Poodle - Standard

Temperament: Proud, usually active and always highly intelligent. Standard Poodles can have a range of drives, from high prey drive to couch potato, usually depending on line, and they love games and their people. Sometimes aloof, great with children and as therapy dogs. Owners can expect to be kept on their toes but will lose their hearts to these intuitive dogs.

Height: Technically any poodle over 15", but usually over 20", up to 27".

Weight: 35-65 pounds

Life Span: 12-14 years

Breed Average Outlier Index: 0.24

Breed Average Genetic Relatedness: -0.02

Breed Average Internal Relatedness: 0.02

Last 10 Recently Added Public Dogs!

No.NameGenderOutlier IndexAverage Genetic RelatednessInternal Relatedness
1 Winterswind Written In The Stars F0.240.01-0.16
2 Mistel's St. Helen F0.170.03-0.01
3 Bellini Just Like Magic F0.55-0.09-0.17
4 Tintlet Onward and Upward F0.200.02-0.06
5 E-mabelle von Farkeshof F0.36-0.05-0.04
6 Sunval Life is Good at Roxmar F0.210.02-0.02
7 Mozaic Clarvin Yellow F0.150.010.11
8 Mozaic Clarvin Purple F0.190.02-0.02
9 Mozaic Clarvin Teal F0.130.04-0.02
10 Esprit Redrum Redrum Redrum F0.23-0.030.01

Poodles are an ancient breed and were once all over Europe, originally curly coated water fowl dogs. They are "generalists" not "specialists," good at retrieving, herding, guarding and entertaining. Despite their modern reputation for being an elite pet, they were the poor man's dog, since one dog could do so much and earn its keep. Their popularity increased in the 1920s, when a few British, French and Swiss kennels dominated the breed and were exported from Europe to North America and Australia. By the late 1940s, the breed was highly prized and by the 1960s two related lines, Wycliffe and Bel Tor, emerged as the most influential kennels. These lines were highly linebred, and in the case of Wycliffe tightly inbred, and then exported all over the world. Today there are no Standard Poodles without those lines in their ancestry, and most can attribute at leas 50% of their heritage to these two lines, which goes back to only 10 dogs born from 1948 to 1953. Due to the high population numbers and an active breeder community, there remains ample diversity in the breed, but there is also a severe genetic bottleneck in most of the breed. This bottleneck is so extensive that it includes both the highest quality show lines as well as poorly bred bred commercially bred dogs. Because it's impossible to know from a pedigree how genetically similar two dogs are, assessing each dog's genetic diversity is important for serious breeders.

Breed Standard coming soon!'

The main concern for Standard Poodles is autoimmune disease, most often Addison's Disease and sebaceous adenitis, but others are also on the rise, like autoimmune hypothyroiditis, immune mediated thrombocytopenia, autoimmune hemolytic anemia, symmetric lupoid onychodystrophy (SLO), and chronic active hepatitis. Standard Poodles also have a high frequency of idiopathic epilepsy (seizures) and gastric dilatation and volvulus (bloat).

Homozygosity in the breed is reasonable on average, but due to the high level of historical inbreeding, most pairings can produce a range of highly homozygous (or more inbred ) puppies and less homozygous (more outbred) offspring in the same breeding.

This breed has a severe genetic bottleneck that has made it so most Standard Poodles are very similar the world over. Because it's a very populous breed, there are small handfuls of dogs that are less related to the rest of the breed. Most of these have been tracked for the last 10 years and so there is ample information on them.

Homozygosity in the breed is reasonable on average, but due to the high level of historical inbreeding, most pairings can produce a range of highly homozygous (or more inbred ) puppies and less homozygous (more outbred) offspring in the same breeding.

The follow includes dogs with birthdates listed in the database.

DLA Haplotypes in the Breed

The Dog Leukocyte Antigen or DLA is the region in the canine genome that controls the immune system, among other things. There are three classes or areas, and the VGL Canine Diversity Test genotypes or records the two regions with the most variation. Because it is an area that mutates more rapidly than others, the method VGL uses is ideal for identifying specific combinations of DNA, and not merely showing whether a dog inherited two of the same sets of genetics from its parents or two different ones.

"Haplotype" is a generic name for a set of genes that are bound together and inherited as a set. The DLA Class I and Class II haplotypes are very tightly bound and represent about 2 million base pairs of DNA - a sizeable chunk. These two haplotypes together make an extended haplotype that is nearly always passed from parent to puppies as a pair. We therefore have two tables below showing both the combinations of DLA found in this breed and how often they appear, and also how often they appear individually.

Remember that frequency percentages do not show how many dogs carry them, but rather how many of these haplotypes exist in the breed as a whole. Every dog has two sets of DLA haplotypes, one inherited from dam, and one inherited from sire. These almost never recombine in new generations.

DLA Class I/Class II Combinations :

Class I HaplotypeClass II HaplotypeFrequency in the Breed

DLA Frequencies :

ClassHaplotypeFrequency in the Breed
Class I00.06%
Class I100126.93%
Class I100216.10%
Class I100316.09%
Class I10048.92%
Class I10056.68%
Class I10064.54%
Class I10073.21%
Class I10081.66%
Class I10091.72%
Class I10101.27%
Class I10111.88%
Class I10121.41%
Class I10131.00%
Class I10141.10%
Class I10150.23%
Class I10162.41%
Class I10170.39%
Class I10180.88%
Class I10190.38%
Class I10200.45%
Class I10210.25%
Class I10220.02%
Class I10230.03%
Class I10260.25%
Class I10270.08%
Class I10280.09%
Class I10290.13%
Class I10300.25%
Class I10310.11%
Class I10330.19%
Class I10340.02%
Class I10350.02%
Class I10360.13%
Class I10380.02%
Class I10390.02%
Class I10400.08%
Class I10410.02%
Class I10420.02%
Class I10430.17%
Class I10450.05%
Class I10460.03%
Class I10520.03%
Class I10570.02%
Class I10920.03%
Class I10940.02%
Class I11050.36%
Class I11070.02%
Class I11090.03%
Class I11110.02%
Class I11340.02%
Class I11410.02%
Class I11690.14%
Class I11720.02%
Class I12200.02%
Class I12250.02%
Class I12650.02%
Class II00.06%
Class II200158.58%
Class II20029.08%
Class II200310.28%
Class II20042.63%
Class II20052.10%
Class II20063.22%
Class II20071.74%
Class II20081.72%
Class II20091.13%
Class II20101.27%
Class II20111.88%
Class II20120.69%
Class II20131.08%
Class II20142.16%
Class II20150.55%
Class II20160.38%
Class II20170.28%
Class II20180.02%
Class II20200.02%
Class II20210.38%
Class II20220.02%
Class II20230.25%
Class II20240.03%
Class II20250.13%
Class II20260.05%
Class II20270.03%
Class II20280.08%
Class II20350.02%
Class II20400.02%
Class II20640.13%
Class II20890.02%
Class II20900.02%
Class II21150.02%

