Doberman Pinscher

Temperament: Highly active, loyal, alert and trainable.

Height: 26-28 inches (male), 24-26 inches (female)

Weight: 75-100 pounds (male), 60-90 pounds (female)

Life Span: 6 - 12 years

Breed Average Outlier Index: 0.17

Breed Average Genetic Relatedness: -0.05

Breed Average Internal Relatedness: 0.09

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No.NameGenderOutlier IndexAverage Genetic RelatednessInternal Relatedness
1 Olive De Itaipava F0.27-0.110.12
2 Benchmark's Flying Dutchman M0.20-0.03-0.20
3 Benchmark's Forge of Empires M0.22-0.03-0.21
4 Benchmark's Fantasia F0.26-0.190.10
5 Machnycz's Apenny F0.180.02-0.05
6 Machnycz's Aurora F0.160.01-0.04
7 Machnycz's Athena F0.11-0.010.02
8 Machnycz's Argos M0.13-0.030.24
9 Daystar's One Certified Legacy M0.23-0.130.24
10 Iconic's A Dance with Dragons F0.19-0.060.15

Dobermans were developed in Germany by Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann, with the purpose to protect him in his line of work (tax collector, watchman, and dog catcher). Many different mixed breed dogs and some purebred (for example. greyhound) were purported to be used in the inception of the breed, however the purpose was to combine aggressiveness, protective behavior, loyalty, trainability, and physical prowess. The National Dobermann Pinscher Club in Germany in 1899 and AKC accepted the breed in 1908. World war I and II caused genetic bottlenecks abroad in Germany and Europe.

Breed Standard coming soon!

It seems the most predominant diseases in Dobermans at present are Dilated cardiomyopathy and cancer. However, breeders are also very concerned with Wobblers/CVI, autoimmune diseases and juvenile kidney disease.

The Doberman breed has been found to overall have high levels of inbreeding with low levels of heterozygousity. Comparison of the IR values of dobermans with the village dog model finds that Dobermans have lost a considerable amount of diversity. This is evidence of one or more bottlenecks within the breed.

Analysis of the breed has found that the genetics within the American Dobermans' encompasses the genetics of the European and most of the Australian Dobermans; however it appears that Australia may have some different genetics evolving. Dobermans have average of 6.27 alleles at their STR loci, but only an effective allele average of 2.31. This indicates that while there is not much retained genetic diversity in the population, it is also not very well distributed.

The Doberman breed has been found to overall have high levels of inbreeding with low levels of heterozygousity. Comparison of the IR values of dobermans with the village dog model finds that Dobermans have lost a considerable amount of diversity. This is evidence of one or more bottlenecks within the breed.

The Dobermans thus far studied possessed only seven DLA class I and nine DLA class II haplotypes. This is the lowest amount of DLA types found in a breed to date. Several of the types are unique to Dobermans. This is indicative of the Founder effect as well as potential for one or more other bottlenecks

The follow includes dogs with birthdates listed in the database.

Due to the fact that Dobermans have low amount of average alleles as a breed and very low effective alleles, great care must be taken to preserve the diversity that still remains. This is achieved by breeding for higher than average breed OI (.2), lower than average breed AGR (-.06). Dobermans are also found to be highly inbred, so breed for much lower IR than breed average (.09), but ideally below 0. Lowering IR will help with recessive diseases (example PRA) or recessive component diseases. There are not many DLA types in the Doberman breed so take care to maintain those that exist. Pay attention and make an effort to create heterozygousity in the DLA types for healthier immune systems.

