Havana's Awesome BlossomF0.260.06-0.03
182Old Havana's Forest GoddessF0.53-0.04-0.16
183Old Havana's Forest JoyF0.460.00-0.07
184Old Havana's Totally BreezyF0.48-0.090.18
185Old Havana's Totally HonestM0.32-0.020.08
186OldHavana's Phoenix at SandantM0.310.01-0.01
187Oldhavana's Summer SpiritF0.320.010.07
188OldHavanas She Got The SpiritF0.260.030.01
189Orea Agate of Frisky PawsF0.47-0.100.07
190Owen du Printemps des OlivetsM0.39-0.02-0.12
191Oyé Chica Baila de las Flores de la VidaF0.47-0.060.03
192Pandaprints AlexanderM0.320.020.05
193Perfection Revealed Star of HavannaM0.46-0.060.06
194Perla Star of HavannaF0.330.02-0.09
195Petra Chica MangoF0.180.030.16
196Princess Anastasia at AdoreleF0.44-0.050.10
197Puppy AlbertM0.52-0.04-0.09
198Puppy GladysF0.50-0.050.06
199Puppy GraceF0.420.02-0.19
200Puppy HedyF0.39-0.010.06
201Puppy StephenM0.360.04-0.08
202Quickstep's Choco-LatteM0.410.010.05
203Quickstep's Dirty Dancing BabyF0.35-0.020.06
204Quickstep's Eye of the TigerM0.34-0.01-0.01
205Quickstep's Sound of MusicM0.34-0.010.03
206Quickstep's Waltzing MatildaF0.34-0.02-0.01
207Raspberry Beryl Mano GentisF0.33-0.010.09
208Reine O'CastamereF0.48-0.120.19
209Revistio's Every Picture Tells A StoryF0.49-0.020.02
210Revistio's Pull N Out the StopsM0.52-0.05-0.06
211Rosalba Arrowhead Pride At AngelheartM0.230.050.18
212Rosalba Can't Stop The MoonlightF0.180.090.06
213Rosalba Everything's Coming Up RosesF0.210.030.17
214Rosalba Just A Matter Of TimeM0.190.080.02
215Rosalba Moon RiverF0.170.070.11
216Rosalba Til The River Runs DryM0.250.030.14
217Sardi Angel BabyF0.270.05-0.02
218Sardi Chantilly LaceF0.34-0.010.06
219Sardi Don't Go Breaking My HeartF0.250.020.08
220Sardi Don't Stop Believin'M0.250.030.09
221Sardi Don't Take Your Love To TownF0.340.04-0.10
222Sardi I've Got The Music In MeF0.290.020.17
223Sardi Lil Scamps Great Ballz Of FireM0.340.000.17
224Sardi Love StoryF0.210.050.07
225Sardi Love The One You're WithM0.210.030.14
226Sardi Please Don't Eat The DaisiesF0.220.040.19
227Sardi Should've Been A CowboyM0.250.000.05
230Seda N Pixc Island PhoenixM0.61-0.06-0.10
231Seda PIXC VFP Montana Y MarF0.74-0.160.27
232Seda's All InF0.82-0.150.14
233Seda's Blue Chip BabyF0.86-0.160.14
234Seda's Cancion CaribenaF0.61-0.06-0.06
235Seda's Cuidadora de Invienrno At AmistosaF0.53-0.04-0.10
236Seda's Dancin In The MoonlightF0.58-0.09-0.02
237Seda's Rising WonderF0.45-0.01-0.07
238Seda’s Strong And Free at SonrisasM0.48-0.050.09
239Sedosos One Way or AnotherF0.310.020.01
240Sedosos Secret Patent O DelSolF0.250.000.01
241Sedosos Some Like it HotM0.36-0.020.03
242Selah A Tale of Three ChileF0.38-0.030.07
243Selah A Touch of EleganceF0.27-0.020.05
244Selah Aloha DreamsF0.430.02-0.17
245Selah Beautiful Dancer of El ReyF0.310.01-0.05
246Selah Divine InterventionF0.35-0.03-0.01
247Selah El Rey Little Farmer BoyM0.280.030.08
248Selah El Rey Thankfully BlessedM0.42-0.020.02
249Selah Fear is a LiarF0.300.03-0.04
250Selah Lay Your Troubles DownF0.360.000.01
251Selah Makin N ImpressionM0.260.04-0.07
252Selah Meekness and MajestyF0.31-0.010.12
253Selah Pearls of GraceF0.250.040.02
254Selah Performance DrivenM0.320.00-0.08
255Selah Reckless LoveF0.320.010.02