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No.NameGenderOutlier IndexAverage Genetic RelatednessInternal Relatedness
1 Mnj's Rogue Grace Of HanleyF0.120.040.23
2 Athena Ceres' Gracious GoddessF0.180.000.16
3 Big Sky Blue BirdieF0.21-0.010.00
4 Big Sky Dark RoastF0.170.07-0.20
5 Big Sky Traveling OnM0.150.03-0.02
6'Anolani's Uncharted ElementM0.120.08-0.06
71 FC Flying With DucksM0.200.03-0.11
81FC A Storm Over The OceanM0.220.01-0.01
91FC Crystal Creeks We Have The Key To The StormF0.26-0.020.03
101FC Fun Times AheadM0.190.05-0.10
111FC How You Like Me NowM0.29-0.050.10
121FC I Made It To The FinishF0.190.040.06
131FC I'm Not All About ThatF0.170.020.15
141FC Leader Of The Year 2015F0.210.04-0.01
151FC Natural Cut Gem at PoshF0.27-0.040.05
1624 Karat Big Bang at Big SkyF0.150.030.10
175-Star Gadda Da VidaF0.170.010.03
185-Star Remember LoveF0.190.000.07
195-Star Sailor Jr.M0.190.010.03
20Ace's Dancing In The MoonlightF0.18-0.010.18
21Ace's Little WoodsmanM0.26-0.050.01
22Ace's More Than A Pretty FaceF0.28-0.040.01
23Ace's What Goes Around Comes AroundF0.21-0.01-0.05
24Acer Wood Prinz vom FalbenhofM0.35-0.100.14
25Adele blue collarF0.25-0.020.16
26Adele floral collarF0.200.000.15
27Adon United Colors PoodleM0.130.050.16
28Adonai HuckleBarry of MnJM0.44-0.120.09
29Adonai Queen Siri De MilagroF0.56-0.11-0.12
30Affinity's 2nd Star To The Right F0.22-0.010.16
31Affinity's Knight In Shining ArmorM0.30-0.020.00
32Affinity’s Spanish Castle MagicM0.28-0.090.24
33Aglow Standard's Feeling Hot Hot HotM0.32-0.04-0.16
34Aiko's Goddess of TruthF0.290.000.06
35Aiko's PresleyM0.28-0.010.01
36Aim High Chappie of Poodle SenseM0.200.04-0.22
37AJZ Azurite DragonM0.38-0.130.09
38AJZ International Man Of MysteryM0.280.00-0.20
39Ajz It Must've Been MoonglowF0.29-0.040.03
40AJZ Lucy LuF0.76-0.260.17
41AJz Ovation Saving GraceF0.13-0.030.13
42AJZ Peacemaker of Cedar RiverM0.20-0.01-0.11
43AJZ Silver Moon Sage of Cedar RiverM0.23-0.03-0.06
44AJZ Stardust MelodyF0.35-0.07-0.04
45Akira's Grand Scheme Of ShyreM0.32-0.120.10
46Akira's Indigenous HopeF0.41-0.090.02
47Akira's Naughty Dixie ChickF0.34-0.090.13
48Akira's On Tap For Margaret AnneM0.32-0.080.05
49Akira's Tse'Tah Dibe For Trk9F0.36-0.110.02
50Alaman Haydn Dolce Sweet & SoftlyM0.150.020.18
51Alata Tiramisu Von Paw PawF0.24-0.080.16
52Alata Vom Paw PawF0.34-0.06-0.06
53Alchmys Absolut AlexandraF0.29-0.050.03
54Alchmys TNT BoudreauxM0.32-0.04-0.01
55Alemir River Of DreamsM0.150.09-0.17
57Alexis of Pure and PassionF0.240.02-0.06
58Aliann's A Long Kiss GoodnightF0.120.030.09
59Alice in Wonderland Mon SalaiF0.32-0.07-0.01
60Alley-Oop's Read And ReactF0.22-0.03-0.04
61Alley-Oop's Shining Little AlbertaF0.23-0.040.13
62Altariels CapsicumM0.20-0.050.13
63Altariels DaphneF0.260.04-0.11
64Altariels DavidiaF0.270.01-0.13
65Altariels EdelweissF0.26-0.01-0.12
66Alue's Here's Your ChanceF0.27-0.040.01
67Alue's Midwest SpecialM0.31-0.03-0.06
68Alue's Moment Of GloryM0.29-0.050.07
69Alue's Royal ProtocolM0.22-0.020.16
70Alue's Smoldering PirateM0.25-0.01-0.03
71Alue's Taking The High RoadF0.170.02-0.02
72Alue's Tough Get GoingM0.20-0.010.05
73Alvaro of Pure and PassionM0.180.05-0.07
74Alwaro Brown BajgastopM0.37-0.060.01
75Always Be my Star of SilverspringF0.120.01-0.01
76AM CH Antigua Don't Look BackM0.180.03-0.03
77AM CH Lauris Opening DayM0.130.010.13
78Amandi's Marty MicheletM0.090.050.08
79Amandi's Mickie MicheletM0.230.05-0.17
80Amar Titian Hark To Neiger-CadF0.27-0.010.03
81Amar Titian Tribute To Neiger-CadM0.27-0.020.00
82Amore Bello Orion's AlexandriteM0.130.030.09
83Amore Bello Rhapsody For A Queen's NightF0.13-0.010.22
84Anela of Magical TalesF0.22-0.090.18
85Angelica's Pristine EleganceF0.25-0.070.15
86Angelina ClarkF0.100.06-0.08
87Anjay Bowmans Remington Ghost RiderM0.28-0.080.26
88Annenhofs Feliciano Tentazione of the Curly FutureM0.110.03-0.03
89Anny of Pure and PassionF0.33-0.03-0.14
90Antigua Mount Bethel RevelationM0.22-0.010.22
91Antigua Xscape to Mount ZionM0.150.020.10
92Antigua You're My HuckleberryM0.190.03-0.20
93Anutta Figz NewtonF0.37-0.080.01
94Anutta Mabel's BurtonM0.170.050.00
95Anutta Mabels HildaF0.130.050.03
96Anutta Mabels JackM0.210.05-0.03
97Anutta Mabels SallyF0.17-0.010.14
98Anutta RobinM0.100.09-0.05
99Anutta Sleigh Bell RingsF0.37-0.06-0.05
100APAW Grace The EarthF0.15-0.020.11
101APAW Here Comes The SunF0.35-0.05-0.05
102APAW Hero of Many TalesM0.27-0.05-0.08
103APAW Life's A DanceF0.26-0.090.11
104APAW Map Out The WorldM0.26-0.02-0.02
105APAW Smile Sunshine My WayF0.24-0.050.02
106APAW Solid As A RockM0.26-0.03-0.09
107APAW's Across The UniverseF0.20-0.030.13
108APAW's Cashmere ComfortF0.21-0.100.21
109APAW's Don't Stop Believin'F0.22-0.01-0.07
110APAW's Follow You Follow MeM0.150.01-0.06
111APAW's Frosty PinnacleM0.24-0.060.15
112APAW's Grand Valor de GrenierM0.33-0.090.02
113APAW's HappyF0.32-0.07-0.14
114APAW's Harmonious DesignF0.27-0.040.03
115APAW's HarvestM0.230.01-0.12
116APAW's Head Over HeelsM0.26-0.030.01
117APAW's HeliosM0.30-0.03-0.06
118APAW's HoneydewF0.31-0.050.03
119APAW's IcicleM0.21-0.010.06
120APAW's IconM0.28-0.090.05
121APAW's IntrigueF0.32-0.140.07
122APAW's JoyF0.19-0.010.05
123APAW's Just The Way You AreF0.31-0.110.14
124APAW's K IndigoF0.32-0.08-0.07
125APAW's K OrangeM0.32-0.080.07
126APAW's L BlueM0.29-0.03-0.10
127APAW's L IndigoM0.24-0.03-0.03
128APAW's L OrangeM0.280.00-0.05
129APAW's L PurpleF0.34-0.03-0.13
130APAW's L YellowM0.25-0.01-0.12
131APAW's Language Of FlowersF0.31-0.04-0.20
132APAW's Legends To Be ToldM0.20-0.080.23
133APAW's Make It BetterM0.27-0.110.17
134APAW's Over The RainbowF0.31-0.07-0.04
135APAW's Reign SupremeM0.31-0.060.03
136APAW's Sunny Side UpM0.27-0.070.00
137APAW's Total Eclipse Of The HeartM0.31-0.070.04
138APAW's With You In UtopiaF0.24-0.080.21
139APAW’s White Lace and PromisesF0.32-0.05-0.15
140Apollo's Inferno of the MaplesM0.17-0.070.14
141Apparition Blithe SpiritF0.170.050.01
142Apparition Deagra Dream WeaverF0.170.01-0.02
143Apparition Deagra Free SpiritF0.190.04-0.04
144Apparition Deagra PenumbraM0.180.010.11
145Apparition Spirited AwayF0.150.000.21
146Apres Argent Gold StallionM0.180.02-0.07
147Aqua GirlM0.24-0.02-0.02
148Arabel-la De Okarina's ParticolorF0.22-0.030.12
149Arabesque For YouF0.220.030.01
150Archie A Splash Of RedM0.24-0.070.22
151Archimbault De GrenierM0.220.000.11
152Aretha's BlazeM0.43-0.08-0.08
153Aretha's DobbyM0.37-0.06-0.05
154Aretha's GriffinM0.45-0.07-0.14
155Aretha's PixieF0.35-0.07-0.03
156Aretha's PuckM0.44-0.07-0.19
157Argan Are You Kidding Me?F0.15-0.070.22
158Argan Bet Ur LookingF0.13-0.010.20
159Argan I'm Blown AwayM0.20-0.040.16
160Argan Mine Isn't Yours!F0.22-0.020.12
161Argan On Your Side ForeverF0.18-0.010.11
162Argan's A Pretty PennyF0.22-0.020.11
163Argan's Masterharper of PernM0.130.060.07
164Argan's Protege at SublimeM0.20-0.010.09
165Argan's Starry Starry NightF0.27-0.03-0.09
166Argan's The Politician From Doe ValleyM0.210.00-0.11
167Armani of Pure and PassionM0.280.00-0.06
168Arreau The Power Of The DreamM0.190.00-0.05
169Arreau's All That JazzF0.200.02-0.05
170Arreau's Don't Stop BelievingF0.170.07-0.15
171Arreau's Happy Ever AfterF0.210.000.11
172Arreau's Happy TogetherM0.110.010.19
173Arreau's Heart of GoldM0.190.000.06
174Arreau's I Did It My WayF0.13-0.030.12
175Arreau's I'll Follow The SunF0.17-0.090.30
176Arreau's JambalayaM0.190.020.10
177Arreau's King CreoleM0.240.01-0.06
178Arreau's Lady MarmaladeF0.210.020.07
179Arreau's Magnolia SoulF0.25-0.020.01
180Arreau's Mr. BojanglesM0.180.08-0.19
181Arreau's Queen Of HeartsF0.200.04-0.18
182Arreau's The Colour of My LoveF0.17-0.040.20
183Arreau's The PrayerF0.20-0.070.19
184Arreau's True NorthM0.180.06-0.23
185Arreau's You Had TimeM0.25-0.02-0.12
186Arreau's You're Still the OneF0.140.05-0.15
187Arreau's You've Got A FriendM0.140.09-0.13
188Arreau’s MasqueradeM0.100.040.03
189Artista's Lets Go PartyF0.70-0.19-0.06
190Artistry Charmed at StandardF0.130.02-0.02
191Aske Prinzessin vom FalbenhofF0.32-0.060.05
192Astaire of Pure and PassionM0.280.00-0.06
193Astoria Looking for TroubleM0.130.050.24
194Atami Halo White AngelM0.240.04-0.10
195Aurel of Pure and PassionM0.250.04-0.11
196Autumn Hill's Bonita RoseF0.36-0.05-0.08
197Autumn Hills American HoneyF0.280.01-0.08
198Autumn Hills ApplauseF0.19-0.020.01
199Autumn Hills SangriaF0.24-0.010.10
200Autumn Hills Shake It OffF0.29-0.03-0.02
201Autumn Hills StyleM0.18-0.020.10
202Autumn Hills SuperheroM0.280.02-0.17
203Autumn Shades A Simply Southern GentlemanM0.22-0.020.00
204Autumn Shades BeadazzledF0.220.00-0.10
205Autumn Shades BettyM0.200.02-0.06
206Autumn Shades BubblesF0.30-0.03-0.13
207Autumn Shades ChampagneF0.44-0.08-0.05
208Autumn Shades CheersF0.32-0.05-0.12
209Autumn Shades ConfettiF0.25-0.040.02
210Autumn Shades Dust In The WindM0.210.02-0.16
211Autumn Shades EveF0.36-0.04-0.05
212Autumn Shades Hildegard's BlessingF0.27-0.02-0.11
213Autumn Shades If You Just BelieveF0.23-0.060.12
214Autumn Shades in a Whirlwind ElijahM0.170.01-0.04
215Autumn Shades KissF0.27-0.01-0.15
216Autumn Shades Looking For Blue EyesF0.180.000.01
217Autumn Shades New Heart, EzekielM0.26-0.050.02
218Autumn Shades NixM0.45-0.11-0.07
219Autumn Shades Return to SenderF0.35-0.100.01
220Autumn Shades Rot RudolphM0.130.040.01
221Autumn Shades SaraM0.21-0.010.03
222Autumn Shades SebastianM0.68-0.240.04
223Autumn Shades to Waypoint PSF0.18-0.020.05
224Autumn Shades WasabiM0.210.02-0.08
225Ava of Pure and PassionF0.210.01-0.05
226Avici of Pure and PassionF0.23-0.010.03
227Awesome Faith WinterGardens FortuneF0.230.000.09
228Babe on the Bay in Canaan LandF0.200.05-0.04
229Bacchus, King of the JungleM0.170.01-0.02
230Bach Laerkegard Hopi HuxiiM0.38-0.09-0.03
231Bach Lærkegård Roanoke RoyaltyM0.150.010.13
232Back in Black LouyM0.17-0.030.23
233Badai of New Time DogsF0.200.04-0.03
234Baldemar ImpulseF0.67-0.240.07
235BalFox Love is LykkeF0.130.020.09
236Balsamridge Mozart Melody M0.190.04-0.06
237Balsamridge She's a Mighty WindF0.220.000.01
238Bama's Stormy TrooperM0.210.01-0.01
239Bar-None Never Too BusyF0.170.020.04
240Barefoot Bay Rock Joy Of San DiegoF0.28-0.060.09
241Baroque A Chance To DanceF0.22-0.040.15
242Baroque Autumn JubileeF0.28-0.050.10
243Baroque Moonstruck Song Of LoveF0.30-0.04-0.07
244Bay Breeze Matt DillonM0.15-0.050.32
245Bear Cove Charming Famous AmosM0.210.030.02
246Bear Cove Southern Lady LizzieF0.220.05-0.13
247Bear Coves Obsidian KnightriderM0.110.050.08
248BearCove's Secret Service@1FCM0.130.07-0.06
249Beaucaniche Cosi Fan TuttiM0.110.080.08
250Beaucaniche Ever In Our HeartsF0.180.010.01
251Beaucaniche Joie De VivreF0.150.020.06
252Beaucaniche Mon Petit ChouF0.170.020.06
253Beaucaniche P Neruda ColandoM0.140.030.00
254Beaucaniche Raven MarlisseF0.170.04-0.04
255Beaucaniche Raven MisstarryF0.180.020.06
256Beauciel De La Renta TumbleweedM0.25-0.100.31
257Beauty's Child of LoveF0.210.000.03
258Bedingfield It's ContrabandM0.28-0.030.05
259Begonia's Bluebird In My HeartF0.130.07-0.14
260Belchak Amidair BrooklynF0.30-0.02-0.09
261Belchak's Silver Exchange for GrenierF0.40-0.07-0.07
262Belchaks Pretty Boy FloydM0.300.00-0.20
263Bellefleet Glicks SarsaparillaF0.26-0.060.03
264Bellefleet Raven Lucky LizetteF0.21-0.060.14
265Bellini Just Like MagicF0.55-0.09-0.17
266Berkshire’s Living In The Fast LaneF0.130.050.07
267Berndt Sienna Emma's Mr. ChurchillM0.45-0.08-0.12
268Berndt Sienna Emma's Mr. EltonM0.290.00-0.15
269Berndt Sienna Emma's Mr. KnightleyM0.28-0.01-0.07
270Berndt Sienna Emma's Mr. MartinM0.40-0.110.05
271Berndt Sienna Emma's Mr. WestinM0.250.00-0.04
272Berndt Sienna Emma's Mr. WoodhouseM0.27-0.020.04
273Berndt Sienna StaffordM0.29-0.02-0.04
274Better Than A BMW With HIQM0.250.03-0.13
275Better Than Christmas EveF0.23-0.020.09
276Better Than MistletoeF0.34-0.060.08
277Bibelot Josol Cherod SilverjoyF0.32-0.010.01
278Bibelot Tolka VIP Of VibrantM0.270.02-0.02
279Big Sky American TangoF0.120.040.04
280Big Sky At The ReadyF0.130.020.18
281Big Sky Summer SizzleF0.19-0.010.08
282Bittersweet Song Of OkarinaM0.29-0.130.33
283Bjule Wunder vom FalbenhofF0.250.03-0.06
284Black Collar Apricot GirlF0.32-0.01-0.04
285Blackberry Bohemia Best BlackF0.190.08-0.09
286Blackjack Beginners LuckM0.150.050.03
287Blacksheep's A Girl Has No Name!F0.160.04-0.03
288Blacksheep’s Were All Mad Here At AlueM0.140.040.13
289Blasted Rivers NoodleM0.250.00-0.01
290Blauer RüdeM0.30-0.04-0.06
291Bloom Magic Hour Folie a DeuxM0.110.08-0.07
292Bloom's Pura VidaF0.110.050.09
293Blue Collar Apricot GirlF0.21-0.030.16
294Blue collar EdenxkamM0.18-0.050.13
295Bluoak Miss Peachtree@Semper PoodelisF0.170.07-0.12
296BluOak's Epic Pyjama Parti of LinleeM0.220.010.04
297BluOaks Hallelujah Let's Parti of CerberusF0.150.030.01
298BluOaks Parti On IzabelleF0.150.020.10
299Boje vom FeldrainM0.23-0.120.31
300Boshi's Forbidden loveF0.150.040.12
301Boshi's JustifiedF0.180.06-0.12
302Boshi's Poetic JusticeF0.080.060.12
303Boshi's Sweet JusticeF0.120.070.11
305Bowman’s Road to HelllM0.24-0.010.04
306boy 1M0.28-0.04-0.06
307boy 2M0.080.060.11
308boy 4M0.150.040.02
309boy 5M0.21-0.04-0.06
310Brasa de ItaipavaF0.31-0.080.00
311Bren-Mers Perfect HarmonyF0.130.030.26
313Brielle's Pass The WineF0.20-0.020.24
314Brielle's Sex AddictionM0.180.020.13
315Brienwood's Black BruanM0.150.05-0.04
316Brienwoods Ancient BeautyF0.100.13-0.23