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No.NameGenderOutlier IndexAverage Genetic RelatednessInternal Relatedness
1 Prima's California Dreamin'M0.17-0.10-0.03
2A'Carrig N Hycaliber Pure AddictionF0.18-0.050.02
3Abba De ItaipavaF0.21-0.140.09
4Ace's Wild IIM0.23-0.090.11
5Adamas Full Moon FuryF0.15-0.01-0.04
6Adamas Special OpsM0.19-0.100.02
7Agape'sAgain Chance of A Lifetime F0.06-0.040.31
8Agape'sAgain Circle of LifeM0.11-0.090.37
9Agape'sAgain I Can’t Wait To Be King M0.11-0.060.15
10Agape'sAgain I Just Can’t Wait F0.06-0.130.56
11Agape'sAgain Magic Everywhere F0.11-0.060.22
12Agape'sAgain Main Event M0.14-0.100.27
13Agape'sAgain Your Own Reflection F0.14-0.100.33
14Agyra von RosamburgF0.21-0.03-0.05
15Aito's Happy JoeM0.100.07-0.07
16Aito's Hardcore HenryM0.150.03-0.10
17Aito's Harley QuinnF0.090.10-0.18
18Aito's Harmony HarrietF0.170.02-0.22
19Alex McIntoshM0.22-0.11-0.03
20Allettare N Kettle Cove Chance of a LifetimeF0.16-0.060.03
21Allettare N Kettle Cove Secret Crown JewelF0.15-0.10-0.00
22Amelie Mon Babie's RobostusF0.23-0.110.09
23Apollo od Novomlýnských JezerM0.14-0.070.25
24Aragon Sav SanM0.120.040.16
25Aria De Noche NegroF0.17-0.110.16
26Aritaur Jamaica Me Crazy at NolatariM0.13-0.00-0.00
27Arras von Moeller HofM0.11-0.010.39
28Ataraxie's EmilM0.14-0.010.00
29Athena de ItaipavaF0.24-0.02-0.30
31Babie's Garden Nonsense And ScandalsF0.15-0.03-0.01
32Barnic's "Highly" Chopped Dark DesiresF0.100.010.14
33Barnic's "Offo" Rippin' It Up BahnhofF0.180.07-0.02
34Barnic's Friedrich der Grosse vom Gato WellmanM0.200.01-0.03
35Barnic's Hardcore High Octane KyronM0.11-0.010.29
36Barnic's Leather And Lace "Coocha"F0.35-0.19-0.05
37Barnic's Thunder Struck "Karma"F0.17-0.060.10
38Barnics Wicked Chopper DreamsF0.26-0.140.01
39Beja's Bombs Away v BowieF0.17-0.090.16
40Beja's KetiaraF0.20-0.01-0.04
41Beja's KochereF0.26-0.05-0.11
42Beja's Redneck Brother RudyM0.180.01-0.15
43Beja's Sorella Suzy QF0.18-0.090.14
44Bellnhans Wannabee IrishM0.18-0.01-0.16
45Benchmark's CalligenaF0.22-0.210.41
46Benchmark's Dangerous BeautyF0.19-0.070.12
47Benchmark's Dark Side Of The MoonF0.24-0.130.13
48Benchmark's FantasiaF0.26-0.190.10
49Benchmark's Flying DutchmanM0.20-0.03-0.20
50Benchmark's Forge of EmpiresM0.22-0.03-0.21
51Black Athirat Anarchic Mr BabyM0.17-0.020.09
52Bladedge Power AssassinF0.10-0.030.24
54Bowie's Here Comes The Boom!F0.45-0.380.25
55Briarwood Ariki V ExactaM0.23-0.250.28
56Bruda Party On AnjiF0.20-0.070.06
57C-Amos vom Haus MannM0.130.000.12
58Cabo Von Moeller HofM0.110.020.06
59Cadillac Cocoa Butter KissesM0.16-0.070.10
60Cadillac Gin and JuiceM0.15-0.090.11
61Campari CC Od TelepaF0.17-0.030.13
62Cape Secure EarthquakeM0.130.05-0.10
63Cape Secure Easy ActionM0.17-0.02-0.05
64Cara's Hot MamaF0.11-0.010.22
65Cassel N Soulstorm Wait for ItF0.20-0.120.00
66Catom's Taste The Rainbow v WolfF0.18-0.160.46
67Ch. Whiskey Mac's Dinah WashingtonF0.16-0.140.29
68Chalmar's Devil DogM0.18-0.070.12
69Chaos vom Koby HausM0.25-0.13-0.00
70Charm AntisM0.18-0.07-0.02