256Selah Royale Finale En RougeF0.31-0.010.07
257Selah Scaling New HeightsF0.260.050.00
258Selah Snow Doubt About ItF0.370.00-0.07
259Selah Spring Forth Noble HeartsF0.460.01-0.16
260Selah Whispering In The WindF0.33-0.010.08
261Selah You Are Not AloneF0.260.030.01
262SherRex Honkytonk Attitude At AmblersM0.270.020.06
263Sherrex's Amistosa With FinesseM0.44-0.01-0.11
264Sherrex's The Sun Comes to Carneys GardenM0.360.01-0.08
265Socialite's Sweet SeductionF0.280.020.06
267Sonrisas Allegro GiocosoF0.430.01-0.08
268Sonrisas Amazing GracieF0.320.03-0.12
269Sonrisas at the Wild Wild WestM0.340.04-0.04
270Sonrisas Buenos CarlitosM0.310.06-0.08
271Sonrisas Charlie BrownM0.280.02-0.08
272Sonrisas Charlie QuilicoM0.340.04-0.03
273Sonrisas Classical EnchantmentF0.310.05-0.07
274Sonrisas Curious GeorgeM0.36-0.030.19
275Sonrisas Dear AbbyF0.180.110.01
276Sonrisas EbonyF0.220.060.03
277Sonrisas Game Set Match BiancaF0.310.04-0.04
278Sonrisas Geo ShikiM0.330.030.01
279Sonrisas George R UsM0.38-0.010.00
280Sonrisas I'd Be Jealous TooF0.260.07-0.14
281Sonrisas Ki to My HeartF0.310.06-0.10
282Sonrisas Laughing JayM0.250.050.03
283Sonrisas Lunar Eclipse at AlegriaF0.370.02-0.01
284Sonrisas Ms T at HavasmallpawF0.360.05-0.08
285Sonrisas Nena at Old HavanaF0.30-0.020.19
286Sonrisas Old Sweet SongF0.200.060.14
287Sonrisas Otis CampbellM0.290.040.00
288Sonrisas Picture Perfect JpegM0.410.000.00
289Sonrisas Polo at Old HavanaM0.330.030.01
290Sonrisas Puppy GreenM0.240.06-0.04
291Sonrisas Puppy IndigoM0.370.01-0.01
292Sonrisas Puppy RedM0.280.040.08
293Sonrisas Puppy VioletF0.280.05-0.04
294Sonrisas Puppy YellowM0.310.04-0.04
295Sonrisas Rory Little KevinM0.220.07-0.09
296Sonrisas Treasure Hollybrook F0.360.06-0.11
297Sonrisas What a Kelev er BoyM0.340.06-0.11
298Starrdust Frankly My DearF0.320.05-0.11
299Starrdust Get Your Sparkle OnF0.42-0.040.12
300Starrdust Give Peace A ChanceM0.270.050.00
301Starrdust Live A LittleF0.240.050.15
302Starrdust Living With Bear at SandiaF0.260.07-0.04
303Starrdust Mi AmoreF0.320.000.25
304Starrdust Sandia They're Playing Our SongF0.410.00-0.01
305Starrdust Simply AmazingF0.240.040.20
306Sunshine's She's A HeartbreakerF0.190.020.16
307Terra De Bern Kiss Me BabyM0.340.02-0.03
308Thats The Way Manolo PedoroM0.420.01-0.12
310Tigerlily Tamaran Smoke on the WaterM0.230.05-0.03
311Tinker Bell Mano GentisF0.310.000.01
312Twinkle's Destined for Selah El Rey Trust and HonorM0.290.02-0.03
313Twinkle's Eye of the StormM0.45-0.04-0.05
314Twinkle's Frisky MiloM0.290.010.03
315Twinkle's Indy With SonrisasM0.300.04-0.04
316Twinkle's Little StarM0.59-0.08-0.06
317Twinkle's Van GoghM0.370.04-0.01
318Twinkle's Winston HavanangelM0.52-0.090.14
319Ubba Bubba Mokry BanditaF0.57-0.110.06
320Versus Volcano Mano GentisM0.300.01-0.06
321Very Wonder Full Mano GentisM0.280.020.12
322Windfall's Dude With AttitudeM0.290.05-0.11
323WyHaven Gogo One In A ZillionM0.300.01-0.06
324Xtreme Funny Xamaro PedoroM0.39-0.040.00
325Yup's If the Shoe FitsF0.260.020.21

Active BetterBred Breeders:

KennelWebsiteState or ProvinceCountry
Amistosa HavaneseWebsiteOntarioCA
Sonrisas HavaneseWebsiteOntarioCA
RosalbaWebsiteMontanaUnited States
Selah HavaneseWebsiteMichiganUS