317Brienwoods Italian PrinceM0.130.030.07
318Brienwoods Magic ManM0.130.030.04
319Brienwoods Reach For The StarsM0.27-0.060.12
320Brienwoods' Werewolf of LondonF0.150.050.04
321Brier Vi-Starr's Pinafore Breaking DawnM0.200.000.02
322Bristin’s Kindred SpiritF0.130.040.21
323Britton’s Clouds Silver LiningF0.240.02-0.09
324Britton’s Straight Into My HeartF0.260.03-0.11
325Broughan's Inferno of the MaplesM0.30-0.04-0.02
326Brown Collar Cream/Apricot BoyM0.49-0.08-0.11
327Brown's Gloria GraceF0.20-0.02-0.04
328Buleria Flamenca De Noor Y AlbarralF0.40-0.05-0.01
329Bux das Wunder vom FalbenhofF0.300.00-0.08
330By Request Donnchada JacquelineF0.13-0.020.32
331Cabernet's Chavon At LastM0.130.060.00
332Cadeau Luck Of The DrawF0.20-0.060.21
333Cadeau Sweet DevotionF0.19-0.020.07
334Cadeau's Batteries Cost ExtraM0.18-0.040.20
335Caerwyn Naamahs KissF0.130.010.10
336Calisto White DavinciM0.78-0.270.25
337Callasterns Blackjacks Dazzling LegacyM0.11-0.010.32
338Callasterns Dazzling Kissing Queen Of HeartsF0.060.020.23
339Callasterns Dazzling Vegas ShowgirlF0.140.05-0.11
340Calliope's Sir Robert AgastecheM0.170.06-0.08
341Camaradarie Forty ProofM0.150.06-0.11
342Camaradarie Platinum LableM0.130.00-0.08
343Camaraderie Kermode BearM0.150.05-0.15
344Camillia vom Paw PawF0.40-0.130.12
345Candy Cane CollarM0.150.01-0.03
346Candy Coated AtlasM0.170.02-0.08
347Canen Cha Cha ChaF0.18-0.060.26
348Canen Gossamer Stardust of Forest LakesM0.180.03-0.06
349Cantope Hollyberry By KitsuF0.21-0.020.00
350Cantope Sable Bella BarnasF0.35-0.080.11
351Cantope's Geoale Lucy GeneenF0.23-0.050.02
352Cantope's Geoale Sophie DaltonF0.23-0.030.09
353Cantope's Mogas November GhostF0.210.01-0.11
354Cantope's Silver Calven JewelsF0.25-0.030.05
355Caralot's Breezin' In The New YearF0.35-0.04-0.22
356Caramel Sands F0.36-0.03-0.03
357Caraway Lueur De La LuneF0.060.060.16
358Carlyn Song of the SouthM0.210.04-0.11
359Carole Janes Penny-CandyF0.17-0.030.08
360Carrington Know Where Know HowM0.080.020.20
361Carringtons Butterfly KissesF0.190.06-0.28
362Carte Blanche Big Boss ManM0.220.00-0.05
363Carte Blanche- Tiara Next GenerationM0.210.03-0.12
364Cascade's BlackSheep Mischief ManagedF0.30-0.06-0.01
365Cascades Fantastic BeastM0.26-0.080.15
366Cascadia SilvieF0.210.02-0.14
367Cash x Moriah: AberdeenF0.21-0.060.18
368Cash x Moriah: AlderM0.21-0.010.13
369Cash x Moriah: AnkenyM0.230.010.04
370Cash x Moriah: AppleF0.200.000.12
371Cash x Moriah: ArgyleM0.190.00-0.01
372Cash x Moriah: ArwenF0.21-0.020.13
373Cash x Moriah: AsterF0.150.030.10
374Cash x Moriah: AxlM0.170.05-0.03
375Cash's Black Ring Of FireM0.110.030.23
376Cassis Creme vom FalbenhofM0.35-0.060.07
377Castagne The Rhythm Is Gonna Get YouF0.170.020.09
378Catoctin Furnace Lover Not A FighterM0.180.01-0.05
379Cayman Del SolM0.260.01-0.05
380Cecilia's IsabeauF0.29-0.060.02
381Cecilia's NavarreM0.150.030.06
382Cedar River Top Gun Of TudoroseM0.13-0.040.21
383Celestial Jewels True GritM0.260.000.02
384CelticHearts Feather O'DragonHausF0.110.090.03
385Cerise DesmondM0.090.050.09
386Cerise Esprit ApryF0.20-0.080.23
387Ch Tivin Kaylen Magic DanceM0.20-0.060.09
388cha cha apricot boyM0.190.010.04
389cha cha d green collar M0.28-0.01-0.04
390Chapel Hill Matilda's L'amourF0.27-0.050.10
391Chapel Hill Matilda's LiebeF0.29-0.01-0.20
392Chapel Hill Matildas TillsonM0.220.08-0.16
393Chapel Hill Minis MatildaF0.220.04-0.04
394Chapel Hill Night in ParisF0.200.02-0.02
395Charlie Chan MeeganiusM0.230.02-0.05
396Charlotte WattsF0.150.000.08
397Charm's Black Gem at GhibliF0.100.020.30
398Charm's Glittering in a Diamond SkyF0.27-0.01-0.08
399Charm's Happiness Found at DiamondskyF0.23-0.050.12
400Charm's Heart Full of JoyF0.300.02-0.16
401Charm's Lucky Card the Jack of DiamondsM0.24-0.040.00
402Charm's Merrymaker at Diamond SkyF0.300.00-0.04
403Charm's Midget Diamond In The Ruff So ElegantF0.24-0.020.00
404Charm's Moment of BlissF0.240.02-0.04
405Charm's The Elegant Song Of My HeartF0.180.010.07
406Charm’s Bijou Chere RoseF0.240.02-0.16
407Charm’s Chere A Mon CoeurF0.30-0.07-0.01
408Charm’s Fleur De Lis RougeF0.22-0.040.01
409Charm’s Fraises a la CremeF0.26-0.020.00
410Charm’s La Vie En RoseF0.29-0.01-0.08
411Chasing Shadows In Sunshine AveryF0.32-0.04-0.09
412Cherry Creek's Ranger of the WildsM0.230.000.10
413ChezAllure RubyRoseF0.25-0.05-0.01
414Chimera CedarM0.170.010.06
415Chimera Deep Purple HazeF0.140.060.05
416CK's Dance Until DawnF0.180.000.19
417Classay BeaujolaisF0.21-0.010.15
418Clavidd Crusade For CocoaM0.33-0.01-0.18
419Clementine Crème vom FalbenhofF0.34-0.100.12
420Cnc's Cascades of lilliesM0.27-0.090.27
421CNC's Dylan All U Have To Do Is DreamM0.190.06-0.15
422CNC'S Prairie RoseF0.240.00-0.15
423CNC'S Pride and PrejudiceM0.170.000.14
424CNC's Tyler Von SeidensteinM0.160.06-0.15
425CNC-Blacksheep Something WickedF0.080.010.22
426Con Brio Skyewell Roc'On One More TimeM0.27-0.100.16
427Conchita vom Schloss HarlekinF0.170.010.06
428Coplar Creek Man's Greatest TreasureF0.34-0.12-0.06
429Coplar creek Victoria EsperanzaF0.28-0.030.09
430Coplar Creek's Ava in RedF0.24-0.04-0.06
431Coplar Creeks Southern BuckshotM0.35-0.08-0.05
432Cosmic Caliber’s Across the Universe M0.180.02-0.09
433Cosmic Caliber’s Clash at DemonheadF0.21-0.020.08
434Cosmic Caliber’s Come As YOU AreF0.29-0.050.03
435Cosmic Caliber’s Crocodile Princess F0.32-0.03-0.17
436Cosmic Caliber’s Dark MistressF0.37-0.080.02
437Cosmic Caliber’s Last PharaohF0.28-0.02-0.03
438Cosmic Caliber’s Martyr of SithisF0.23-0.010.00
439Cosmic Caliber’s River VixenF0.170.05-0.19
440Cosmic Caliber’s Searching for BootyM0.28-0.02-0.13
441Cosmic Caliber’s Steel Magnolia at FiresideF0.24-0.01-0.11
442Cosmic Caliber’s Thriving Light F0.200.01-0.17
443Cosmo-Franz-Josef vom CastilienbergM0.21-0.010.17
444Country Sides Riding With The WindF0.24-0.01-0.04
445Coyote Dens BlossomF0.300.00-0.16
446Coyote Dens Clover of the ValleyF0.210.02-0.06
447Coyote Dens Ellie Simply SiscoF0.30-0.03-0.01
448Coyote Dens Seal NakitaF0.30-0.080.31
449Crabapple Downs Aurora Australis At Ajz And AkiraF0.32-0.060.00
450Crabapple Downs' EdnaF0.21-0.010.05
451Crabapple's Out of the Shadow for APAWM0.230.02-0.06
452Cremelula's Mr BojanglesM0.190.020.06
453Criggle's Purple KefiF0.230.010.07
454Criggle's Royal AntheaF0.130.05-0.03
455Croton Pines AbigailF0.29-0.02-0.14
456Croton Pines AceM0.20-0.020.01
457Croton Pines AlitaF0.23-0.01-0.11
458Croton Pines AllieF0.28-0.01-0.20
459Croton Pines ApolloM0.17-0.020.06
460Croton Pines ArrowM0.18-0.030.00
461Croton Pines ArthurM0.22-0.040.02
462Croton Pines AsaM0.21-0.02-0.04
463Croton Pines AubreyF0.23-0.070.11
464Croton Pines AutumnF0.29-0.060.00
465Croton Pines AveryM0.21-0.040.02
466Croton Pines AxlM0.23-0.04-0.01
467Croton Pines BamM0.27-0.05-0.01
468Croton Pines BambiF0.25-0.060.03
469Croton Pines BenjaminM0.26-0.070.01
470Croton Pines BennettM0.25-0.03-0.14
471Croton Pines BindiF0.29-0.07-0.01
472Croton Pines BlakeM0.28-0.04-0.13
473Croton Pines Bonnie JeanF0.27-0.090.01
474Croton Pines BreeF0.22-0.05-0.01
475Croton Pines BreeziF0.25-0.080.07
476Croton Pines BridgetteF0.36-0.110.07
477Croton Pines BrooksM0.25-0.070.12
478Croton Pines BuckM0.270.00-0.19
479Crystal Creek Azalea’s Knight on FireM0.200.010.06
480Crystal Creek See Him FeastM0.26-0.020.05
481Crystal Creek's Art of DeductionM0.30-0.01-0.03
482Crystal Creek's Demon SlayerF0.34-0.05-0.10
483Crystal Creek's El SorchoM0.47-0.11-0.05
484Crystal Creek's Heart of a WarriorM0.45-0.11-0.02
485Crystal Creek's Heartfelt PrayerF0.38-0.090.01
486Crystal Creek's Heavenly GuardianF0.33-0.04-0.01
487Crystal Creek's Hoarder of SpoonsF0.29-0.100.08
488Crystal Creek's Infernal MajestyM0.22-0.070.21
489Crystal Creek's Intrepid Commander BismarckM0.34-0.05-0.12
490Crystal Creek's Key to ParadiseF0.26-0.040.01
491Crystal Creek's Legacy of SobeckM0.260.000.00
492Crystal Creek's Life Find a WayM0.29-0.050.09
493Crystal Creek's Light Up the DarknessM0.220.06-0.24
494Crystal Creek's Lil Bit of HeavenF0.27-0.020.04
495Crystal Creek's Loosely SpeakingF0.42-0.04-0.16
496Crystal Creek's Luna Selene EosF0.39-0.11-0.04
497Crystal Creek's Maeby She is Born with itF0.37-0.03-0.21
498Crystal Creek's Midnight VictoryM0.240.01-0.01
499Crystal Creek's New HopeF0.35-0.02-0.21
500Crystal Creek's Nordic ShieldM0.240.000.03
501Crystal Creek's Queen of NabooF0.180.030.08
502Crystal Creek's Reign Of Fire At ArtistaF0.30-0.07-0.03
503Crystal Creek's Remedy for LoveM0.21-0.010.07
504Crystal Creek's Renegade Hocus-PocusF0.42-0.10-0.13
505Crystal Creek's Return of the DarksideM0.42-0.10-0.02
506Crystal Creek's Sacred FireF0.310.00-0.15
507Crystal Creek's Silver AshesM0.37-0.080.00
508Crystal Creek's Silver EeveelutionF0.39-0.100.00
509Crystal Creek's SkyFireF0.220.05-0.07
510Crystal Creek's Sweet Ivy BeanF0.32-0.02-0.17
511Crystal Creek's The First SparkM0.55-0.12-0.13
512Crystal Creek's Unexpected JourneyM0.44-0.120.01
513Crystal Creeks Love in the AfternoonF0.160.000.03
514Crystal Creek’s 30 seconds to MarsF0.31-0.07-0.02
515Crystal Creek’s Nothing But The RainF0.26-0.060.05
516Curlyfriends AtriaF0.38-0.06-0.06
517Curlyfriends I Am CastielM0.290.02-0.08
518Curlyfriends SirayaF0.240.02-0.09
519Curlyfriends Zauberhafte Lisi F0.60-0.210.04
520D'Ali Gunpower N ' LeadF0.25-0.070.17
522Dands Light Up The Darkness @CrystalcreekF0.060.050.05
523Dandy-Lions Honest Love and TrueM0.29-0.03-0.01
524Dante's Inferno of the MaplesM0.17-0.030.20
525Darn It All DukeM0.30-0.110.16
526Dawin Rei-Gate High Fidelity At VerveM0.120.040.20
527Dawin Reigate Up Up and AwayF0.19-0.020.23
528Daylilly vom Paw PawF0.150.03-0.12
529Dayspring Minarets Arce RojoM0.31-0.01-0.18
530Debonair CaydenM0.25-0.030.09
531Debonair Eyes For You F0.33-0.01-0.17
532Debonair KallieF0.23-0.030.02
533Debonair KensiF0.31-0.050.09
534Debonair KileyF0.30-0.050.07
535Debonair KirbyF0.170.010.04
536Debonair Kiss And MakeupF0.170.000.18
537Debonair MollyF0.190.05-0.11
538Debonair Piano ManM0.30-0.08-0.10
539Debonair Rumor HasIt @DoeValleyF0.25-0.050.11
540Debonair Sweet EmotionsM0.37-0.08-0.02
541Debonair Thunderstruck @DoeValleyM0.23-0.010.13
542Debonair Tintlet MystiqueF0.14-0.040.28
543Debonaire's KendallF0.200.01-0.06
544DeLapassion Bad Girl ByRequestF0.150.050.00
545Delapassion Byrequest River WildM0.160.06-0.08
546Delovely's Joleneain'tgotnothinonmeF0.130.02-0.03
547Delovely's Make My DayM0.30-0.03-0.14
548Delovely's Sweet Home AlabamaM0.140.05-0.03
549Delphinium Lakeridge I'm SybilM0.150.050.03
550Delphinium Mazinblue Jedi RayF0.21-0.020.11
551Delphinium n Lakeridges JunoM0.150.020.09
552Delphinium's Peg of My HeartF0.19-0.050.24
553Denby Colby N' CootsM0.200.020.02
554Densun's Starlight SerenadeM0.130.08-0.24
555Densun's Sterling SerenadeM0.150.04-0.08
556Densun's Symphony SerenadeF0.130.03-0.06
557Desert Guide D McGuireM0.26-0.03-0.02
558Desert Guide D YodaM0.300.00-0.22
559Desert Guide E CooperM0.16-0.040.17
560Desert Guide E DahaboM0.080.06-0.05
561Desert Guide E FosseF0.31-0.080.00
562Desert Guide E GibbsM0.160.04-0.07
563Desert Guide E KenaiM0.210.00-0.12
564Desert Guide E KodaM0.180.000.07
565Desert Guide G BarneyM0.280.00-0.11
566Desert Guide G BeethovenM0.26-0.01-0.04
567Desert Guide G CordyF0.240.00-0.01
568Desert Guide G GarminM0.260.01-0.11
569Desert Guide G MarilynF0.35-0.050.03
570Desert Guide G Santa LuciaF0.240.00-0.06
571Desert Guide G SunshineF0.200.06-0.15
572Desert Guide TannerM0.24-0.060.13
573Desert Guide W CloverF0.180.020.00
574Desert Guide W NatalieF0.18-0.030.33
575Desert Guide Y DaisyF0.150.05-0.11
576Desert Guide Y DennyM0.150.02-0.03
577Desert Guide Y KayceeF0.170.02-0.06
578Desert Guide Y LucyF0.180.02-0.10
579Desert Guide Y PennyF0.200.02-0.03
580Desert Guide Y SchueyM0.110.02-0.01
581Desert Guide Y ShayneM0.20-0.010.00
582Desert Guide Y WandaF0.210.03-0.21
583Desert Reef's Bond 007M0.130.000.07
584Desert Reef's Secret AgentF0.120.06-0.01
585Desert Reef's Secret Agent ManM0.190.04-0.07
586Desert Reef's Secret Agent SagaF0.180.020.03
587Desert Reef's Secret Agent Saga-Asher Litter Puppy 1F0.150.000.10
588Desert Reef's Secret Agent Saga-Asher Litter Puppy 2M0.20-0.040.21
589Desert Reef's Secret Agent Saga-Asher Litter Puppy 4M0.13-0.030.24
590Desert Reef's Secret Agent Saga-Asher Puppy 3 PurpleM0.180.010.02
591Devin's Purple Blazing StarM0.91-0.330.18
592Devin's Purple DahliaF0.170.00-0.10
593Devin's Purple LilyF0.34-0.01-0.08
594Devin's Purple PansyF0.310.01-0.20
595Devin's Purple Poppy By LHM0.190.000.04
596Devin's Purple RoseF0.22-0.040.24
597Dharma Black and White PrinceF0.170.020.06
598Diamond Flaming ArrowF0.22-0.040.12
599Diamond Sky Don’t Stop Me NowF0.28-0.01-0.08
600Diamond Sky Louter Creek Lincoln the LiberatorM0.18-0.020.12
601Diamond Sky Steal The MomentM0.130.04-0.04
602Diamond Sky Young Gun's Page TurnerM0.30-0.01-0.10
603Dilquin Double Vie N Valmy'sF0.24-0.050.09
604Dilquin Vetset On My MindF0.210.000.11
605Dilquin Vetset Simon SaysM0.200.020.06
606Dinastia Lumier Eragon for AltarielsM0.06-0.010.39
607Dinastia Lumier Helga Zimnego Solntsa F0.130.05-0.08
608Divinity's Autumn RainF0.30-0.020.05
609Divinity's Delicious CreamsicleM0.36-0.090.18
610Divinity's Nora of NoDakF0.210.07-0.12
611DNK Rising Red FlameF0.20-0.080.20
612DoeValley & RCA ReadMy PokerfaceF0.25-0.05-0.06
613Doevalley Debonair's SilvermistF0.210.030.05
614Doevalley USS TruxtonM0.25-0.050.03