71Chewy de ItaipavaM0.21-0.140.38
72Cinder De Noche NegroF0.11-0.090.42
73Cinnakerry's Taking the BarM0.17-0.100.27
74Colonel Cajo vom SchlossrudwaldeM0.17-0.090.17
75Copperdobe Hell RaiserM0.170.000.05
76Copperdobe VodkartiniF0.13-0.040.19
77Copperdobe Wickd Lil WitchF0.140.03-0.05
78Copperdobe Wicked & WildM0.130.000.07
79Coppertop Rayz A RumourM0.22-0.170.15
80Crown JewelsF0.15-0.030.11
81Cynthia Cherry's WildF0.17-0.080.20
82D'Rays The Buck Stops HereM0.17-0.150.24
83Daily's Angel's EnvyF0.210.06-0.29
84Daily's Eagle RareM0.130.02-0.09
85Daily's Petite ChanelF0.13-0.110.43
86Daily's Rhetoric 23M0.110.06-0.03
87Daily's Widow JaneF0.170.06-0.16
88Danzig vom GrenzturmF0.17-0.120.30
89Daystar's One Certified LegacyM0.23-0.130.24
90Daystar's One Tuff Lucky LucyF0.21-0.130.16
91Dea Salomea Iz ZoosferyF0.17-0.030.18
92Dei Gloria Doberville BraveheartM0.24-0.160.25
93Delmira Call Me SirM0.17-0.010.01
94Delmira Divine InspirationF0.200.02-0.17
95Denmar's Dream Quest For Purple & GoldM0.13-0.03-0.02
96Destiny's Phoenix Highway To HellM0.24-0.01-0.12
97Destiny's Phoenix KrakatauM0.170.01-0.07
98Desyred Diamond Power At SonzaF0.20-0.080.05
99Desyred War Of DiamondsM0.20-0.030.02
100Dillon's Live For Today M0.08-0.030.29
101Dobereich's Here Comes The SunF0.180.00-0.01
102Dobergaarden Forever RobinF0.11-0.080.26
103Dobruski's Finding DoryF0.130.07-0.09
104Dream Bay's AmokF0.060.000.23
105Dream Bay's AphroditeF0.060.000.33
106Drogon Stark of WinterfellM0.11-0.060.36
107Druss di BrittasgangM0.11-0.040.18
108Dura Lex Polonia Fado SaavaM0.13-0.030.22
109Eastwick's Dirty DeedF0.18-0.240.36
110Eastwicks Secret MonsterF0.16-0.070.05
111Ebondobe Legends Black PearlF0.130.010.10
112Eclipse's Kaymen ChaserM0.080.050.20
113Eclipse's Let's RollM0.13-0.070.35
114Eiko vom LandgrafM0.15-0.100.10
115Einzweck Heta von BlonkF0.15-0.050.24
116Element Rock StarM0.15-0.120.20
117Elle Von Moeller HofF0.25-0.190.08
118Engelhuette Do What U DoF0.080.060.08
119Engelhuette Kissin DynamiteM0.17-0.090.07
120Engelhuette War MachineM0.18-0.06-0.02
121Enoch-Eitan Vom ZenhofM0.140.020.11
122Ex von Moeller HofM0.20-0.180.21
123Family Dobes American Girl of My DreamsF0.16-0.110.21
124Family Dobes Uptown GirlF0.14-0.030.30
125Fantom von Moeller HofM0.25-0.270.26
126Fireax Breaking HeartsF0.13-0.030.18
127Fireax Broken ArrowM0.130.060.03
128Fireax Exclusive N EliteF0.110.030.11
129Fireax Exclusive RaveF0.15-0.030.03
130Fireax Exclusive RevealF0.13-0.020.03
131Fireax Exclusive RightsM0.13-0.060.25
132Fireax Flamin GossipF0.17-0.050.00
133Fireax Midnight HunterF0.100.06-0.07
134Fireax Prime DesireF0.100.08-0.18
135Fireax Prime DirectiveM0.130.060.13
136Fireax Rhythm of LoveF0.17-0.07-0.05
137Fireax Rumour Has ItF0.180.00-0.15
138Fireax Turning HeadsF0.090.12-0.06
139Fireax Viva La LeyendaM0.10-0.000.05
140Fireax You Little RipperF0.170.05-0.18
141Foxfire's Mud MonsterM0.18-0.200.31
142Frank de ItaipavaM0.17-0.020.11
143Fullmetal Fury Von JahrestalM0.17-0.05-0.01
144Gale Force Iz ZoosferyF0.110.070.14
