Temperament: Gentle with his people, active and alert hunter, an ancient breed with endurance, energy and intelligence

Height: 17 to 22 inches

Weight: 35-55 lbs

Life Span: 10-12 years

Breed Average Outlier Index: 0.32

Breed Average Genetic Relatedness: -0.02

Breed Average Internal Relatedness: 0.03

Last 10 Recently Added Public Dogs!

No.NameGenderOutlier IndexAverage Genetic RelatednessInternal Relatedness
1 Ineko F0.420.00-0.08
2 Nihons Legend Birei Bibou F0.220.14-0.01
3 Himetsuru Ichimonji Go Miyako Tachibana En F0.380.01-0.16
4 Nihons Legend Chiko Yamato M0.200.090.11
5 Nihons Legend Bara Sayuri of Akashima F0.220.120.02
6 Nihons Legend Benkei Hiroyuki Otsuka M0.270.040.02
7 Nihons Legend Biju Saiko M0.280.030.13
8 Nihons Legend Battousai M0.29-0.020.14
9 Akashimas Kochi Ken Reiko Go F0.240.09-0.12
10 Koumehime Go Asou Yamatosou F0.31-0.030.06

This breed evolved in the mountainous Kochi region of Japan, hunting boar. They are tough and agile, adapted to the challenging terrain. They were designated a "national monument" of Japan in 1937.

Joint and hip issues, luxating patellae, entropian, epilepsy,

The follow includes dogs with birthdates listed in the database.

DLA Haplotypes in the Breed

The Dog Leukocyte Antigen or DLA is the region in the canine genome that controls the immune system, among other things. There are three classes or areas, and the VGL Canine Diversity Test genotypes or records the two regions with the most variation. Because it is an area that mutates more rapidly than others, the method VGL uses is ideal for identifying specific combinations of DNA, and not merely showing whether a dog inherited two of the same sets of genetics from its parents or two different ones.

"Haplotype" is a generic name for a set of genes that are bound together and inherited as a set. The DLA Class I and Class II haplotypes are very tightly bound and represent about 2 million base pairs of DNA - a sizeable chunk. These two haplotypes together make an extended haplotype that is nearly always passed from parent to puppies as a pair. We therefore have two tables below showing both the combinations of DLA found in this breed and how often they appear, and also how often they appear individually.

Remember that frequency percentages do not show how many dogs carry them, but rather how many of these haplotypes exist in the breed as a whole. Every dog has two sets of DLA haplotypes, one inherited from dam, and one inherited from sire. These almost never recombine in new generations.

DLA Class I/Class II Combinations :

Class I HaplotypeClass II HaplotypeFrequency in the Breed

DLA Frequencies :

ClassHaplotypeFrequency in the Breed
Class I10540.69%
Class I10911.39%
Class I113347.22%
Class I119123.61%
Class I122911.81%
Class I12302.08%
Class I123111.81%
Class I12321.39%
Class II20121.39%
Class II201823.61%
Class II20568.33%
Class II20671.39%
Class II20712.08%
Class II207747.22%
Class II21060.69%
Class II212211.81%
Class II21233.47%

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List of Public Dogs

No.NameGenderOutlier IndexAverage Genetic RelatednessInternal Relatedness
1Akashima Kochi Ken Kiyomi GoF0.34-0.04-0.07
2Akashima's Kochi Ken MiyokoF0.30-0.02-0.01
3Akashima's Kochi Ken OkamiM0.38-0.040.02
4Akashimas Kochi Ken KaiyaF0.270.020.08
5Akashimas Kochi Ken Reiko GoF0.240.09-0.12
6Akihana no Ishizuchi goM0.280.06-0.16
7Atsuko Go HachidorisouF0.400.04-0.29
8Benkei Go AreyarisuM0.360.00-0.08
9Berkana Pride G-TetsukoF0.210.010.26
10Berkana Pride Good BearM0.220.060.00
11Biyori Go HachidorisouF0.270.06-0.01
12Chidori Go HachidorisouF0.41-0.01-0.21
13Daichi Go AreyarisuM0.330.01-0.08
14Daihana Go HachidorisouM0.260.050.02
16Daishouri Go HachidoriSouF0.290.020.04
17Daisuke Juushiro Go KasatorisouM0.280.04-0.07
19Ekumi Go HachidorisouF0.36-0.040.00
20Enzou Go AreyarisuM0.51-0.12-0.18
21Fudzisan Naoka UsuiF0.25-0.070.30
22Genjirou Go AreyarisuM0.47-0.13-0.02
23Hailey - Yasuji V.D. EgmatoF0.39-0.070.06
24Hanako Daijiro Go Kasatori SouF0.250.050.02
25Hidetsugu goM0.54-0.16-0.10
26Himetsuru Ichimonji Go Miyako Tachibana EnF0.380.01-0.16
27Hiromi Go HachidorisouF0.30-0.040.05
29Jikino Kensha Guren GoF0.43-0.110.04
30Jikino Kensha No Boeki GoM0.350.04-0.19
31Jikino Kensha No Puca GoM0.34-0.03-0.13
32Kagehime Go Maizuru HaraguchisouF0.30-0.080.24
34Kaisho Go Nidai IwahorisouM0.38-0.060.01
35Katana go Shibukawa Katou KenshaM0.39-0.07-0.10
36Kazumi Go Mikasa SouF0.42-0.11-0.03
37Kenichi Kinchairo Atae NatsumisouM0.260.010.06
38Kikunohime Go MikasasouF0.50-0.260.35
39Kikuyo Go KinroushaF0.29-0.02-0.03
40Kokuryuume Go Nidai IwahorisouF0.290.000.06
41Kokuun Go Awa YamainusouM0.220.010.20
42Koumehime Go Asou YamatosouF0.31-0.030.06
43Luxury Love TotoroM0.45-0.150.12
44Mayuka Daijiro Go Kasatori Sou F0.260.03-0.02
45Mika Go Mikasa SouF0.47-0.220.40
46Minehime Go Awa YamainusouF0.35-0.120.16
47Mitsuko Yuna Atae NatsumisouF0.220.050.02
49Nihons Legend Bara Sayuri of AkashimaF0.220.120.02
50Nihons Legend BattousaiM0.29-0.020.14
51Nihons Legend Benkei Hiroyuki OtsukaM0.270.040.02
52Nihons Legend Biju SaikoM0.280.030.13
53Nihons Legend Birei BibouF0.220.14-0.01
54Nihons Legend Chiko YamatoM0.200.090.11
55O'ikon Katsu GoM0.220.050.04
56O'Ikon Kisara F0.27-0.060.18
57O'Ikon Miki MotoF0.34-0.050.00
58O'ikon MiyukiF0.330.04-0.18
59O'ikon Shou GoM0.220.040.13
60O'ikon TsunaF0.40-0.100.03
61Renji-Awa Go Hakuren SouM0.29-0.010.02
62Ryuuchoume Go Shounan Koumesou F0.42-0.080.06
63Ryuuka Go Ehime KinoshitasouF0.320.000.07
64Sendai Einoshu ShkuM0.32-0.030.02
65Sogen No Jirou No Shubun-sanM0.200.050.17
66Supassion's Akio ShinM0.36-0.05-0.03
68Tama No Hideryuu Go YoshihidesouM0.270.06-0.12
71Yokai Patrimpas GruodasM0.240.03-0.06
72Yoru No Hime HaruM0.41-0.090.02
73Yoshi Go HinotoriM0.36-0.020.00
74Yumi Einoshu ShkuF0.240.03-0.06

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