615Doevalley's Impossible 2 OutmaneuverM0.090.060.00
616Doevalley's Navy DestroyerF0.150.020.02
617Doevalley's Violet Mad Madame MimF0.18-0.010.11
618Dog As Copilot's Gipsy DangerF0.22-0.040.03
619Dolce vom Paw PawF0.230.02-0.15
621Dominion Synergy Of Mount BethelF0.100.070.04
622Domtotem Entoni HopkinsM0.27-0.110.22
623Domtotem Yandex RuM0.26-0.06-0.01
624Don Gaucho NoorF0.27-0.020.07
625Donnchada Cadeau American SweetheartF0.16-0.010.15
626Donnchada Sweet TalkM0.16-0.010.07
627Donny Brooks Treasured PearlF0.160.040.02
628Donovan's LavenaF0.23-0.030.08
629Doubleshot Ernest Of ArnetteM0.250.000.00
631Dragon Haus Teun-TF0.180.010.01
632Dragon Haus TricksterM0.130.000.18
633Dragonlord`s AmarettoM0.29-0.140.21
634Drovers Red Cloud Miss TishomingoF0.42-0.10-0.20
635Duchess of Southern Royal NightsF0.190.04-0.07
636Duchess, Her HighnessF0.40-0.06-0.18
637Duchesse of Old CastleF0.150.04-0.11
638Dynasty’s Lucy LooF0.26-0.050.07
639E-mabelle von FarkeshofF0.36-0.05-0.04
641Edencourt Fly Me to the MoonM0.17-0.010.20
642Edencourt Heart of SeransilF0.140.000.10
643Edencourt Little White LieF0.100.080.07
644Edencourt Starring SeransilM0.130.060.04
645Edivette Black Temptation At WintersWindM0.210.000.15
646Edivette Live ForeverM0.210.040.01
647Edivette Power Your HandsM0.160.080.02
648Edivette Winterswind Noir MysticF0.180.000.14
649Edwin Extra Vom FalbenhofM0.44-0.140.00
650Eiger Extra Vom FalbenhofM0.40-0.08-0.23
651El Silencio's First Lady Harpers FerryF0.27-0.02-0.01
652El Silencio's Panache N'Co.M0.20-0.060.28
653El Silencio's Pandora ParadiseF0.210.02-0.02
654El Silencio's Quintessential TravelerF0.23-0.030.03
655Elan's Bavarian PrincessF0.110.010.34
656Elan's Principal DancerM0.110.08-0.14
657Elan's White DoveF0.100.09-0.13
658Elcy Watts Magical Little FlowerF0.080.040.10
659Electra vom Paw PawF0.43-0.08-0.11
661Element's Through The Looking GlassF0.15-0.010.20
662Eleni's Moonstruck ConfidentialM0.11-0.050.37
663Elisabeth Extra Vom FalbenhofF0.48-0.160.00
664Eloise's Alien Adventure at FigzF0.23-0.030.17
665Elvinu Extra Vom FalbenhofM0.35-0.08-0.07
666Emmeline De GrenierF0.30-0.05-0.08
667Emmy's Puppy10M0.26-0.050.06
668Emmy's Puppy2F0.23-0.090.11
669Emmy's Puppy3F0.26-0.06-0.05
670Emmy's Puppy4F0.26-0.090.07
671Emmy's Puppy5F0.30-0.06-0.09
672Emmy's Puppy6F0.33-0.100.00
673Emmy's Puppy8M0.30-0.110.09
674Emmy's Puppy9M0.27-0.090.12
675En Tour's Trail Blazer of Forest Lakes CGCM0.170.01-0.02
676En Vie's Say The Magic WordsF0.250.000.23
677Enns Extra Vom FalbenhofM0.48-0.14-0.06
678Enzian Extra Vom FalbenhofM0.40-0.140.03
679Epoch Cloud Atlas At DuetM0.100.050.04
680Eseniya iz Bojarskogo RodaF0.18-0.040.21
681Esprit Redrum Redrum RedrumF0.23-0.030.01
682Esterhazy Extra Vom FalbenhofM0.37-0.08-0.17
683Evangelina vom Paw PawF0.45-0.090.06
684Extra Vagante Vom FalbenhofF0.37-0.120.05
685FairWinds Come Hell'r High Water at MiJiM0.130.000.22
686Family Affair JosephineF0.13-0.010.16
687Family Affair Mocha BlissF0.26-0.060.10
688Family Affair's Caramel TrufflesF0.240.000.06
689Family Affair's Chas'n Harmony MtnM0.33-0.040.02
690Family Affair's Empress Vera FangF0.31-0.090.07
691Family Affair's Floyd B PoodleM0.22-0.030.04
692Family Affair's Heart Song ElizajaneF0.230.000.11
693Family Affair's Storm The CastleF0.28-0.05-0.06
694Family Affair's Tootsie RollF0.150.10-0.02
695Farfallina At Arreau Very-MerryF0.230.01-0.01
696Farleigh De GrenierM0.22-0.01-0.10
697Fee Staub Konig of Polkadot PoodlesM0.31-0.06-0.13
698Feldspar A Kind of Magic at Oakridge F0.100.08-0.10
699Feldspar Purple HazeM0.11-0.010.20
700Felicia De GrenierF0.33-0.07-0.08
702Feuervale's Galaxy QuestF0.30-0.02-0.06
703Figz BiscottiF0.30-0.02-0.18
704Figz Blue StiltonM0.30-0.05-0.06
705Figz BockM0.180.05-0.11
706Figz CamembertF0.34-0.06-0.02
707Figz Chips Ahoy!M0.37-0.02-0.26
708Figz CometM0.19-0.040.20
709Figz CosmoM0.170.03-0.03
710Figz Cotija Nach'Yo Melting CheeseF0.24-0.060.13
711Figz EonM0.26-0.030.01
712Figz FionaF0.090.06-0.01
713Figz FriggaF0.17-0.020.05
714Figz Furfru Bella's Dance on Bourbon StreetF0.15-0.010.11
715Figz GamoraF0.230.00-0.15
716Figz GremlinM0.150.000.19
717Figz GrootM0.21-0.04-0.10
718Figz Harry Potter M0.23-0.070.07
719Figz Harry Potter FleurF0.27-0.110.16
720Figz Harry Potter GinnyF0.30-0.100.06
721Figz Harry Potter HermioneF0.30-0.070.03
722Figz Harry Potter LilyF0.38-0.170.08
723Figz Harry Potter LunaF0.37-0.120.15
724Figz Harry Potter MinervaF0.36-0.160.18
725Figz Harry Potter MyrtleF0.35-0.120.05
726Figz JoyF0.22-0.040.09
727Figz JP SullivanM0.130.010.06
728Figz KeeblerM0.250.01-0.09
729Figz KolschM0.180.06-0.11
730Figz LambicF0.130.040.09
731Figz Loch NessF0.100.030.14
732Figz LokiM0.17-0.03-0.03
733Figz LyraF0.210.02-0.10
734Figz MacaroonM0.31-0.05-0.02
735Figz MilanoF0.230.01-0.13
736Figz MinionM0.120.04-0.01
737Figz NabiscoM0.32-0.01-0.13
738Figz NebulaF0.21-0.01-0.05
739Figz NovaF0.17-0.040.18
740Figz OlivetteF0.230.01-0.12
741Figz OrionM0.170.04-0.06
742Figz PilsnerM0.130.060.03
743Figz PorterM0.150.06-0.04
744Figz RadlerM0.150.03-0.03
745Figz RigelM0.150.01-0.04
746Figz Rye AleM0.140.000.06
747Figz ShandyF0.23-0.020.12
748Figz ShrekM0.130.040.05
749Figz SnickerpoodleM0.330.02-0.21
750Figz SolM0.220.00-0.06
751FIGZ StellaF0.23-0.040.17
752Figz StoutM0.150.040.01
753Figz ThorM0.220.01-0.15
754Figz ValkyrieF0.170.01-0.04
755Figz VegaF0.150.01-0.07
756FIGZ ViennaF0.25-0.030.12
757Figz WensleydaleF0.30-0.080.07
758Figz YetiM0.130.03-0.06
759Figz ZwickyM0.11-0.020.17
760Finnesse Aurora BorealisF0.32-0.04-0.07
761Finnesse DaredevilM0.42-0.06-0.12
762Finnesse Hall Of FameM0.43-0.140.12
763Finnesse Infinity At TelscombeM0.38-0.03-0.11
764Finnesse La Vida Loca at TelscombeF0.39-0.060.02
765Finnesse LorenzoM0.43-0.14-0.01
766Finnesse Magic MomentM0.36-0.070.03
767Finnesse Pandora MoonF0.33-0.04-0.17
768Finnesse Pretty In PinkF0.55-0.14-0.02
769Finnesse Rock You Like A HurricaneM0.70-0.220.14
770Finnick OdairM0.190.02-0.01
771Fiorghlan's SmaragdfeeF0.17-0.010.07
772Fireside's Moves Like Jagger At WindsweptM0.270.01-0.14
774Flash Of Lightning MacintoshM0.100.030.14
775Fleetwood's Irish CreamM0.150.010.06
776Flying To Fame De Noor Y AlbarralF0.30-0.020.01
777Fodla Morelowa RadoszF0.34-0.05-0.02
779Forest Citys SealM0.180.05-0.13
780Forest Hill Mount Bethel UmamiF0.110.000.28
781Forever 5-Star Good NewsM0.110.040.10
782Forever Deeohgee Ca'd RamzeesM0.230.02-0.14
783Fox Meadows I Love LucyF0.240.01-0.09
784Francois De GrenierM0.37-0.10-0.09
785Freda K vom Paw Paw F0.35-0.130.13
786Freddie d'EvelineM0.20-0.020.16
787Fue Go Creasy vom Paw PawM0.40-0.120.09
788Fulfilled My Soul Angel's LoveF0.160.050.00
789Full Moons Living on the EdgeF0.29-0.02-0.04
790Full Moons Spice of Life at Lone TreeF0.28-0.01-0.07
791Gardenpath d'Galavanting RoseF0.060.070.16
792Gaston De GrenierM0.34-0.090.04
793Gaushof's Sol Rising In The ShyreF0.26-0.020.07
794Gemarsandi's Rose of CimarronF0.080.030.08
795Genteel's Mufasa at TropheousM0.110.060.03
796Genteel's Princess PineappleF0.200.04-0.07
797Gettin' Figgy With It @ TrillionM0.33-0.07-0.02
798Ghibli's DiamondF0.220.01-0.01
799Ghibli's LocketF0.32-0.01-0.13
800Ghibli's ModelF0.25-0.040.02
801Ghibli's PearlF0.280.00-0.14
802Ghibli's PetalF0.190.04-0.06
803Gigolo Oliver Only Ten I SeeM0.15-0.020.25
804Gimeno's Just Br Brave KoaM0.33-0.02-0.17
806Gingerbred Harbor's Serene Red SunsetF0.29-0.070.22
808girl threeF0.170.05-0.06
809Gizmo's Formal AffairM0.21-0.01-0.08
810Gladystar Sultry Summer NightF0.120.050.08
811Glamour Boy vom strahlenden SternchenM0.25-0.030.08
812Glicks Adjust Your SailsF0.200.01-0.06
813Glicks BerlinM0.120.050.04
814Glicks Dancing in the RainM0.140.07-0.01
815Glicks Desidero PrimaveraM0.170.040.01
816Glicks Destiny's ChildF0.190.04-0.02
817Glicks Foggy MorningF0.180.02-0.02
818Glicks Keeper Of My HeartM0.170.010.08
819Glicks L'OrienM0.250.01-0.15
820Glicks Midsummer BreezeF0.080.060.04
821Glicks Northern LightsF0.160.010.10
822Glicks Opus's Get ReadyM0.170.05-0.15
823Glicks Rebel RebelF0.190.01-0.09
824Glicks Simpkin ArborvitaeM0.190.01-0.06
825Glicks SpellboundF0.230.04-0.20
826Glicks Speranze PrimaveraM0.200.010.03
827Glicks Springtime AriaF0.170.030.03
828Glicks Too Hot To HandleM0.240.01-0.07
829Glicks Trial By FireM0.200.02-0.09
830Glicks Vibrant SupernovaF0.150.07-0.01
831Glicks Vigore PrimaveraM0.19-0.010.08
832Glorias-Baywind Wally's Padfoot at ArtemisM0.210.04-0.07
833Godiva N'Co.F0.21-0.050.18
834Goldhill's Castle Dancing AnnikaF0.22-0.040.10
835Goldhill's Floating Blue ButterflyF0.130.08-0.12
836Good Time Parti Girl JulietteF0.110.040.08
837Gordon's Phoshey J'AdoreF0.73-0.21-0.03
838GR84U Desert Guide N Traci AnnF0.220.01-0.02
839Gr84u Desert Guide Z AuxiF0.200.06-0.10
840Gr84u Desert Guide Z KentM0.25-0.020.16
841Gr84u Desert Guide Z NaomiF0.220.000.03
842Grandesprit Audrey HepburnF0.24-0.030.16
843Grandesprit Hedy LamarrF0.200.020.10
844Grandesprit Lady in RedF0.13-0.030.40
845Grandesprit Marlon BrandoM0.30-0.030.10
846Grandesprit Princess RapunzelF0.26-0.010.11
847Graphite At Arreau Very-MerryM0.30-0.080.25
848Gray boyM0.130.040.08
849Great Lakes Blessed TrinityF0.81-0.22-0.07
850Great Lakes Bountiful BaxterM0.210.06-0.11
851Great Lakes Coco Cabana F0.21-0.010.02
852Great Lakes Copper Cooper M0.32-0.02-0.09
853Great Lakes Faith Gets Me ByF0.210.03-0.01
854Great Lakes Huron Harmony GaiaF0.260.00-0.04
855Great Lakes Keira Knightly GardeniaF0.300.02-0.16
856Great Lakes Quade on a QuestM0.180.030.01
857Great Lakes Rocky Road GalaxyM0.240.010.02
858Great Lakes Senorita SekaiF0.40-0.140.14
859Great Lakes Striped PrincessF0.58-0.14-0.11
860Great Lakes Verde WatsonM0.39-0.130.03
861Great Lakes Willow IthacaM0.61-0.14-0.11
862Great Lakes Your Grace is AmazingF0.190.03-0.02
863Great Lakes Zenzi ZenF0.86-0.250.07
864Green boyM0.120.05-0.04
865Green BoyM0.35-0.01-0.05
866Green Collar Black GirlF0.29-0.01-0.16
867Guldtacken's Silver HombreM0.200.04-0.10
868Gulfbreeze Of Change At G8rcreekF0.060.040.21
869Gusto De Farlo Of CrabappleM0.57-0.150.02
870Gwen Countryside's Queen Of DeltaF0.260.04-0.10
871Gypsywind Belle A'MeF0.060.080.10
872Gypsywind's Moonstruck Joie De VivreF0.130.06-0.11
873Handsome Man OhanzeeM0.40-0.110.15
874Hanley ' s Jess A Red RenegadeM0.25-0.02-0.03
875Harbor's Red Sky's The Limit by LumiereM0.150.02-0.06
877Harmony Mountain BerettaF0.23-0.050.09
878Harmony Mountain-Siena Barney The GreatM0.24-0.02-0.08
879Harmony Mountain-Siena Sacha NoelleF0.210.01-0.18
880Harmony Mt Acer Vom PawpawM0.24-0.040.02
881Harmony Mtn Blue SkyF0.190.010.04
882Harmony Mtn Cascadia HazeF0.29-0.040.00
883Harmony Mtn HannahF0.37-0.110.01
884Harmony Mtn Maybelle Vom Paw PawF0.47-0.140.09
885Harmony Mtn On The Mark De GrenierM0.42-0.130.18
886Harmony Mtn Phoenix To Pacific BeachF0.170.03-0.01
887Harmony Mtn Play of ColorF0.36-0.06-0.11
888Harmony Mtn Remy AcostaM0.30-0.080.00
889Harmony Mtn RuthF0.30-0.03-0.16
890Harmony Mtn-Siena Texas Summer RoseF0.35-0.110.17
891Harriette De GrenierF0.40-0.220.48
892Harten's Golden Flambeau A Nola'sF0.080.050.03
893Harten's King Of Carnival A Nola'sM0.15-0.020.11
894Hattrick Very-MerryM0.210.02-0.04
895Haute Pudel's American MuscleM0.140.03-0.06
896Hawk Valley Sign Of The TimesF0.220.01-0.17
897Hawk Valleys Funky PioneerF0.050.060.16
898Heart Song Cracker JackM0.220.03-0.09
899Heart Song Handsome CaballeroM0.37-0.120.19
900Heart Song Indigo Go GirlF0.220.030.01
901Heart Song Mighty Girl CharlotteF0.34-0.03-0.16
902Heart Song Riot of ColorF0.240.00-0.07
903Heart Song Rocket To The StarsM0.38-0.110.02
904Heidi's Nala In Sweet Safari ScenesF0.24-0.050.13
905Heidi's Showstoppin Red N White BrodiM0.26-0.01-0.04
906Helvetia vom HappyparadiseF0.22-0.040.06
908Hermione De GrenierF0.24-0.070.08
910Hessler's Saved The Best For Last At Dan DSF0.23-0.020.02
911Hi Hat Courting JesterM0.190.010.02
912Hi Hat's Dark Side Of The MoonF0.110.040.05
913High Desert Maker of Sisco MischiefF0.220.000.03
914High Desert Titan of the CosmosM0.270.000.04
915Highfalutin' He's So FineM0.140.060.03
916Highfalutin' Head Over HeelsF0.150.06-0.07
917Highfalutin' Here's The DealF0.20-0.020.02
918Highfalutin' Homage To HuffishM0.190.020.13
919Highfalutin' Hope Springs EternalF0.130.040.11
920Highfalutin' Maggie's PrideM0.150.000.26
921Highgate Beat of my HeartM0.250.000.01
922Highview Anutta Code BreakerM0.170.06-0.04
923Highview Breaking HeartsM0.130.05-0.06
924Hinha Laughing Moon Von Seidenstein F0.180.03-0.03
925HIQ I Respond to StellaF0.130.080.10
926HIQ Vamp of SavannahF0.260.000.01
927HIQ’s Midnight RamblerM0.49-0.19-0.01
928Honey Rose of the MaplesF0.24-0.060.17
929Hot Mess Myka’s Studded Cartier M0.150.000.06
930HTCT Whats In Your HeadM0.27-0.03-0.07
931Huffish Boshi's Chip Off The RockM0.110.030.01
932Huffish Rave The NightM0.060.12-0.01
933Huffish White ImpulseF0.170.07-0.09
935I Insist N'Co.F0.32-0.04-0.08
936I Love Emily De GrenierF0.23-0.040.03
938Inu Yascha From Golden RegiaM0.65-0.240.19
939Isaac Trips The Light FantasticM0.56-0.190.04
940Isfin Nox Al AndaluzM0.38-0.080.05
941Isfin Nox Al AskaM0.31-0.070.18
942Ishara vom Bornumer WaldF0.25-0.01-0.06
943Isis I can Almost C It At OpusF0.26-0.020.10
944Isla Flaubert's Sentimental EducationM0.23-0.020.09
945Islandtime CoolwindinmyhairM0.26-0.02-0.08
946Islandtime KalypsoF0.220.02-0.06
947Isle of DFlat Major in a Brindle TuxM0.29-0.03-0.13