145Garjan's Dare to DreamF0.24-0.300.24
146Garjan's Dream WeaverF0.15-0.050.09
147Garjan's Genuine DreamM0.19-0.110.07
148Garjan's Phenomenal DreamM0.25-0.210.03
149Garjan's Special OpsF0.26-0.150.04
150Gatehouse Mr. WonderfulM0.120.06-0.03
151Gato von BahnhofM0.11-0.010.34
152Gentry's Game of ThronesM0.15-0.00-0.03
153Gladiator of America BaltazarM0.15-0.000.06
154Glissade's Truck YeahM0.110.050.03
155Gordon's Fast Buck FreddieF0.26-0.08-0.00
156Granit von Moeller hofM0.22-0.03-0.07
158Grumby vom HellerwaldM0.13-0.040.19
159Heather's Fire On The Mountain De BrittonM0.18-0.100.18
161Horizon's Curtain Call F0.17-0.150.19
162Horizons One and OnlyF0.20-0.140.17
163HQ Once Upon A Time In PhesikaF0.15-0.140.29
164Hung's Palmetto Sable RyderM0.17-0.090.05
165Hurin Jarl Swiftrun Vom LarsonM0.130.040.10
166Iconic's A Dance with DragonsF0.19-0.060.15
167Ikons Chosen OneM0.17-0.100.20
168Indpac Charley's AngelF0.24-0.290.34
169Indpac Lucky GuyM0.19-0.140.09
170Isabel vh WantijF0.20-0.080.36
171Ivan vom Haus Do'Urden RN CGC GDT ID3 WAC TTM0.23-0.110.10
172Iza Vom LandgrafF0.13-0.010.12
173Jager's Oil SlickM0.17-0.140.28
174Jatak v FerrenbergM0.110.010.12
175Jone's little Gemini HereticF0.30-0.13-0.04
176Jotunheim's OffaM0.140.010.11
177Jotunheim's PandoraF0.18-0.090.05
178Jotunheim's PetayaF0.23-0.080.14
179Jotunheim's SvavaF0.150.010.01
180Jotunheim's ThorM0.22-0.050.04
181Jotunheim's TiwazM0.12-0.040.35
182Jotunheim's TrudF0.20-0.02-0.07
183Jotunheim's UllwieF0.13-0.040.18
184Jotunheim's VidarM0.13-0.070.27
185Jotunheim's WrethF0.25-0.170.26
186Jotunheim's XylaF0.15-0.090.22
187Jotunheim's YngveM0.23-0.170.16
188Jotunheim's YvarM0.17-0.050.19
189Joy For A Better Future De ItaipavaF0.44-0.330.16
190Juneau IIIM0.25-0.10-0.03
191Kahu Kupa'a LewaM0.22-0.120.12
192Kalora's Legend Of The Water DragonM0.130.07-0.10
193Kalora's Ray of LightM0.13-0.010.02
194Kalora's Targaryen PrinceM0.24-0.230.22
195Kalora's The Lucky DragonM0.17-0.140.24
196Kansa's Bedlam in BelgiumF0.15-0.020.01
197Kansa's Circe The EnchantressF0.130.04-0.12
198Kansa's CocoliciousF0.13-0.060.24
199Kansa's Come On Baby Light My FireF0.24-0.09-0.23
200Kansa's DivergentF0.200.02-0.15
201Kansa's Earn Before You SpendM0.28-0.13-0.14
202Kansa's Fire It UpM0.22-0.07-0.16
203Kansa's Heat IndexF0.20-0.06-0.04
204Kansa's Kissing DynamiteF0.13-0.040.12
205Kansa's Mata HariF0.080.06-0.02
206Kansa's Shoot To ThrillF0.21-0.160.22
207Kansa's The Hydra of LernaF0.140.010.12
208Kansa's The Iron LadyF0.17-0.01-0.07
209Kansa's The Oracle At DelphiF0.080.11-0.07
210Kansa's The UnicornM0.080.070.12
211Kansa's The Victoria CrossM0.17-0.02-0.08
212Kansa's Will O' The WispF0.120.01-0.06
213Kansa's Zerendipity v DobestarF0.11-0.030.36
214Kansa’s Believe Before You PrayM0.180.09-0.19
215Kansa’s Live Before You DieF0.29-0.17-0.07
216Kansa’s Love Before You HateM0.32-0.11-0.05
217Kansa’s Think Before You SpeakF0.26-0.13-0.00
218Kansa’s Try Before You QuitF0.25-0.090.01
219Kettle Cove Luck Be A LadyF0.16-0.020.01
220Kettle Cove N Ashtrick Dirty DancingF0.11-0.040.24
221Kettle Cove N Ashtrick St. Elmo's FireM0.15-0.130.38
222Kettle Cove N Manarjj Smoke N MirrorsM0.16-0.140.16
223Kettle Cove VR Boston Cream PieF0.16-0.130.16
224Kimbertal's Coco Chanell Od TelepaF0.11-0.090.23
225Kimbertal's Gabi Dee's Chagall von ConklinF0.20-0.02-0.07
226Kinetic Magic Bubble EclipseF0.140.07-0.15
227Kingdoms RemingtonM0.16-0.090.21
228Kira XVF0.23-0.11-0.08
229Klara dei DohseF0.24-0.050.04
230Klink De ItaipavaM0.34-0.240.48
231Kobe dei DohseM0.22-0.140.23
232Lennox dei DohseM0.150.03-0.08
233Lexus Jo JamesF0.10-0.070.26
234Lila Madchen die Fliegend HexeF0.110.05-0.06
235Lothlorien Huan of ValinorM0.17-0.05-0.11
236Louis Maximus RewardsM0.19-0.05-0.04
237Lucky Luciano del NasiM0.090.030.27
238Lunatic LunaF0.11-0.000.21
239Machnycz's ApennyF0.180.02-0.05
240Machnycz's ArgosM0.13-0.030.24
241Machnycz's AthenaF0.11-0.010.02
242Machnycz's AuroraF0.160.01-0.04
243Mariahs Lista Brazell von KoepselF0.12-0.090.32
244Marienburg's on the Waterfront v BrauchbarM0.15-0.110.24
245Marquis I Am Neytiri of RaindanceF0.16-0.02-0.06
246Marvels Lady Siph FlambeF0.130.06-0.14
247Marvels V Mon Ami Bikini Bottom ShopinF0.13-0.070.25
248Masaya's Black SabbathM0.26-0.120.08
249Masaya's Dragon SlayRM0.20-0.070.14
250Masaya's Elegant EmpressF0.17-0.010.12
251Masaya's Justified JusticeM0.23-0.110.13
252Masaya's Love The BombM0.160.010.01
253Masaya’s Necromantic Black PearlF0.12-0.080.42
254Mason's Remington Red of Von ringleblumM0.120.000.06
255Mavericks KyussM0.42-0.24-0.07
256Megan (Diaz)F0.23-0.03-0.14
257Melrae N Marvels Gambits Aces on FireF0.11-0.020.12
258Melrae's Gossip GirlF0.08-0.010.27
259Melrae's Shome Kiki Of AquariusF0.060.010.04
260Melrae's Ulterior MotiveF0.08-0.060.35
261Melrae's Wee HoursF0.150.02-0.05
262Mercedes Sophia Altobello JamesF0.120.06-0.16
263Mercurys Celestial Mi-YuF0.17-0.090.16
264Mercurys Crazy Little Thing Called LoveF0.060.080.02
265Merrimac's Golden Nugget for Mi CasaM0.15-0.030.13
266Mesa's I Got You BabeM0.13-0.090.16
267Mia de ItaipavaF0.32-0.320.11
268Micah vom LandgrafF0.20-0.040.06
269Mischief N Mayhem of Night FeverF0.21-0.080.01
270Mistel's MoonwalkM0.12-0.110.27
271MonElite ElixirM0.140.06-0.14
272MonElite EmperorM0.140.09-0.14
273MonElite EnchantedF0.080.13-0.07
274MonElite EnvyF0.130.03-0.09
275MonElite Vivid ET WACF0.10-0.070.37
276Monflo's RudraF0.25-0.12-0.03
277Moonwalker Night FeverM0.13-0.060.27
279MPC DntStp BelVn 8223 v SiegruhmM0.110.070.01
280Navistar Swift Run NadiaF0.140.020.06
281Navistar's Cruise ControlM0.090.10-0.10
282Nicoles Cry me a RiverF0.110.02-0.06
283Nixon Di AltobelloM0.10-0.010.12
284Nomad's 24k MagicM0.110.010.05
285Nomad's Money Make her SmileF0.16-0.070.09
286Nomad's Too Big To FailM0.18-0.060.08
287Olive De ItaipavaF0.27-0.110.12
288Paragon's GretchenF0.13-0.100.38
289Phinn dei DohseM0.22-0.140.19
290Portia de ItaipavaF0.34-0.19-0.09
291Pride of Russia Red RoseF0.130.03-0.01
292Prima's Eye CandyF0.21-0.200.16
293Princess Jessie Jayne YunkerF0.29-0.170.10