948ISLE OF SAPPHIREF0.25-0.050.10
949ISLEOF Brutus BrindleM0.08-0.020.32
950IsleOf GQ LondonM0.210.01-0.11
951Islo's Take Me To Valhalla By SapphireF0.170.04-0.06
952Islo's What A Night For A KnightF0.30-0.020.00
953IUVO DawnF0.160.030.02
954IUVO SunriseF0.28-0.030.08
955IUVO SunsetF0.23-0.030.09
956IUVO SunshineF0.24-0.040.22
957Ixchel Top Of The WorldF0.23-0.05-0.01
958J&M's Starry SkyeF0.240.02-0.12
959Jackie WattsF0.100.070.08
960Jacknic's Bearcove Foreign TradeF0.17-0.030.20
961Jacknic's BearCove Makers MarkM0.25-0.020.05
962Jacknic's Colorful LanguageF0.150.030.03
963Jacknic's DefianceM0.090.07-0.01
964Jacknic's Dilly DillyF0.190.02-0.03
965Jacknic's Foreign ModelF0.18-0.030.24
966Jacknic's Foreign PoliticsF0.210.02-0.06
967Jacknic's Foreign RumorsM0.130.07-0.02
968Jacknic's Notta GolddiggerF0.170.07-0.16
969Jacknic's Partly CloudyM0.21-0.02-0.11
970Jacknic's Rainy Day ChampagneM0.160.030.05
971Jacknic's Rap Guy's GirlfriendF0.21-0.04-0.02
972Jacknic's Rolling StoneM0.080.070.10
973Jacknic's Samba In A Indigo MistM0.170.04-0.07
974Jacknic's Sister ActF0.150.04-0.01
975Jacknic's Two For The RoadF0.090.040.21
976Jada Nicole Full Metal JacketF0.19-0.030.15
977Jamison's Inferno of the MaplesM0.25-0.120.14
978Janeva Uptown TrumpsF0.27-0.050.08
979Jazzy's Caught Up In The 3rd HeavenM0.210.030.07
980Jazzys Moonlit Vali At MyTymeF0.170.020.07
981Jazzys sunlit peak at mytymeF0.190.02-0.05
982Jed's E E Cummings ColandoM0.160.020.13
983Jed's Harrison Colando of PiccoloM0.160.060.03
984Jed's Hit Out Of The ParkM0.150.020.05
985Jed's Spencer Ivory PearlF0.160.040.04
986Jed's Top Hat & PintailsM0.120.050.12
987Jed's Winter PrincessF0.260.00-0.04
988Jility Color My WorldF0.23-0.020.05
989Jility Gotcha Game OnM0.32-0.060.01
990Jility On An Incredible JourneyF0.26-0.01-0.11
991Jillafer's Shenanigans 4 No ReasonF0.230.00-0.06
992Joellen's Tuxedo AffairM0.23-0.030.07
993Joie de Vie Madeleine RoseF0.34-0.040.06
994Jolette's American Idol Lives In LondonM0.110.000.22
995Jorgei Only Hobsons ChoiceF0.16-0.010.24
996Josephine Thaeda De GrenierF0.24-0.080.16
997Judith Grey of Bohemian GardensF0.24-0.040.16
998Jul's Rocinante AndromedaF0.27-0.050.03
999Julie Silver Dream of SeidensteinF0.140.05-0.11
1000Juno Vikistar von SeidensteinF0.180.03-0.11
1001Jupiter’s orange boyM0.21-0.050.13
1002Jupiter’s pink girlF0.200.010.10
1003K-Lar's Chocolate Oscar De La BijouM0.210.04-0.07
1004K-Lar's Great Expectations of BijouM0.24-0.070.07
1005Kalan's Haute ObsessionM0.20-0.040.11
1006Kaleidoscope's Symplee Sweet As HoneyF0.190.000.06
1007Kaliedoscope's Sebastian Mystic KingM0.30-0.01-0.18
1008Kallitha MariposaF0.150.040.11
1009Kandansk Jasper CD RA THDM0.230.02-0.10
1010Karandars Believe In The DreamF0.43-0.10-0.06
1011Karbit's EnlightmentM0.91-0.250.03
1012Karbit's AedanM0.97-0.290.01
1013Karbit's Little Johnny of Tri StarM0.62-0.16-0.10
1014Karbits Lightning BugF0.63-0.16-0.10
1015Karbits Shall We DanceF0.63-0.17-0.02
1016Karbits TNT Rudolph ValentinoM0.41-0.10-0.14
1017Karesque Baby I'm A StarF0.12-0.010.28
1018Karesque I'm Going PlacesM0.190.010.07
1019Karesque's FireflyF0.210.01-0.08
1020Karesque's Gibson Flying VeeM0.130.05-0.03
1021Karesque's Something BigM0.18-0.050.12
1022Karmine Dior de AllureF0.28-0.030.02
1023Kassel's Classickoch's Possibilities ImaginedF0.170.000.32
1024Kayekids 'Hunter'M0.22-0.060.00
1025Kayekids Bopping BobM0.24-0.050.10
1026Kayekids Boy In Striped PajamasM0.21-0.02-0.07
1027Kayekids Jack The Giant KillerM0.34-0.100.04
1028Kayekids Smokey ShadowM0.29-0.03-0.17
1029Kayekids Tammy Two ToneF0.060.010.14
1030Kayekids Teddy BearM0.170.00-0.10
1031Kayekids Traveling ManM0.180.030.02
1032Kayekids WalkerM0.21-0.040.06
1033Kayekids Winnifred The WonderfulF0.16-0.010.01
1034Kayekids WinstonM0.20-0.040.20
1035Kayekids WyattM0.160.000.03
1036Kaylens Tivin Wheels of Steel M0.16-0.020.24
1037Ken-Mar's Only Hope Remains at CaelestisF0.42-0.07-0.23
1038Kimberlys Carissa AnnF0.250.01-0.01
1039Kimberlys Ellie MaeF0.260.000.04
1040Kimberlys Foxy RoxyF0.38-0.100.05
1041Kimbleton Taylor'd By DesignM0.200.010.21
1042Kinder Beaucaniche Mio DespinaF0.110.060.04
1043Kineta's Opus To The One Who KnowsM0.25-0.03-0.03
1044Kissme Delovely BigshotM0.180.03-0.06
1045Kissme's That's My Lullaby At AlueM0.33-0.070.00
1047KSP Champagne On IceF0.160.04-0.03
1048KSP I Can Only Imagine M0.180.01-0.02
1049Kushnivas AbsolutelyF0.210.020.01
1050Kushnivas Beau DayanM0.13-0.010.15
1051Kushnivas Gift Of The GabF0.230.000.06
1052Kushnivas Hoodwinked The DevilF0.100.030.16
1053Kushnivas Indy ScribableM0.17-0.040.25
1054Kushnivas Jett BlueM0.180.010.17
1055Kushnivas Jus Smoke N MirrorsF0.21-0.060.25
1056Kushnivas JustafireM0.170.06-0.12
1057Kushnivas Kiss N TellF0.13-0.010.22
1058Kushnivas Klondike Black GoldM0.190.010.06
1059Kushnivas Little Town FlirtF0.190.00-0.01
1060Kushnivas Never A DoubtM0.150.000.06
1061Kushnivas NTM0.13-0.060.42
1062Kushnivas NWF0.25-0.050.17
1063Kushnivas Winter Ash SeransilM0.250.01-0.17
1064Kvali's Spanish BuckM0.36-0.080.04
1065Kvali's Spanish Phoenix F0.22-0.030.04
1066L'Paige Islands In The StreamM0.160.04-0.03
1067LaBelles All About That BassF0.25-0.050.02
1069Lady Beatrix of Silver LakeF0.22-0.010.04
1070Lafleur Queen Of The CastleF0.130.040.04
1071Lake Sai's Rogue's Inferno of the MaplesM0.21-0.01-0.04
1072Laken's Phantom Gypsy PrincessF0.120.02-0.02
1073Lakeridge All That GlittersF0.140.000.14
1074Lakeridge Cadeau Devil in a Blue DressF0.150.020.07
1075Lakeridge Galavanting NaPaliF0.120.000.27
1076Lakeridge Le Cadeau Du Muse A Nola'sF0.210.000.11
1077Large Marge F0.26-0.040.18
1078Larmon de Lux Double DreamF0.35-0.090.09
1079Lauris Remy LebeauM0.150.000.14
1080Le Glorious Lombardi du NOLA's CanicheM0.190.05-0.24
1081Le Harrell’s Bijou in StripesF0.220.000.15
1082Le Harrell’s Curious... Very Curious by SSPM0.35-0.080.00
1083Le Harrell’s Curly Chien NoirF0.29-0.03-0.13
1084Le Harrell’s Curly’s FriséF0.24-0.02-0.03
1085Le Harrell’s Every Other FreckleF0.150.01-0.04
1086Le Harrell’s Gotta Catch ‘Em AllF0.270.000.04
1087Leankas GeorginaF0.280.05-0.18
1088Leeward's BuckwheatF0.24-0.010.00
1089Leeward's Ella FitzgeraldF0.170.020.02
1090Legacy of Tudorose There Ain't No ShortcutsM0.34-0.07-0.02
1091Leke Made In Copper At CorbachoM0.12-0.030.13
1092Lemerle Silk TieM0.180.010.19
1094Lex Barker Pristine Very-MerryM0.31-0.04-0.07
1095LH Shake Ya Groove Thang @ TrillionF0.19-0.040.09
1096Light green collarF0.270.03-0.09
1097Lillibet of SeransilF0.130.020.10
1098Lime (Rumor/Joel)F0.29-0.02-0.07
1099Lime Green PuppyM0.27-0.040.03
1100Linq WattsM0.34-0.090.08
1101Litillanns Skywalker SongF0.21-0.030.26
1102Lokahi Staccato High Pitched WarningF0.190.03-0.02
1103Lokahi Staccato's Independent SpiritF0.180.05-0.10
1105Loran Samson Ready To PartyM0.230.030.02
1106LoveSong Poodles Up Close N PersonalM0.14-0.040.03
1107Lucy Sweet As HoneyF0.34-0.07-0.01
1108LuLu Bella's War Dance of DesireF0.260.01-0.19
1109Lulu's Man in BlackM0.26-0.010.08
1110Lumiere's Hot Off The PressF0.170.020.12
1111Luna Belle IIIF0.34-0.12-0.01
1112Lvi Baltiki Nochnoy VikhrM0.22-0.05-0.02
1114M And M's Chocolate FrenzieF0.170.020.03
1115Madela Tivin Time to ShineF0.240.06-0.16
1117Mademoiselle Fetch Me SemillonF0.33-0.06-0.01
1118Magic Hour's EnterpriseM0.160.000.13
1119Magic Hour's Ever After ProdigyF0.130.000.21
1120Magic Hour's Franchise ProdigyM0.140.010.21
1121Magic Hour's Improbable CauseM0.170.020.08
1122Magic Hour's PsychoM0.150.05-0.09
1123Magic Hour's Written in the StarsF0.120.12-0.20
1124Magicastle at Madison's GardenF0.150.020.17
1125Magicastle's Benevolent Snow KingM0.130.050.08
1126Magicastle's Dauntless CrusaderM0.170.020.16
1127Magicastle's Perpetual BlissF0.13-0.010.19
1128Magicastle's Snow Thunder by StarlightF0.060.060.20
1129Magicastles King RichardM0.24-0.050.29
1130Magicpearl Camp Nou LegendM0.210.030.09
1131Majestic Phantom ShadowF0.230.00-0.09
1132Malice Mizer Vintage BeautyF0.130.040.16
1133Marechal Calm Before The StormM0.170.000.10
1134Marechal Winter VioletM0.150.040.01
1135Marquis Diamond RemyM0.180.030.00
1136Marquis Diamond Way Of The GunM0.20-0.010.03
1137Marquis Diamond-Harmony Mt TitanM0.160.010.00
1138Marquis Diamond-Rebelstar Fights Fire With FireM0.150.05-0.01
1139Marquis Diamonds Meadowlake Silver FoxF0.18-0.040.08
1140Marubi's Claire De LuneF0.150.010.17
1141Marubi's Where Sky Meets SeaF0.16-0.020.35
1142Mazinblue Bala BrasileiraF0.120.020.22
1143Mazinblue Devil Wears PradaF0.19-0.030.08
1144Mazinblue L'Amour ParisF0.250.01-0.17
1145Mazinblues Les Oscar Dela Renta M0.26-0.08-0.06
1146Meadowlake Sahne Und BlitzF0.220.02-0.06
1147Meadowlake Talulah From Poodle SenseF0.220.02-0.10
1148Meah Leki's ArabellaF0.25-0.030.09
1149Meeker's Dark Knight of Forest LakesM0.25-0.01-0.11
1150Meeker's Smoking Gun Silver BriarF0.30-0.050.04
1151Mercury Somebody to LoveM0.34-0.09-0.01
1152Meridian's Beaucaniche MatildeF0.080.040.16
1154Mia's He Stole My HeartM0.190.040.01
1155Minarets Make A Dent In Red REM0.21-0.030.16
1156Minarets Margarita RojaF0.21-0.030.23
1157Minarets Minarets Red Rocket RAM0.32-0.090.15
1158Minarets Priscilla Roja RAF0.170.01-0.04
1159Minarets Rascal In Red REM0.210.02-0.09
1160Minarets Viento Rojo RAEM0.21-0.030.20
1161Mistel's St. HelenF0.170.03-0.01
1162Mistel’s AdamsM0.23-0.050.06
1163Mistel’s BachelorM0.25-0.01-0.07
1164Mistel’s Little Button EyesF0.19-0.02-0.03
1165Mistel’s RainierF0.21-0.040.21
1166Mistel’s SnoqualmieF0.23-0.040.06
1167Mithril Colonel At CantopeM0.19-0.020.04
1168Mithril-Harmony Mtn Misty HopF0.180.02-0.01
1169Miyazaki's Secret ElementF0.150.070.03
1170MJT 1EM0.27-0.01-0.14
1171MJT 2EM0.32-0.03-0.14
1172MJT 3EM0.32-0.05-0.08
1173MJT 4EF0.37-0.07-0.02
1174MJT 5EF0.33-0.07-0.01
1175MJT 6EF0.38-0.05-0.08
1176MJT 7EF0.42-0.110.00
1179MNJ's Dashing Venture at KarbitM0.40-0.09-0.13
1180MnJ's Ginger Boy NoelM0.36-0.070.06
1181MnJ's Kenny ChestnutM0.110.060.03
1182Mojave Rose Summit I Put A Spell On YouM0.26-0.020.23
1183MoJazz AH AggieF0.46-0.18-0.04
1184MoJazz AH AlamoM0.49-0.210.07
1185MoJazz AH Lady BirdF0.42-0.11-0.18
1186MoJazz AH Lone StarM0.32-0.09-0.02
1187MoJazz AH MagnoliaF0.56-0.14-0.17
1188MoJazz AH QuesoM0.44-0.13-0.08
1189MoJazz CC OrangeF0.28-0.03-0.03
1190MoJazz CC PurpleM0.29-0.090.01
1191MoJazz CG2019 Green SamM0.27-0.130.30
1192MoJazz CG2019 Pink FirecrackerF0.25-0.080.13
1193MoJazz CG2019 White Collar PatriotM0.27-0.08-0.12
1194MoJazz CG2019 Yellow IndependanceF0.27-0.100.13
1195MoJazz Hero Of My Heart With RegencyM0.60-0.210.01
1196MoJazz JO BurgandyM0.26-0.010.01
1197MoJazz JO Med BlueM0.190.020.07
1198MoJazz JO PinkF0.190.04-0.05
1199MoJazz JS Green JoyousM0.32-0.03-0.08
1200MoJazz JS Teal PrezM0.32-0.06-0.07
1201MoJazz Lil Dash Of CayenneF0.150.00-0.02
1202MoJazz Living In The MomentF0.30-0.050.04
1203MoJazz Morning Glory SunriseF0.150.07-0.11
1204MoJazz Mountain Pink SunsetF0.200.020.02
1205MoJazz N MnJ Berry MargaritaF0.41-0.11-0.11
1206MoJazz N MnJ Red Texas LonghornM0.53-0.190.02
1207MoJazz Onyx Quest For JadeM0.32-0.07-0.01
1208MoJazz Red Hot Chipotle PepperF0.230.000.01
1209MoJazz Spark Of FreedomF0.30-0.130.15
1210MoJazz Texas Sage Summer NightM0.210.03-0.06
1211Mojazz's Jaxon Brews TroubleM0.170.08-0.05
1212Moonlight Az SolaceM0.150.04-0.08
1213Moonlight ExtraordinaireM0.170.010.11
1214Moonlight Lemerle Silk TriumphM0.230.05-0.10
1215Moonlight Lemerle This KissF0.200.04-0.06
1216Moonstones Good Time CharlieM0.19-0.030.25
1217Mount Bethel EnenraM0.130.060.16
1218Mount Bethel Kentucky BooF0.160.08-0.05
1219Mount Bethel Lily Bleu Me AwayF0.13-0.030.36
1220Mount Bethel Northern LightsF0.130.040.01
1221Mount Bethel Penny from HeavenF0.170.05-0.04
1222Mount Bethel SrirachaF0.120.050.09
1223Mount Bethel Tally HoF0.140.08-0.08
1224Mount Bethel's Jersey GirlF0.22-0.020.03
1225Mount Bethel's Little Red Riding HoodF0.26-0.080.12
1226Mount Bethel's MitsyF0.110.030.01
1227Mount Bethel's Polar Bear MidnightM0.160.070.03
1228Mount Bethel's Rory KadeM0.100.080.00
1229Mount Moriah by the TimberlineF0.25-0.050.06
1230Mozaic Clarvin PurpleF0.190.02-0.02
1231Mozaic Clarvin TealF0.130.04-0.02
1232Mozaic Clarvin YellowF0.150.010.11
1233Mozaic Cocoa CremeF0.250.04-0.06
1234Mozaic Color Me A Good TimeM0.18-0.010.07
1235Mozaic Deal Me A Wild CardM0.150.000.15
1236Mozaic Dealer's ChoiceF0.23-0.030.01
1237Mozaic Dressed In MischiefF0.200.04-0.04
1238Mozaic Good Time CaressF0.29-0.02-0.08
1239Mozaic Lil Dust On My BootsF0.33-0.080.03
1240Mozaic Mischief Makin' MayaF0.170.01-0.03
1241Mozaic Moon ShadowM0.30-0.01-0.08
1242Mozaic My Time To ShineF0.150.05-0.05
1243Mozaic Pair O DiceM0.21-0.010.07
1244Mozaic Partys Itz Crystal ClearF0.17-0.040.32
1245Mozaic Shades Of ChangeM0.42-0.110.06
1246Mozaic Unique OpportunityF0.180.050.03
1247Mozaic Unique PhenomenonF0.24-0.050.12
1248Mozaic Unique TravelerF0.30-0.02-0.09
1249Ms. Cooper's Winter Whispered FlameF0.33-0.07-0.04
1250Munaut Only In DreamsF0.17-0.010.19
1251Musique Begin the BeguineM0.220.03-0.14
1252Musique In Perfect HarmonyF0.210.000.07
1253Musique Pop StarF0.210.040.05
1254Musique Song and Dance ManM0.190.050.04
1255Mydrm Baby Ima StarF0.270.02-0.09
1256Mydrm Best For LastF0.240.00-0.20
1257Mydrm Bohemian RhapsodyM0.26-0.040.01
1258Mydrm Burning DesireF0.200.050.01
1259Mydrm Cha ChaF0.29-0.020.05
1260Mydrm Code BlackF0.150.04-0.02