294Queen Quinette Alary AslarF0.27-0.180.11
295Quella Dei DohseF0.25-0.260.40
296Quest vom LandgrafM0.13-0.100.29
297Qyrill dei DohseM0.21-0.200.37
298Raindance Armed and Extremely DeliciousF0.130.030.03
299Raindance Genesis of MarquisF0.11-0.010.06
300Raindance Magically DeliciousM0.130.00-0.05
301Raindance Raising The World StandardM0.13-0.06-0.00
302Raindance Red DeliciousM0.15-0.030.17
303Raindance Seriously DeliciousM0.15-0.040.07
304Raindance Star Of IndiaF0.11-0.100.42
305Raindance Walks On WaterF0.150.04-0.07
306Raven The ProtectorF0.110.040.00
307Ravens Mystic AngelF0.13-0.050.14
308Ravens Red FuryF0.11-0.040.14
309Ravenwood Dreamin A Lil DreamF0.190.01-0.10
310Rebholzer Bad CompanyM0.21-0.130.12
311Rebholzer Moon StalkerM0.15-0.080.20
312Redshift Battle HawkF0.15-0.04-0.03
313Redshift Battle QueenF0.24-0.11-0.20
314Redshift Battle To WinM0.17-0.04-0.16
315Redshift Burning DesireF0.170.06-0.03
316Redshift Devilish FunF0.20-0.170.05
317Redshift Devils DelightF0.18-0.040.03
318Redshift Double DivaF0.140.06-0.03
319Redshift Double the FunF0.130.06-0.13
320Redshift Elven Queen ArwenF0.140.11-0.11
321Redshift Elven Queen GaladrielF0.160.02-0.01
322Redshift Fancy FreeF0.100.04-0.03
323Redshift Fancy LookinF0.080.020.15
324Redshift Fancy PantsM0.080.000.11
325Redshift Feel The PowerM0.14-0.010.18
326Redshift Hot DelightF0.130.04-0.07
327Redshift Hot Or WhatF0.21-0.020.06
328Redshift Hot ProspectM0.15-0.040.07
329Redshift Lilith The PirateF0.17-0.100.31
330Redshift Rise To PowerM0.20-0.160.29
331Redshift Silver LegendM0.110.02-0.02
332Redshift Silver LiningF0.080.05-0.04
333Redshift Silver MinxF0.110.04-0.03
334Redshift Silver PearlF0.12-0.020.12
335Redshift Sneaky PirateF0.14-0.010.06
336Redshift Staying PowerF0.13-0.010.05
337Redshift Sweet PrinceM0.17-0.120.44
338Redshift The Sassy PirateF0.120.02-0.01
339Redshift Warm DelightF0.130.11-0.19
340Remy de ItaipavaM0.21-0.090.06
342Ruger de ItaipavaM0.23-0.110.03
343Russkaja Mechta Rom RoshenM0.100.13-0.07
344San Rafael's One For The MoneyM0.08-0.110.43
345San Rafael's The Big SleepF0.050.060.25
346San Rafael's The Enemy BelowM0.13-0.070.15
347San Rafael's To Hell'N BackF0.10-0.080.25
348Sandyshreu Achaius (IID Serb)M0.110.070.08
351SDA Delmira CuendillarF0.18-0.100.15
352Seareach Elset ElitaF0.18-0.100.28
353Seareach Herza HedwigF0.18-0.050.03
354Seareach Heza HornblowerM0.18-0.070.09
355Seareach Isha InduumaF0.16-0.090.32
356Seareach Lada LlaellaF0.20-0.170.35
357Seareach Lada LlawellaF0.13-0.030.19
358Seareach Nena NaliniF0.130.08-0.03
359Seareach Oksamits OdessaF0.130.030.01
360Seareach Oksamits OrionM0.140.020.06
361Shade Della FedellissimaF0.22-0.070.13
362Shelby's Ever Makinmotion by DesignF0.16-0.04-0.01
363Shelian's Fifty Shades of Fame v WindsongF0.160.02-0.15
364Silas dei DohseM0.16-0.030.14
365Sir Spudnuckle Spike YunkerM0.190.04-0.26
366Sisqua Psylock Of The MoonF0.21-0.09-0.06
368SolStorm's Synphany of the SunF0.15-0.070.37
369SolStorm's The Sun Also RisesM0.24-0.03-0.19
370Sonza Blue MoonF0.12-0.030.13