1261Mydrm Code of IllusionF0.30-0.03-0.02
1262Mydrm Don't Stop Me NowM0.21-0.02-0.03
1263Mydrm Elusive ButterflyF0.150.020.07
1264Mydrm Forbidden LoveF0.33-0.090.13
1265Mydrm Hot GossipM0.32-0.080.15
1266Mydrm I Am I SaidM0.24-0.020.00
1267Mydrm I Am SexyF0.29-0.080.08
1268Mydrm I Am ShamelessF0.28-0.080.09
1269Mydrm I Am What I AmF0.24-0.050.16
1270Mydrm I Want To Break Free M0.190.03-0.18
1271Mydrm Leroux Top GunM0.24-0.090.13
1272Mydrm Love EternallyF0.29-0.040.05
1273Mydrm Love of My LifeF0.26-0.03-0.02
1274Mydrm My Name Is PrinceM0.240.03-0.13
1275Mydrm Onyx OdysseyM0.29-0.04-0.01
1276Mydrm Queen Of The NightF0.27-0.040.07
1277Mydrm Still The OneF0.28-0.01-0.10
1278Mydrm Stop Look and EnvyF0.35-0.110.20
1279Mydrm Super NovaM0.17-0.010.15
1280Mydrm Talk About LoveM0.22-0.070.21
1281Mydrm Talk About Me N YouF0.27-0.060.21
1282Mydrm Talk Around TownF0.320.01-0.24
1283Mydrm Talk Of The TownF0.30-0.05-0.01
1284Mydrm Talk Of YouF0.240.02-0.09
1285Mydrm Talk The Power OfM0.34-0.03-0.01
1286Mydrm Talk The TalkM0.270.00-0.05
1287Mydrm Talk With MeF0.200.000.07
1288Mydrm The Golden ChildF0.230.000.02
1289Mydrm The Show Must Go OnM0.210.010.02
1290Mydrm Twist of FateF0.31-0.03-0.06
1291Mydrm UnforgetableM0.150.05-0.03
1292Mydrm We Will Rock YouM0.18-0.010.15
1293Mydrm You Excite MeM0.210.030.04
1294Mystique Kastle ExcaliburM0.150.040.01
1295Mystique Kastle Pepe' Le PewM0.40-0.05-0.08
1296MyTyme's First Edition at GhibliM0.130.050.05
1297MyTymes All The Right StuffM0.210.010.22
1298n'co. dark green collar maleM0.34-0.070.00
1299Napoli Bon JoviM0.17-0.020.18
1300Nature's Song Gift of FaithF0.27-0.080.24
1301Negresca Smoke Ona SilvastarM0.160.06-0.08
1302Neiger Tyldesley LegacyM0.31-0.020.07
1303New Destiny's SamM0.170.000.08
1304Nightingale Copper DreamM0.24-0.110.18
1305Noble Hill Colando Bit O HoneyF0.17-0.010.11
1306Noble Hill Pepsi ColaF0.230.01-0.06
1307Noir Blue CrushF0.29-0.04-0.13
1308Noir Breezin' In The New YearF0.57-0.14-0.13
1309Noir Spice Of LifeF0.39-0.11-0.08
1310Nora Iz Volzhskoy SerenadyF0.23-0.04-0.03
1311Oakridge A Perfect StormF0.180.030.04
1312Oakridge Fatal AttractionM0.25-0.01-0.05
1313Oakridge I Will @ JacknicF0.170.03-0.07
1314Oakridge I've Got This FeelingM0.210.03-0.11
1315Oakridge Super Charged M0.25-0.030.01
1316Oakwind's Zip-Drive ExpressM0.250.00-0.05
1318Olivia de GrenierF0.30-0.060.04
1319Olympia de GrenierF0.36-0.080.01
1320Olympia La Dame Aux CameliasF0.060.070.12
1321OMG It's Raining FireF0.200.000.05
1322OMG Treasured Maximus is on FireM0.23-0.010.01
1323OMG's OT Blue BoyM0.170.03-0.02
1324OMG's OT Gold GirlF0.29-0.050.06
1325OMG's OT Green BoyM0.25-0.030.01
1326OMG's OT Lavender GirlF0.26-0.050.02
1327OMG's OT Orange BoyM0.30-0.110.17
1328OMG's OT Pink GirlF0.18-0.010.04
1329OMG's OT Purple boyM0.21-0.01-0.01
1330OMG's OT Red GirlF0.31-0.070.10
1331Opus Glicks Some Like It Hot F0.16-0.010.16
1332Opus' Catch And ReleaseF0.100.010.34
1333Opus' Will He B 1FCM0.210.000.13
1334Opus's Piece By PieceF0.23-0.040.09
1335Opus's Starlight at WindcrestF0.14-0.020.24
1337Orange boyM0.190.05-0.16
1338Orange BoyM0.28-0.02-0.01
1339Orange Collar Black BoyM0.34-0.01-0.19
1340Orian's CastleM0.22-0.030.03
1341Otto de GrenierM0.50-0.110.06
1342P-B'S A HOPE AND A PRAYERF0.32-0.05-0.15
1343P-B's I Want a PeanutF0.18-0.030.18
1344P-B's I've Got Standards F0.22-0.040.05
1345Page's Phantom Trooper by All Nite PartiM0.26-0.02-0.04
1346Page's Venetian LaceF0.150.000.10
1347Pageantry's Irresistible AssetM0.050.030.22
1348Paisleylane Uptown GirlF0.32-0.04-0.09
1349Pandora's Outa The Box BeckyF0.16-0.040.21
1350Paradigm's Crimson MagnoliaF0.210.03-0.12
1351Paradigm's Parti in ReverseM0.140.06-0.11
1352Paragon Where There's A WillM0.15-0.020.18
1353Paragon's Lacy Pink ZipperF0.230.00-0.02
1354Paramour's Little Rebel to CrystalCreekM0.230.03-0.14
1355Parker T'S Jaudon of OpulenceF0.110.030.18
1356Parker T's Starry Starry NightM0.210.02-0.11
1357Parti Pinto Kijara Vom AnnenhofF0.190.010.04
1358Parti Pinto Kimona vom AnnenhofF0.230.010.04
1359Parties of AbFab's LaPalisseF0.22-0.040.32
1360Partifavors Celebrates AMerricAM0.170.030.02
1361Patriot's Eye of the TigerM0.19-0.070.22
1362Patriot's Game of ThronesM0.22-0.080.42
1363Patriot's Place in the SunM0.24-0.040.09
1364Patriot's Renaissance Queen IsabellaF0.27-0.060.22
1365Patriot's Sunsational StarF0.22-0.050.02
1366PE's Blood Of The DragonF0.17-0.010.16
1367Pearsonias Fifty Shades Of GreyF0.230.020.02
1368Pearsonias Pintsized PrettyboyM0.160.020.01
1369Peckerwood Karmasabitch At DeagraF0.110.040.10
1370Peckerwood's Rodarte's DreamM0.210.04-0.03
1371Peikert's I'm Big Ben at Kling ValleyM0.32-0.080.04
1372Penny For Your Thoughts N'CoF0.19-0.01-0.10
1373Perigueux BigwigM0.270.01-0.07
1374Perigueux BluebellF0.40-0.04-0.12
1375Perigueux ElsieF0.39-0.070.04
1376Perigueux FiverM0.30-0.010.00
1377Perigueux Follow the SunM0.37-0.03-0.16
1378Perigueux HazelF0.29-0.01-0.11
1379Perigueux His Girl FridayF0.38-0.04-0.17
1380Perigueux HolliannaF0.29-0.01-0.06
1381Perigueux IndyF0.36-0.03-0.02
1382Perigueux KearneyF0.32-0.01-0.06
1383Perigueux SilverM0.30-0.01-0.14
1384Perigueux StrawberryF0.180.03-0.09
1385Perigueux Western BelleF0.300.00-0.10
1386Perigueux's Ashes to AshtonM0.27-0.03-0.02
1388Phoenix zur RiegelfesteM0.34-0.04-0.04
1389Piccolo's As You Like ItF0.18-0.01-0.01
1390Piccolo's Espresso Louie NorrisM0.150.000.16
1391Piccolo's Iron Forged HarveyM0.25-0.040.05
1392Piccolo's Picture PerfectF0.280.02-0.20
1393Piccolo's Radiant ZivaF0.160.010.07
1394Piccolo's Thomas Magnus PIM0.170.06-0.12
1395Pierrot from Dream of HarlekinM0.41-0.080.07
1396Pinafore Devil by DesignM0.13-0.010.24
1398Pink (Rumor/Joel)F0.27-0.040.02
1399Pink Begonia's Bonny ValentineF0.37-0.03-0.07
1400Pink Begonia's Silver BoyM0.38-0.04-0.17
1401Pink Begonia's Silver FlashM0.41-0.09-0.15
1402Pink Begonia's Sweet SurpriseM0.36-0.05-0.07
1403Pink Begonia's Valentina F0.38-0.03-0.17
1404Pink Collar Apricot GirlF0.31-0.07-0.08
1405Pink girlF0.120.05-0.05
1406Pink GirlF0.30-0.03-0.13
1407Piper Rewards Honey BeeF0.130.07-0.16
1409Pirouette Call of the Wild TudoroseF0.140.030.05
1410Poetry's And Rose City's Bianca Howbah DaF0.130.04-0.03
1411Poetrys American OutlawM0.170.000.07
1412Poetrys By Special RequestM0.110.030.05
1413Poetrys Rev It UpM0.160.050.00
1414Poetrys Rev Up The PartiM0.090.09-0.03
1415Poetrys Ring Of FireM0.30-0.110.05
1416Poetry’s I’ll Be Your EverythingM0.190.000.02
1417Poppy No. TwoF0.240.06-0.25
1419Posh's Truly Textured KnockoutF0.250.03-0.09
1420Poshnoir Eye Spy AvatarF0.100.020.22
1421Poshnoir Positively Jah JahM0.170.020.12
1422Poshnoir Reilly Ace Of SpiesM0.110.060.16
1424Prairiedog's Dancing In The DarkM0.34-0.05-0.18
1425Priamo de Noor Y AlbarralM0.22-0.030.10
1426Prima CharlotteF0.140.040.12
1427Princess Pasha of WywylwyndF0.18-0.030.15
1428Princetin's Brindle girlF0.18-0.030.14
1429Princetin's Don't Stop Believing of AmandiM0.23-0.050.16
1430Princetin's Heart Hero At ElcyM0.19-0.02-0.03
1431Princetins Decipher My Code For SuccessM0.23-0.040.05
1432Prinz Stefen Von Weiss Der AusserordentlicherM0.30-0.03-0.07
1433Pristine's Mr. MackeyM0.28-0.03-0.09
1434Pristine's Radient Red ShimmerF0.24-0.010.01
1435Prodigy's Content Of CharacterM0.40-0.160.15
1436Propert's Way Irish EmberM0.36-0.05-0.09
1437Propert's Way to the SeashoreF0.29-0.070.00
1438Properts Way 2019 SaffronM0.260.01-0.05
1439Properts Way Beauty From AshesF0.240.000.00
1440Properts Way Jubile' Renarde de FeuF0.210.01-0.04
1441Properts Way Spice of LifeF0.29-0.070.06
1442Prophecy’s Back In The Game du NOLA’sM0.100.020.13
1443Providential PurpleF0.19-0.040.09
1444Providential's Bodicia from MNJF0.55-0.13-0.12
1445Providential's CupcakeF0.23-0.020.07
1446Providential's Diana The HuntressF0.46-0.13-0.13
1447Providential's FaithF0.40-0.130.14
1448Providential's HerculesM0.49-0.09-0.09
1449Providential's JoyF0.35-0.120.16
1450Providential's JubileeF0.17-0.070.15
1451Providential's RH Red Band BoyM0.45-0.12-0.10
1452Providentials Bama/Rainbow PupcakeF0.26-0.040.02
1453Providential’s Handsome Samson With RegencyM0.29-0.05-0.07
1456Purple CollarM0.15-0.020.06
1457Purple Collar Cream/Apricot GirlF0.240.02-0.17
1458Purple girlF0.150.020.09
1459Purple GirlM0.240.02-0.19
1460PW 2020 DuncannonM0.30-0.03-0.04
1461PW 2020 FintraF0.24-0.020.01
1462Quaterman vom HerzogshutM0.38-0.090.13
1463R'Tec's Here we go AgainM0.24-0.060.17
1464R'Tec's Perfect StormF0.26-0.100.15
1465Raeja High FashionF0.080.080.10
1466Raeja's Art of SeductionM0.080.040.25
1467Raeja's Di VinciM0.12-0.020.27
1468Raeja's Sorry Not SorryF0.150.010.01
1469Ragna Rose Raider of Hearts M0.34-0.06-0.11
1470Rainbows and UnicornsF0.32-0.03-0.08
1471Ramzees Bubbles Fuzznugget SkylickerF0.42-0.150.09
1472Ramzees Captain Augustus McCraeM0.40-0.150.04
1473Ramzees Dahlia of MazinblueF0.22-0.010.12
1474Ramzees Pandora's BoxF0.35-0.08-0.14
1475RavensLair Painted DragonF0.29-0.020.09
1476RBR's Brienne Of TarthF0.22-0.03-0.02
1477RBR's Jamie MadisonF0.28-0.080.00
1478RBR's Texas TornadoF0.30-0.03-0.15
1479RBR’s Bells of LibertyF0.29-0.04-0.02
1480RBR’s Courtesy of the Red, White, and BlueM0.27-0.01-0.15
1481RBR’s Dawn before the MourningF0.210.04-0.13
1482RBR’s Dazzling RemingtonF0.29-0.090.15
1483RBR’s Death before DishonorF0.290.00-0.15
1484RBR’s Dolly PartonF0.18-0.060.11
1485RBR’s GuntherM0.170.000.09
1486RBR’s Lady LibertyF0.210.03-0.10
1487RBR’s Let Freedom RingM0.220.03-0.09
1488RBR’s Lucky Teddy RooseveltM0.190.03-0.20
1489RBR’s Rise from the AshesF0.27-0.070.00
1490RBR’s These Colors Don’t RunF0.300.01-0.14
1491RBR’s Warrior 1F0.30-0.070.03
1492RBR’s Warrior 2F0.32-0.070.04
1493RBR’s Warrior 3F0.26-0.040.02
1494RBR’s Warrior 4F0.36-0.06-0.07
1495RBR’s Warrior 5F0.26-0.070.09
1496RBR’s Warrior 6F0.40-0.09-0.03
1497RBR’s Warrior 7F0.35-0.100.02
1498RBR’s Warrior 8F0.36-0.080.01
1499Rebecca Winters Wind Lady LibertyF0.23-0.080.14
1500Rebecca's Rockn Robyn @ Rivers EdgeF0.24-0.060.02
1501Rebelstar Book of EliM0.110.040.09
1502Rebelstar Don't Take Your Love To TownF0.15-0.020.19
1503Rebelstar Gabriel Messenger from AboveM0.130.08-0.09
1504Rebelstar Miss Kitty of Dodge CityF0.26-0.03-0.01
1505Red boyM0.080.08-0.02
1506Red BoyM0.27-0.010.03
1507Red Collar Black GirlF0.34-0.050.04
1508Red Lotus ElanM0.47-0.14-0.12
1509Ref Mozaic Got My Shine OnF0.140.10-0.02
1510Reflexxions Lets Be FrankM0.130.050.07
1511Regency Beau BrummellM0.34-0.110.05
1512Regency Eternally TriumphantM0.230.03-0.19
1513Regency Gift of BeautyF0.21-0.060.10
1514Regency My Way Amongst The StarsF0.26-0.03-0.04
1515Regency's SapphireF0.30-0.080.12
1516Regency's Smokin MacanudoM0.34-0.080.02
1517Rei-gate Verve I'm A BelieverF0.23-0.02-0.01
1518Reigate Bronte 956000010520389F0.13-0.040.24
1519Reigate Dawin FireballM0.170.04-0.01
1520Reigate Dawin Follow The SunM0.130.040.11
1521Reigate Dawin Girl On FireF0.130.08-0.08
1522Reigate Hot WheelsM0.19-0.030.17
1523Reigate Nicholas 956000010520408M0.21-0.050.09
1524Reigate Raven 956000010519744F0.26-0.040.03
1525Reigate's It's Time To ShineM0.150.030.06
1526Remember Me N'CoF0.27-0.040.02
1527Remy's Leon of Poodle SenseM0.20-0.030.04
1529Repeat After E Of Arnette Du Nola'sM0.220.01-0.10
1530Research Standard Poodle #1M0.020.060.51
1531Rhinestone’s Cloud on JupiterF0.21-0.040.10
1532Rhinestone’s Dark MacchiatoM0.32-0.070.03
1533Riant BajiF0.210.02-0.08
1534Riant Once In A Blue MoonM0.28-0.010.02
1535Riant Rhythm & BluesM0.260.01-0.05
1536Riant Watching The DetectivesM0.180.010.23
1537Riant Wynd In My FavorF0.310.02-0.16
1538Ridgewood's Baby I’m A StarM0.18-0.020.23
1539Ridgewood's Bright New StarF0.18-0.040.12
1540Ridgewood's He's For KeepsM0.170.030.00
1541Ridgewood's Play Among The StarsF0.250.01-0.02
1542Ridgewood's Shining StarM0.180.01-0.04
1543Ridgewood's Swinging On A StarF0.170.040.01
1544Rioja de Noor y AlbarralM0.210.02-0.01
1545Ritzy's Lioness ArisingF0.44-0.07-0.13
1546River GiantM0.29-0.06-0.02
1547Rivers Edge Causin A Camo-tionF0.24-0.030.20
1548Rivers Edge Chardrak BlueM0.230.020.02
1549Rivers Edge Chardrak GreenM0.260.020.02
1550Rivers Edge Chardrak OrangeF0.180.050.07
1551Rivers Edge Chardrak RedF0.150.060.08
1552Rivers Edge Chardrak TealM0.240.000.03
1553Rivers Edge Groovin GroverM0.170.07-0.04
1554Rivers Edge Jet AimeF0.130.020.12
1555Rivers Edge Minnie’s Kiss GoodnightF0.230.03-0.06
1556Rivers Edge R U Ready For ThisF0.160.010.14
1557Rivers Edge Ray Of HopeF0.150.03-0.07
1558Rivers Edge Razzle DazzleF0.21-0.050.06
1559Rivers Edge Ready Aim FireM0.240.07-0.09
1560Rivers Edge Ready Aim For The MoonF0.220.07-0.24
1561Rivers Edge Ready To SerenadeF0.180.04-0.11
1562Rivers Edge Reason To DreamF0.21-0.040.06
1563Rivers Edge Remember MeF0.100.040.11
1564Rivers Edge Right On The MarkM0.130.070.00
1565Rivers Edge Rock In My RollF0.170.000.06
1566Rivers Edge Romancing The StormM0.150.01-0.02
1567Rivers Edge Rosesrred VioletsrbluF0.21-0.060.25
1568Rivers Edge Royally StorminF0.18-0.020.11
1569RJ Haven's Jolly HolidayM0.150.04-0.01
1570Roaring Inferno of the MaplesM0.18-0.040.12
1571Robinsong Classical RhetoricF0.100.090.01
1572Rockhaven Inherit from SignetF0.060.010.13
1573Rockhaven Wasn't that a PartyF0.080.030.09
1574Rockhaven’s Delight of the EyeF0.150.01-0.07
1575Rodgerson's AA Fergie FergusonF0.28-0.110.16
1576Rodgerson's Al Kona CoffeeF0.18-0.040.02
1577Rodgerson's Rosie By LTDF0.240.00-0.10
1578Rodgerson's Stormy Sky EdgsonM0.39-0.06-0.15
1579Rodgerson's This Is Our PriyaF0.29-0.06-0.05
1580Rodgerson's Valley MayF0.130.000.04
1581Rogue XXIF0.25-0.01-0.11
1582Roma Rosalia Von SeidensteinF0.090.030.17
1583Romeo's Solo Del Belcanto AllegroM0.21-0.020.00
1584Roqueys Red Sovran LegacyM0.27-0.03-0.06
1585Rose City's Ask Her To DanceF0.130.03-0.03
1586Rose City's Feeling GoodF0.190.010.03
1587Rose City's Hopelessly Devoted to YouF0.170.030.17
1588Rosebud’s Fiddle Me A Fine TuneM0.100.06-0.01
1591Royal BoyM0.280.03-0.09
1592RTS Girl in the Movies F0.210.01-0.12
1593RTS Oh Isn't She Just A Darling RodgersonF0.190.06-0.04
1594Ruby Rose of the MaplesF0.250.00-0.02
1595Ryder of the Big SkyM0.100.09-0.10
1596Safari's American DreamF0.150.000.18
1597Safari's SpecterM0.280.00-0.01
1598Sage Lee of Lone TreeF0.23-0.010.12
1599Salvation by the Nine du NOLA's Caniche RougeM0.170.05-0.08
1600Samba Pa Ti, Ella Elle L'AF0.220.00-0.05
1601Saneval Summertime FlyboyM0.140.08-0.08
1602Saneval Summertime SparkleF0.120.05-0.04
1603Saphira Rhapsody in BlueF0.180.010.06
1604Saphire's Timewise Night OwlM0.21-0.060.25
1605Sapphire Love Me Like MusicF0.190.05-0.15
1606Sapphire's Dulce N'CoF0.30-0.050.09
1607Sapphire's See You In The StarsF0.28-0.01-0.11
1608Sapphire's Under InvestigationM0.25-0.030.05
1609Sapphire's Wrapped Around My HeartF0.21-0.010.00
1610Sapphires Come Dance With Me DelaneyM0.29-0.020.03
1611Sapphires Grey BoyM0.29-0.03-0.02
1612Sapphires Lilac girlF0.33-0.040.01
1613Sapphires pink girlF0.28-0.060.21
1614Sapphires Yellow BoyM0.38-0.06-0.06
1615Sarafina Amaris Noir of Forest Lakes CGC TKN RN ATDF0.170.040.02
1616Saratoga Honeymoon In June At CadeauF0.130.00-0.03
1617Sasha Bronzova MedveditzaF0.43-0.10-0.10
1618Saxon KasanovaM0.060.040.19
1619Saxon The GodfatherM0.110.000.21
1620scarlett-Black girlF0.20-0.040.18
1621scarlett-Blue boyM0.150.030.07
1622scarlett-pink girlF0.24-0.070.15
1623scarlett-purple girlF0.25-0.060.15
1624scarlett-Salmon girlF0.18-0.020.25
1625scarlett-white boyM0.160.000.11
1626scarlett-yellow boyM0.19-0.070.35
1627Sekhemt Swept By The WindF0.21-0.020.01
1628Semper Poodelis King Solomon islandsM0.150.010.14
1629Semper Poodelis Sir Battle of TripoliM0.060.04-0.02
1630Seransil All Glory Is FleetingF0.170.000.07
1631Seransil Calypson QueenF0.20-0.030.15
1632Seransil Con Brio Hope BayF0.28-0.100.04
1633Seransil ConBrio EinsteinM0.20-0.01-0.02
1634Seransil ConBrio Hunting GoldM0.130.040.01
1635Seransil ConBrio Promise MeF0.20-0.040.01
1636Seransil Direct To BedingfieldM0.18-0.050.13
1637Seransil Don't Stop BelievingM0.170.02-0.10
1638Seransil Edge of GloryM0.22-0.040.00
1639Seransil Front Paige NewsF0.110.050.16
1640Seransil GlammR GirlF0.140.010.06
1641Seransil LaBelle Neon MoonM0.210.000.04
1642Seransil Promise Is A PromiseF0.180.000.07
1643Seransil Rockyford A MiracleF0.140.000.14
1644Seransil Singular SensationM0.20-0.030.09
1645Seransil Sir DrummondM0.150.01-0.08
1646Seransil Sizzling SpiceF0.13-0.020.12
1647Seransil Skyewell Desert RoseF0.130.010.07
1648Seransil Skyewell Hearts Go OnM0.14-0.030.20
1649Seransil Skyewell Petite SageF0.150.06-0.01
1650Seransil Skyewell Roc'On RoyalM0.140.020.05
1651Seransil Spice'N It UpM0.230.00-0.20
1652Seransil TempleCity Eng CreamF0.140.05-0.01
1653Seransil's AnchormanM0.130.06-0.08
1654Seransil's Great PromiseF0.22-0.01-0.01
1655Seransil's WinterludeF0.180.02-0.05
1656Seransils Taking The High RoadM0.19-0.060.22
1657Serianni’s Sterling RemingtonM0.30-0.02-0.09
1658Shambre Elastic HeartF0.180.010.00
1659Shantar Yes Platinum KnightM0.100.05-0.01
1660Sharbelle LaMarka Who's Fooling WhoF0.14-0.020.23
1661Shark BaitF0.25-0.050.02
1662Sharp's OnyxF0.30-0.060.04
1663Shertonah Lady MerlotF0.20-0.040.10
1664Shertonah Like It Like ThatM0.28-0.01-0.22
1665Shertonah UntouchableM0.32-0.060.06
1666Shoreline's Bandol Tempier HenryM0.110.050.07
1667Shoreline's BobM0.29-0.03-0.07
1668Shoreline's BubbaM0.24-0.040.09
1669Shoreline's Jolie BabetteF0.170.03-0.05
1670Shoreline's RedfordM0.32-0.08-0.05
1671Short Tales From An EndermanM0.45-0.10-0.13
1672Show-Me The Eagle Has LandedM0.150.06-0.01
1673Show-Me The Highway to SympleeM0.130.030.02
1674Shyre's A Long Road To BreeF0.210.030.06
1675Shyre's Belle MeadowF0.35-0.06-0.07
1676Shyre's Buffet Sorley x FridayF0.34-0.080.08
1677Shyre's Collage of ValorM0.40-0.08-0.02
1678Shyre's Cookies and CreamM0.36-0.06-0.02
1679Shyre's Cubbie Sorley x FridayF0.28-0.020.01
1680Shyre's Down to EarthM0.32-0.050.02
1681Shyre's Eternal SunshineF0.35-0.06-0.18
1682Shyre's EverlastingF0.34-0.04-0.12
1683Shyre's Full Steam AheadF0.31-0.020.01
1684Shyre's Gift of Hope to MnJM0.35-0.090.13
1685Shyre's Good FortuneF0.24-0.040.13
1686Shyre's He Is a PistolM0.52-0.140.00
1687Shyre's I'm In LoveF0.290.01-0.08
1688Shyre's ImprevistaF0.170.08-0.09
1689Shyre's Jenga Sorley x FridayF0.25-0.040.09
1690Shyre's KelpieF0.190.09-0.28
1691Shyre's Lasso Sorley x FridayM0.32-0.02-0.09
1692Shyre's Lyric Sorley x FridayF0.29-0.020.02
1693Shyre's NymphF0.34-0.070.01
1694Shyre's RascalM0.210.02-0.09
1695Shyre's RazmatazF0.290.05-0.21
1696Shyre's RogueF0.250.06-0.19
1697Shyre's Rumble Sorley x FridayM0.29-0.050.00
1698Shyre's Sanguine AshesM0.41-0.080.02
1699Shyre's SpiritF0.30-0.040.04
1700Shyre's SpriteF0.29-0.01-0.03
1701Shyre's Stranger ThingsF0.33-0.100.13
1702Shyre's Such A DishM0.38-0.05-0.13
1703Shyre's Sweet PoetryF0.32-0.090.28
1704Shyre's Tattoo Sorley x FridayM0.32-0.04-0.08
1705Shyre's Timber Sorley x FridayM0.250.03-0.05
1706Shyre's True GentlemanM0.60-0.200.00
1707Shyre's Twist Sorley x FridayM0.28-0.01-0.02
1708Shyre's Wee Free ManM0.230.01-0.08
1709Shyre's Winged WheelM0.36-0.07-0.04
1710Sì Mocca La Sorella von SeidensteinF0.210.05-0.17
1711Siena BJ's VeniceF0.280.00-0.08
1712Siena Hunter Of HarmonyM0.140.07-0.19
1713Siena Legacy Of Twain's FinnF0.18-0.010.03
1714Siena Summer's Little BearM0.34-0.080.08
1715Siena Sunrise And ShineM0.26-0.050.05
1716Siena's AlexandraF0.23-0.050.10
1717Siena's Bojangles Le TroubadourM0.24-0.020.01
1718Siena's Princess CharleneF0.18-0.030.08
1719Siena's Red Skye at MorningF0.27-0.070.15
1720Siena's Rusty RedM0.27-0.07-0.02
1721Siena's Texas Red BaronM0.26-0.05-0.07
1722Siena's Theodore B CarrM0.19-0.020.04
1723Siena’s Little BarneyM0.220.00-0.04
1724Siena’s Little Bearoness EvieF0.36-0.080.03
1725Signet Double O SevenM0.060.06-0.02
1726Signet Pirouette ClosencounterF0.100.10-0.03
1727Signet White Dove BlackPearlF0.100.040.12
1728Silas Still Seraphis Von Seidenstein M0.100.06-0.04
1729Silken Arreau Where's The BeefM0.160.03-0.02
1730Silken Harmony Mtn KimberF0.200.01-0.09
1732Silver Spoon Sugar Moon At D'AliF0.220.000.03
1733Simply Southern Back Atcha Autumn ShadesF0.220.05-0.14
1734Simply Southern's Lock 'N LoadF0.22-0.010.02
1735Simply Southern's SavageF0.280.01-0.15
1736Simply Southern’s Double Shot WhiskeyF0.32-0.03-0.10
1737Simply Southern’s My DruthersM0.38-0.09-0.06
1738Sir Archie Created By LTDM0.23-0.080.10
1739Sir Ascot`s Awesome AjwainM0.100.040.05
1740Sir Atlas at Lacy Lane PoodlesM0.180.03-0.11
1741Sir Remington of Lone TreeM0.31-0.020.01
1742Sir Wulfric Von LichtensteinM0.20-0.03-0.02
1743Sirius Alpha Canis MajorisM0.22-0.040.05
1744Sisco's I Like It Like ThatM0.160.060.00
1745Sisco's Moonstruck Devil in DisguiseM0.130.07-0.12
1746Sisco's Moonstruck Tutti FruttiF0.32-0.040.05
1747Siscos Big Boss ManM0.110.030.18
1748Siscos Sweet Tea Southern BellF0.18-0.040.11
1749Sizzlin Parti At Annies N'Co.M0.27-0.05-0.08
1750Smart Connection Rock Them AllM0.110.010.18
1751Smart Connection Watch OutM0.130.020.16
1753So Fetch’s Once Upon A Spooky Night @ SpellboundM0.250.02-0.09
1754Song Of My Heart Little Drummer BoyM0.250.00-0.10
1755Sophisticated Sadira von SeidensteinF0.130.020.18
1756Sorley Morelowa RadoscM0.37-0.06-0.15
1758Sovereign Sir Vincent of HeatherlyM0.24-0.030.07
1759Spencer Texas Wise Toneys ToysM0.130.04-0.01
1761Spirit Ride'Em CowboyM0.170.030.04
1762Spirit Slate of the ArtM0.140.04-0.01
1763Spirit Vintage Blue CoupeM0.18-0.040.06
1764Spirit Vintage Don't Jinkx meM0.280.06-0.27
1765Spirit Vintage Dublin DownF0.10-0.02-0.01
1766Spirit Vintage Friday I'm in LoveF0.25-0.03-0.07
1767Spirit Vintage GlamourF0.170.000.06
1768Staccato's Fading Out By DesignM0.26-0.030.03
1769Star-Crossed LoverM0.24-0.010.12
1770Starfleet FireflyF0.19-0.010.18
1771Stargazer Merlin's CamelotF0.110.020.25
1772Starus Dancing With Th DevilF0.170.060.03
1773Stella Blue Suede ShoesF0.150.000.07
1774Stella Blues I Know You RiderM0.18-0.040.18
1775Stentorp Remembering RedM0.130.050.05
1776Sterling Black Magic Woman At WinterswindF0.170.000.15
1777STL's Midnight Blue Diamond DivaF0.170.04-0.02
1778Stonehaus Miss Dusty Rose at ChimeraF0.140.030.13
1779Storm XVIF0.20-0.020.09
1780Sunrize Silver Dream At MyTymeF0.26-0.060.14
1781Sunval Life is Good at RoxmarF0.210.02-0.02
1782Sunval's American LegendM0.150.030.21
1783SunVal's Dodge City DuchessF0.19-0.010.14
1784Sunval’s American SweetheartF0.15-0.010.09
1785Sunval’s From Russia With LoveM0.16-0.050.07
1786Sunval’s Russian DollF0.19-0.010.11
1787Superiors Daisy Go Lightly PCD, CGN, RNF0.28-0.04-0.05
1788Sweet-Miklal A-Echoes of EdenF0.23-0.01-0.06
1789Sweet-Miklal Red Sky At MorningF0.34-0.080.09
1790Sweetie Victoria of Noble HillF0.20-0.01-0.02
1791Symarlou Delilah KalchanF0.190.020.01
1792Symplee California Dreamin @ Rose CityF0.20-0.060.15
1793Syquefine Roarin' Red RemingtonM0.27-0.060.09
1794Syquefine's Coco de ChanelF0.29-0.090.19
1795Syquefine's Ever So Kir RoyalF0.32-0.050.11
1796Syquefine's Ever So LillithF0.35-0.050.03
1797Syquefine's Lady MacKenzieF0.260.05-0.29
1798Syquefine's Pabst Blue RibbonF0.220.010.10
1799Syquefine's Simply Sir BauerM0.220.03-0.13
1800Targa Worth The Wait For ForesthillM0.130.020.23
1801Taylor's Bridget BardotF0.36-0.060.10
1802Taylors Audrey HepburnF0.21-0.050.03
1803Taylors Cowboy RancherM0.110.010.22
1804Teampink’s Gift Of TemperanceF0.34-0.080.00
1805Tees Me Rimfire RugerM0.170.010.22
1806Telscombe HeadturnerF0.27-0.040.05
1807Telscombe I Put A Spell On YouF0.33-0.05-0.06
1808Telscombe Patent Approved With FriendshipF0.210.000.11
1809Telscombe Tell Me 'Bout ItM0.28-0.06-0.01
1810Telscombe You Got The LoveF0.18-0.020.05
1811The C.E.O. At N'Co.M0.280.00-0.15
1812The Rodgerson's Give You KissesF0.230.01-0.09
1813ThunderRun Beyond the Black HoleF0.52-0.140.03
1814Thunderrun Sky at Pink BegoniaM0.62-0.220.09
1815Tiara A Whole Lotta LoveM0.36-0.04-0.05
1816Tiara Across The Sea Of YearsM0.45-0.05-0.11
1817Tiara Ask Me WhyM0.32-0.04-0.14
1818Tiara Band Begins To PlayM0.30-0.080.02
1819Tiara Because You're Sweet And LovelyF0.23-0.050.08
1820Tiara Birthday, We're Gonna Have A Good TimeF0.25-0.030.03
1821Tiara Dear PrudenceF0.47-0.11-0.03
1822Tiara Delicieuse DacquoiseF0.32-0.080.11
1823Tiara Each Day Just Goes So FastM0.36-0.06-0.10
1824Tiara Every Day We'll Be HappyF0.27-0.050.14
1825Tiara Every Little Thing She DoesF0.270.02-0.13
1826Tiara Everyone Smiles As You Drift PastF0.31-0.07-0.05
1827Tiara Everyone Smiles BarefootM0.42-0.13-0.05
1828Tiara Everything I NeedM0.27-0.02-0.07
1829Tiara Everything Seems To Be RightF0.36-0.100.04
1830Tiara Eye On The WorldF0.28-0.03-0.07
1831Tiara Feel The Wind BlowF0.49-0.140.17
1832Tiara Feeling You Holding Me TightF0.21-0.020.01
1833Tiara Floating Sky Is ShimmeringF0.45-0.140.12
1834Tiara Flowers For A FriendF0.45-0.11-0.04
1835Tiara Fly, Blackbird FlyM0.47-0.110.10
1836Tiara Fooling Around With MeF0.39-0.090.13
1837Tiara ForevermoreM0.41-0.140.04
1838Tiara Friends Are All AboardM0.40-0.140.12
1839Tiara From Above You Sent Us LoveF0.33-0.070.02
1840Tiara From Day To Day IIM0.24-0.070.15
1841Tiara Get ThisF0.39-0.06-0.18
1842Tiara Give Me PresentsF0.21-0.02-0.14
1843Tiara Give The Boys The EyeF0.30-0.130.21
1844Tiara Glow Again With Love, CHICF0.34-0.05-0.08
1845Tiara Going To .... Strawberry FieldsF0.33-0.110.03
1846Tiara Good Morning, Good MorningF0.23-0.02-0.08
1847Tiara Got A Good ReasonF0.28-0.110.11
1848Tiara Got A Ticket To RideM0.52-0.14-0.07
1849Tiara Got To Get You Into My LifeM0.29-0.090.05
1850Tiara Guide Me Desert GuideM0.41-0.05-0.05
1851Tiara He Wants You All To Sing AlongM0.26-0.04-0.01
1852Tiara Here Comes The SunM0.29-0.070.00
1853Tiara Hope You Need My LoveF0.34-0.070.00
1854Tiara Hope You Will Enjoy The ShowM0.32-0.130.15
1855Tiara How Much I Really CareF0.43-0.140.02
1856Tiara How Much I Really Love YouF0.37-0.130.11
1857Tiara Hurry 'Cos It's Going FastM0.39-0.100.09
1858Tiara I Give My Heart To YouM0.33-0.100.02
1859Tiara I Saw Her Standing ThereF0.37-0.10-0.10
1860Tiara IdaF0.34-0.06-0.05
1861Tiara ImagineM0.47-0.180.10
1862Tiara In My Life Desert GuideM0.45-0.11-0.04
1863Tiara Jett RocksM0.46-0.08-0.10
1864Tiara Just For Me Desert GuideM0.47-0.090.03
1865Tiara Just The Girl For MeF0.43-0.10-0.02
1866Tiara Just Treats Me RightF0.65-0.170.07
1867Tiara K In Oh So Many Ways MoonstruckF0.32-0.06-0.08
1868Tiara Martha My Dear de Grenier, CHICF0.64-0.180.01
1869Tiara Me Me MineF0.32-0.100.10
1870Tiara My Love Is StrongF0.53-0.180.10
1871Tiara NaturallyF0.36-0.110.02
1872Tiara OakleyM0.60-0.150.05
1873Tiara Obla-Di, Obla-DaM0.23-0.060.18
1874Tiara PatrioticM0.28-0.130.33
1875Tiara Patsy Of Desert Guide TF0.39-0.150.03
1876Tiara PhiladelphiaF0.34-0.060.02
1877Tiara Q 17 Purple 73F0.45-0.06-0.11