371Sonza Dark DesireF0.170.00-0.04
372Sonza Impressive LassF0.17-0.070.26
373Sonza InfinitiF0.13-0.04-0.03
374Sonza Lake TahoeF0.150.01-0.10
375Sonza Montana SilverF0.20-0.040.07
376Sonza Mystify MeF0.130.08-0.15
377Sonza Pass Me A TequilaF0.13-0.020.02
378Sonza TeslaF0.11-0.090.31
379Soquel's Chocolate Rocks!M0.14-0.030.03
380Soquel's Fortunate SonM0.21-0.190.17
381Soraya BetelgesF0.12-0.010.17
382Spooky Woods Black KulsoF0.25-0.110.11
383Spooky Woods Black PepperF0.22-0.110.06
384Stonewood's Black BlazeM0.15-0.02-0.04
385Stonewood's Every Second CountsM0.03-0.010.40
386Stonewood's Falcon FuryM0.06-0.050.14
387Stonewood's Fast N' FuriousM0.06-0.030.35
388Stonewood's Fire & IceF0.08-0.080.36
389Stonewood's Fury Of FirestormF0.05-0.140.62
390Stonewood's Red SonyaF0.13-0.040.13
391Stonewood's Twilight EsmaeF0.060.040.21
392Stuart's BruceM0.18-0.110.12
393Stuart's Chaos TheoryM0.140.06-0.08
394Stuart's Faction DauntlessM0.27-0.100.05
395Stuart's OfeliaF0.160.03-0.15
396Sun Country AnnieF0.21-0.070.01
397Sun Country DaphneF0.21-0.050.04
398Sun Country KizmetF0.200.00-0.08
399Sun Style's Wicked CharmsF0.13-0.030.08
400SunCountry's Cajun QueenF0.110.010.33
401SunCountry's Candi CrushF0.16-0.060.30
402SunCountry's Chasing A DreamF0.180.03-0.06
403SunCountry's Fairy TaleF0.15-0.030.23
404SunCountry's Fancy FootworkF0.17-0.02-0.03
405SunCountry's Forever N LoveF0.120.010.20
406Suncountry's Viktor VitoM0.130.030.01
407Talane's Twilight Confident CoraF0.17-0.040.13
408Talon vom LandgrafF0.18-0.120.18
409Tarzan vom LandgrafM0.20-0.150.18
410Termagant's AsylumF0.10-0.010.12
411Tevro D'Vine's Secret LettersF0.19-0.190.30
412Tevro D'Vine's Valentine Love Letter CGCF0.20-0.080.01
414Toby Creeks Blue Diamond Bree YunkerF0.19-0.030.04
415Toby Creeks Yosemite Sam YunkerM0.21-0.030.02
416Tolivar's Iced Courage F0.18-0.06-0.02
417Toppan do PrismanluM0.17-0.070.19
418Torq vom HellerwaldM0.120.020.22
419Trinity's Goddess of War v BenchmarkF0.11-0.030.13
420Trinity's Silver RainbowM0.12-0.010.13
421Tycho's Very Exciting TimeM0.29-0.170.02
422Ultimatedobe African AssassinF0.130.02-0.08
423Ultimatedobe Assassin VictoryF0.11-0.030.13
424Ultimatedobe InfernoF0.130.02-0.08
425Ultimatedobe Optimus PrimeM0.21-0.07-0.09
426Ultimatedobe StardemonM0.18-0.090.04
427V Wolfz I'm Quite SpecialF0.13-0.000.02
428Vom Haus NY Dobermans WilhelmM0.17-0.060.29
429Von Luka's Big SurfM0.130.08-0.10
430Von Roth HammerM0.25-0.180.21
431Vondura's North By Northwest M0.050.110.11
432Vondura's RevolutionM0.13-0.01-0.13
433W186 Livin the Dream v SiegruhmM0.17-0.010.05
434Walamara Y U R The UltimateM0.13-0.060.34
435WarrenMtn A Divine QuintessenceM0.20-0.160.24
436WarrenMtn A Quest for the DivineF0.18-0.02-0.07
437Windsong's Fame N Fortune V ShelianF0.17-0.140.13
438Windsong's Fortune Hunter V ShelianM0.25-0.190.15
439Xena the Fang PrincessF0.23-0.12-0.12
442Zorro Pasecke UdoliM0.15-0.040.11
443Zuri Stark del NaissusF0.25-0.190.32

List of BetterBred Member Breeders coming soon.

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