1878Tiara Q I Love YouF0.42-0.12-0.01
1879Tiara Q I'll Always Be In Love With YouF0.36-0.04-0.06
1880Tiara Q Long To Hold YouM0.32-0.03-0.03
1881Tiara Q Love Me DoM0.37-0.03-0.15
1882Tiara Q Within You Without YouM0.36-0.07-0.04
1883Tiara RazzmatazzM0.210.02-0.04
1884Tiara Scrumptious CookieF0.32-0.060.03
1885Tiara So Captain MarvelM0.27-0.070.07
1886Tiara Sweet LicoriceF0.25-0.060.03
1887Tiara U Could FlyM0.32-0.04-0.01
1888Tiara U Dare SayF0.30-0.060.11
1889Tiara U'll Be A Star At NapoliF0.35-0.060.01
1890Tiara U'll Be No One's RivalM0.37-0.060.00
1891Tiara U'll Have A Beautiful LifeF0.31-0.110.17
1892Tiara U'r The Only OneF0.33-0.080.08
1893Tiara Up With Me!F0.35-0.100.17
1894Tiara V Act NaturallyM0.30-0.07-0.02
1895Tiara V She's Just The Girl For MeF0.29-0.130.15
1896Tiara Wanna Dance With YouM0.47-0.06-0.11
1897Tiara Yin Martini At GothamM0.40-0.10-0.04
1898Tiara ZacharyM0.53-0.13-0.08
1899Tiara ZeppelinM0.58-0.140.02
1900Tintlet 'Ruby'F0.120.040.01
1901Tintlet Curtain CallM0.130.000.15
1902Tintlet Destin ParfaitM0.100.030.05
1903Tintlet Here's Your SignM0.25-0.010.04
1904Tintlet Keeper of The StarsF0.110.030.03
1905Tintlet Lady Sings The BluesF0.080.10-0.11
1906Tintlet Leather And LaceF0.130.070.00
1907Tintlet Let It GoF0.150.07-0.13
1908Tintlet Livin' So DivineF0.150.050.00
1909Tintlet Mammoth MarvelF0.150.030.00
1910Tintlet Midnight RendezousF0.110.060.12
1911Tintlet Namaste KitchelF0.31-0.060.10
1912Tintlet Onward and UpwardF0.200.02-0.06
1913Tintlet Petite Fleur BleueF0.160.050.03
1914Tintlet Rhapsody In BlueF0.170.08-0.16
1915Tintlet SeleneF0.260.010.07
1916Tintlet Tale Of The DragonF0.150.05-0.04
1917Tintlet Your Good Girl's Gonna Go BadF0.150.04-0.01
1918Tintlet's BuffyF0.110.060.16
1919Tintlet's CordeliaF0.220.030.04
1920Tintlet's WillowF0.200.030.02
1921Tisane's 5-Star UK AmbassadorM0.130.010.19
1922Titian Amar Bristol CreamM0.22-0.030.16
1923Titian Amar Hotshot ForeverM0.27-0.03-0.13
1924Titian Lucky Friday's Red WineF0.280.00-0.10
1925Titian Sound ApprenticeM0.27-0.050.02
1926Titian Trust No ShenanigansM0.25-0.05-0.02
1927Tivin Thunder Dancer at BalFoxM0.25-0.070.05
1929Torbec Amar Trophy For TitianF0.110.010.31
1930Tova's Olive It MoreF0.150.030.01
1931Tova's Onyx to GoodnessM0.180.02-0.02
1932Tova's Star On Cloud NineF0.14-0.010.31
1933TP Gray male-BrM0.300.03-0.17
1934TP Purple male-brM0.31-0.040.00
1935TP Yellow male-blkM0.36-0.06-0.05
1936Trademark's All This And More At MoonfireM0.29-0.130.21
1937Trademarks silverLining MyTymeM0.300.01-0.09
1938Treasure of Vegas Ms. Athena FawnF0.220.050.00
1939Treasured Bell, Light of Earendil's StarF0.150.070.04
1940Treasured Brigadoon's Aurora Over Harmony HillsF0.21-0.040.02
1941Trevasco Ain't She SweetF0.25-0.040.09
1942Trevasco Midnight In SydneyF0.220.00-0.08
1943Trevasco Opal AnticipationF0.260.000.02
1944Trevasco September Brave HeartM0.26-0.040.02
1945Trevasco Starburst Over SydneyF0.35-0.07-0.05
1946Trevasco Venus Love GoddessF0.26-0.01-0.07
1947Trevasco West Side StoryM0.150.020.10
1948Trevasco Writing On The WallF0.220.010.03
1949Tri Star Heavenly FlowerF0.28-0.030.02
1950Tri Star I Will Rock YouF0.27-0.050.16
1951Tropheous' MoritasgusM0.21-0.080.14
1952TRR Geneva Something Just Like ThisF0.25-0.020.08
1954Tudorose A Bit Of Good CheerF0.19-0.020.06
1955Tudorose Ace of DuseM0.35-0.01-0.11
1956Tudorose An Affair to RememberF0.18-0.030.05
1957Tudorose BeamerM0.26-0.03-0.14
1958Tudorose Beatrix von ProstF0.35-0.01-0.08
1959Tudorose Bonnie Prince CharlieM0.33-0.030.00
1960Tudorose CelebrationF0.230.010.07
1961Tudorose Dance of RomanceM0.130.040.01
1962Tudorose Dealer's ChoiceM0.40-0.090.01
1963Tudorose Diamond in the RuffF0.37-0.08-0.02
1964Tudorose Ever the OptimistF0.38-0.120.03
1965Tudorose Extraordinary MachineF0.230.03-0.03
1966Tudorose Good Humor At KarbitM0.40-0.050.02
1967Tudorose Got You CoveredM0.53-0.14-0.13
1968Tudorose Graceful BeautyF0.170.07-0.11
1969Tudorose Great Anna StuartF0.46-0.07-0.11
1970Tudorose Great Anna Stuart The 2ndF0.39-0.06-0.06
1971Tudorose Harmony Mtn Sure ShotF0.19-0.030.01
1972Tudorose Here's Looking at You, QM0.37-0.04-0.14
1973Tudorose Instant GratificationF0.41-0.05-0.16
1974Tudorose IrreplaceableF0.26-0.04-0.02
1975Tudorose Jax R WildM0.53-0.10-0.10
1976Tudorose Jett BlueM0.170.06-0.04
1977Tudorose Lady KeevaF0.34-0.060.10
1978Tudorose LambeauM0.20-0.030.01
1979Tudorose Lambeau's Curly BoyM0.28-0.090.10
1980Tudorose Little Miss ThingF0.17-0.010.00
1981Tudorose Master EddieM0.130.040.00
1982Tudorose MaverickF0.37-0.060.03
1983Tudorose Midnight BridgerM0.32-0.03-0.03
1984Tudorose Must Be CrazyF0.33-0.01-0.10
1985Tudorose Notorious RiantF0.15-0.020.21
1986Tudorose Portia Four To The FloorF0.15-0.040.16
1987Tudorose Racing The RainM0.19-0.03-0.07
1988Tudorose Royal Code O'ChivalryM0.190.04-0.03
1989Tudorose Royal FlushM0.40-0.100.02
1990Tudorose Rumor Has ItM0.55-0.10-0.20
1991Tudorose Tag You're ItM0.28-0.03-0.04
1992Tudorose Tis Queen Caroline ReignsF0.14-0.020.08
1993Tudorose Toast Of The TownM0.170.03-0.24
1994Tudorose True BlueF0.29-0.030.00
1995Tudorose Truly IrresistibleM0.170.010.14
1996Tudorose UniqueF0.35-0.030.04
1997Tudorose Warrior PrincessF0.23-0.01-0.03
1998Tudorose Williams Autumn AngelF0.37-0.06-0.02
1999Tudorose Williams Gaelic KnightM0.15-0.010.07
2000Tudorose Woodford Reserve Rye WhiskeyM0.36-0.070.06
2001Tudorose X-Rated QueenF0.53-0.14-0.12
2002Tudorose Ye Old PretenderM0.060.070.08
2003Tudorose's ColbaltM0.53-0.140.17
2004TuscanyPark Janis JoplinF0.190.00-0.10
2005Twinnoaks Golden NuggetF0.170.00-0.07
2006Twinnoaks Goodness GraciousF0.130.000.03
2007Twinnoaks Gracies GiftF0.130.05-0.04
2008Tyldesley Amar Forever FaithfulF0.29-0.070.00
2009Tyldesley Amar Forever His OwnM0.32-0.100.20
2010Tyldesley Be Your SoundF0.27-0.01-0.17
2011Tyldesley Blue North PhoenixM0.25-0.060.23
2012Tyldesley Ever No ShenanigansF0.24-0.05-0.02
2013Tyldesley Ever So SaucyF0.30-0.080.04
2014Tyldesley Ever So SereneF0.27-0.05-0.08
2015Tyldesley Ever So SmartF0.23-0.01-0.08
2016Tyldesley Ever So SoundF0.24-0.03-0.02
2017Tyldesley Ever So Teddy BearM0.32-0.100.02
2018Tyldesley Forever A Fat CatM0.34-0.08-0.07
2019Tyldesley Forever FancyF0.34-0.10-0.05
2020Tyldesley Forever In HopeF0.26-0.04-0.02
2021Tyldesley Forever Till We MeetF0.24-0.060.10
2022Tyldesley Man With A HarmonicaM0.25-0.01-0.11
2023Tyldesley Moonlight SonataF0.23-0.04-0.05
2024Tyldesley Mountain SoundM0.150.040.05
2025Tyldesley MS SoundingF0.31-0.05-0.10
2026Tyldesley My Final AriaF0.230.03-0.01
2027Tyldesley My Final SonataF0.34-0.03-0.13
2028Tyldesley Pewter ChargerM0.170.06-0.05
2029Tyldesley ResoundingF0.260.00-0.08
2030Tyldesley Safe and SoundM0.180.000.00
2031Tyldesley Sauce AllemandeF0.230.01-0.05
2032Tyldesley Sauce BearnaiseF0.28-0.01-0.08
2033Tyldesley Sauce BordelaiseF0.36-0.03-0.07
2034Tyldesley Sauce CumberlandM0.200.05-0.17
2035Tyldesley Sauce HollandaiseF0.200.06-0.04
2036Tyldesley Sauce JuniperM0.210.03-0.13
2037Tyldesley Sauce MornayF0.220.03-0.14
2038Tyldesley Sauce SoubiseF0.29-0.080.14
2039Tyldesley Sauce TartareM0.27-0.070.06
2040Tyldesley Sauce ThermidorM0.33-0.02-0.04
2041Tyldesley Sonata After DanteM0.27-0.03-0.06
2042Tyldesley Sound And FuryM0.170.010.07
2043Tyldesley Sound ChaserM0.25-0.060.03
2044Tyldesley Sound MakerF0.180.11-0.36
2045Tyldesley Sound SystemF0.170.030.01
2046Tyldesley SoundscapeF0.170.03-0.06
2047Tyldesley SoundstageF0.170.040.00
2048Tyldesley Tempest SonataF0.30-0.04-0.08
2049Tyldesley The Grande SonataM0.27-0.02-0.09
2050Tyldesley The Haydn SonataM0.28-0.01-0.13
2051Tyldesley The Hunt SonataM0.32-0.050.05
2052Tyldesley They Call Me TrinityF0.180.010.07
2053Tyldesley Wired for SoundM0.280.01-0.15
2054UBKS Rock My World At WindsweptsF0.160.00-0.04
2055Urban Art EccoM0.19-0.020.14
2056Urban Art EragonM0.080.090.02
2057Urban Art FreedomM0.170.010.10
2058Uwp, Vintage High RollerM0.080.090.02
2059Valentine's Chase DivineM0.17-0.050.17
2060Velvet's Royal Red CrushM0.12-0.010.14
2061Vibrant’s Man in the MirrorM0.230.04-0.18
2062Vibrant’s Sailing on a DreamF0.170.02-0.03
2063Vintage Calendar GirlF0.220.01-0.04
2064Vintage FiveF0.210.000.11
2065Vintage NicoleF0.180.01-0.02
2066Vintage PennyF0.23-0.020.07
2067Vintage Pin-Up GirlF0.170.050.04
2068Vintage Spirit the Great GatsbyM0.110.09-0.11
2069Vintage Vegas showgirlF0.15-0.020.05
2070Violet Shimmering SensationF0.15-0.050.29
2071Violet Skies N A Noble KnightM0.15-0.030.19
2072Violet Stars Twinkle NTheNightF0.120.030.08
2073Violets Dancin N The MoonlightM0.17-0.070.38
2074Violets Dancing By The SeasideF0.110.060.00
2075Vom Paw Paw To Waypoint Eva EllieF0.36-0.060.03
2076Vortex Isle of Ruby TuesdayF0.27-0.06-0.04
2077Walnut Valley Poodle's George of the JungleM0.23-0.040.01
2078Waterbender Dragon of the WestM0.23-0.050.06
2079Waterbender Electric Blue FireF0.18-0.020.04
2080Waterbender Hey Gorgeous InaraF0.150.000.01
2081Waypoint Cerulean Fille Of Mt BethelF0.19-0.030.05
2082Waypoint to Mount Bethel's SydneyF0.150.05-0.12
2083Waypoint's First Step KairosM0.13-0.030.13
2084Waypoint's Step 4 Crazy TrainM0.23-0.050.06
2085Waypoint's Step III One Helluva RideM0.150.00-0.01
2086Waypoint's Step III Silkymitts Finesse ValentinoF0.150.000.00
2087Waypoint's Step III Talisman Fraulein GretlF0.32-0.05-0.13
2088Waypoint's Step lll Release the KrakkenM0.26-0.01-0.11
2089Waypoint's Step Two Fire It UpM0.19-0.020.07
2090Waypoint's Step Two SupernovaF0.100.020.06
2091Waypoint's Sweet Child O MineM0.29-0.05-0.01
2092Waypoints Step III Black BuoyF0.33-0.100.01
2093Waypoints Step III Remy Martin VSOPM0.18-0.040.05
2094Waypoints Step III Storm's A Brewin'F0.25-0.03-0.09
2095Wazky Original SinM0.17-0.030.31
2096Wazky Signed and SealedF0.150.030.17
2097WeKay's 5-Star Crazy For YouF0.26-0.04-0.06
2098WeKay's Desert OasisM0.32-0.07-0.05
2099WeKay's Jade Rocking at MoJazzF0.27-0.05-0.01
2100WeKay's Jamaica Me HappyF0.200.030.02
2101WeKay's Lady MarmaladeF0.190.020.18
2102WeKay's Libeled LadyF0.140.070.16
2103WeKay's Lightning In a BottleF0.34-0.03-0.06
2104Wekay's Machete N'CoM0.20-0.050.18
2105WeKay's Queen of the NightF0.170.030.06
2106WeKay's Shake It OffF0.220.020.02
2107Whisper Ridge Birdies HaloF0.25-0.020.19
2109White GirlM0.28-0.050.10
2110Wiggins Spice DeluxeF0.220.02-0.18
2111Wilhelmina's This One Is Just RightF0.28-0.050.01
2112Willow's I Can Handle MyselfM0.18-0.010.08
2113Willowcreek Penny's FiddleasromeburnsM0.170.020.14
2114Windsepts Lady TaikaF0.130.010.12
2115Windswept's PromisesF0.150.06-0.09
2116WindSwepts A Million DreamM0.33-0.03-0.12
2117Windswepts Blue Kentucky GirlF0.13-0.070.35
2118WindSwepts Fire StarterF0.22-0.010.01
2119WindSwepts FireworksF0.24-0.030.08
2120WindSwepts I Walk The LineM0.14-0.050.30
2121WindSwepts I’m A Country BoyM0.180.020.00
2122Windswepts Smoke And FireM0.210.00-0.04
2123WindSwepts' Fire and RainF0.210.00-0.05
2124WindSwepts' I'm A Rocket ManM0.28-0.080.31
2125WindSwepts' Just Like FireF0.20-0.010.01
2126WindSwepts’ The Strong OneM0.25-0.010.13
2127Winnow Happy Go Lucky At ArreauM0.170.010.06
2128Winswepts OMG I Have StripesM0.24-0.03-0.01
2129WinterGarden Toil & TroubleM0.110.060.00
2130Winterswind Boogie Woogie Bugle BoyM0.170.05-0.04
2131Winterswind Born Country At Windswept F0.130.020.19
2132Winterswind Breakfast At Tiffany’sF0.20-0.030.17
2133Winterswind Buio ChiantiM0.21-0.040.12
2134Winterswind Jewel Of The NileF0.160.06-0.08
2135Winterswind Lord Darcy of PemberlyM0.100.050.17
2136Winterswind My Girl In WhiteF0.100.070.10
2137Winterswind Once Upon a TimeF0.160.08-0.14
2138Winterswind Pretty N Pink BegoniaF0.19-0.010.19
2139Winterswind Shimmering Misty MorningF0.110.020.06
2140Winterswind Sir Winston Of Chartwell AbbeyM0.170.020.01
2141Winterswind Storm ChaserF0.24-0.03-0.02
2142Winterswind Written In The StarsF0.240.01-0.16
2143Winterswind-Figz What Goes Around Comes AroundF0.150.02-0.03
2144Wish Upon a Firestar Reverie of Forest LakesF0.17-0.030.00
2145Wispynook's Mr Sandman At OpusM0.110.060.04
2146Wispynook’s Moment of GraceM0.130.040.08
2147Wright's ArubaF0.180.04-0.03
2148Wright's BenjaminM0.200.000.00
2149Wright's Blessings Sung From HeavenF0.130.020.11
2150Wright's California Dreamin'M0.27-0.050.21
2151Wright's Chapter 2 Page 1F0.160.060.04
2152Wright's DominicaF0.18-0.020.12
2153Wright's EdenF0.160.030.14
2154Wright's Falyn's ReignF0.28-0.03-0.10
2155Wright's GabrielM0.100.010.12
2156Wright's GenesisF0.22-0.040.14
2157Wright's Iris MaeF0.34-0.03-0.17
2158Wright's LourdesF0.17-0.010.05
2159Wright's ScotlynF0.160.03-0.10
2160Wright's Shades Of IllusionM0.090.060.00
2161Wright's Sheza Bryck House, Built By KriskenF0.22-0.060.02
2162Wright's Stark Raven BeautyF0.080.050.22
2163Wrights Creme De Le CreamF0.29-0.110.09
2164Wrights Dark Cloud With A Silver LiningF0.220.04-0.09
2165Wrights Paisley Dixie SunF0.28-0.05-0.02
2166Wrights Wish For Amazin GreyceF0.180.03-0.17
2167Wrights'More Choco ChunkM0.240.03-0.04
2168Yadda Dare To HopeF0.27-0.05-0.01
2169Yellow boyM0.110.09-0.10
2170Yellow GirlM0.23-0.020.10
2171Zahariam Bonny Blossom at DawnbloomF0.180.01-0.14
2172Zane Grey At Winterswind G Del BancconoM0.160.000.15
2173Zena Warrior Princess VIF0.21-0.050.05
2174Zenon's Super Nova Girl F0.24-0.01-0.05
2175Zenzaris Solstice SonM0.210.000.04
2176Zoelle a Sterling Version of PersuasionM0.21-0.020.04

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