Swedish Vallhund

Temperament: Intelligent, happy, and eager to please. Good with children. Sheds seasonally and needs occasional grooming.

Height: 31.75- 35 cm or 12.5-13.75 inches (male), 29- 32.4 cm or 11.5-12.75 inches (female)

Weight: 20-35 lbs or 9 - 16 kgs

Life Span: 12-15 years

Breed Average Outlier Index: 0.40

Breed Average Genetic Relatedness: -0.01

Breed Average Internal Relatedness: 0.01

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No.NameGenderOutlier IndexAverage Genetic RelatednessInternal Relatedness
1 Ausled Sumos Magpie LS F0.52-0.110.04
2 Ausled Sumos Wagtail LS M0.41-0.050.02
3 KleinHaus First to Bloom F0.50-0.02-0.07
4 KleinHaus Wish You Were Her F0.380.000.18
5 Au Reult SD Sven The Red M0.250.080.12
6 Bowkol Awesome Mimameior F0.35-0.020.08
7 Bowkol Awesome Yggdrasil F0.360.08-0.14
8 Asterias' Aoraki Qwest M0.34-0.010.02
9 Guinness Vom Slekira M0.360.000.08
10 Shandy Vom Slekira F0.360.000.01

The national breed of Sweden, also known as the Västgötaspets or Swedish cow dog. this was historically a landrace breed. However, after World War II the breed was reformed by small group of citizens who found a limited number of remaining dogs that best demonstrated the breed type. The small number of founders is reflected in how little diversity still exists in the breed, though that diversity is well distributed in the tested population

The Swedish Vallhund breed suffers from progressive retinopathy, allergies, hemophilia, vertebrae issues, and epilepsy.

The follow includes dogs with birthdates listed in the database.

DLA Haplotypes in the Breed

The Dog Leukocyte Antigen or DLA is the region in the canine genome that controls the immune system, among other things. There are three classes or areas, and the VGL Canine Diversity Test genotypes or records the two regions with the most variation. Because it is an area that mutates more rapidly than others, the method VGL uses is ideal for identifying specific combinations of DNA, and not merely showing whether a dog inherited two of the same sets of genetics from its parents or two different ones.

"Haplotype" is a generic name for a set of genes that are bound together and inherited as a set. The DLA Class I and Class II haplotypes are very tightly bound and represent about 2 million base pairs of DNA - a sizeable chunk. These two haplotypes together make an extended haplotype that is nearly always passed from parent to puppies as a pair. We therefore have two tables below showing both the combinations of DLA found in this breed and how often they appear, and also how often they appear individually.

Remember that frequency percentages do not show how many dogs carry them, but rather how many of these haplotypes exist in the breed as a whole. Every dog has two sets of DLA haplotypes, one inherited from dam, and one inherited from sire. These almost never recombine in new generations.

DLA Class I/Class II Combinations :

Class I HaplotypeClass II HaplotypeFrequency in the Breed

DLA Frequencies :

ClassHaplotypeFrequency in the Breed
Class I100623.65%
Class I10095.74%
Class I106837.94%
Class I117717.21%
Class I117814.52%
Class I11790.23%
Class I12590.70%
Class II200723.89%
Class II20225.74%
Class II205353.16%
Class II20660.12%
Class II208417.10%

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List of Public Dogs

No.NameGenderOutlier IndexAverage Genetic RelatednessInternal Relatedness
1 Vallarity Highland FlingM0.300.040.19
2Abysse de la Légende d'YggdrasilF0.510.03-0.20
3Agilqwest Athena of ChampoegF0.55-0.09-0.01
4Agilqwest AZ-MT Sol KodaF0.370.02-0.02
5Agilqwest AZ-MT Sol Starfish and CoffeeF0.260.030.06
6Agilqwest Brook TroutF0.340.07-0.08
7Agilqwest Northern Ranger of ChampoegM0.390.000.01
8Agilqwest Olympiad BalthorM0.380.05-0.04
9Agilqwest Valor of ChampoegM0.420.00-0.11
11Akka Absolut On Ice NT (AI)M0.51-0.080.02
12Akka Pilatus PorterM0.46-0.090.09
13Alkemi Blade Runner LSF0.310.08-0.10
14Alkemi Clear Air Turbulence LTF0.340.09-0.16
15Alkemi Cosmic Curiosity LTM0.290.14-0.21
16Alkemi Eclipse At Caliente LTM0.41-0.03-0.05
17Alkemi Elan LTM0.350.02-0.02
18Alkemi Elise at KleinhausF0.30-0.080.46
19Alkemi Elise At Kleinhaus LTF0.30-0.080.46
20Alkemi Emira At Caliente LTF0.34-0.030.20
21Alkemi Evija LTF0.270.080.05
22Alkemi Evora LTF0.320.030.02
23Alkemi Exploring Europa LTF0.47-0.080.06
24Alla Tiders Fridolf FilurM0.290.07-0.06
25Alla Tiders Greta GodingF0.35-0.040.23
26Alla Tiders Gudrun GosigF0.36-0.01-0.04
27Alla Tiders Gullan GodbitF0.200.040.39
28Alla Tiders Gårdon GårdvarM0.33-0.020.17
29Anaya de la Légende d'YggdrasilF0.48-0.01-0.09
31Aros Enchanting Eloise ElberethF0.380.050.00
32Arvad KatinkaF0.310.000.17
33Ascalon Secret SquirrelF0.42-0.040.03
34Asgers Teddys Kanga LS with AusledF0.42-0.020.00
35Asgers Teddys Rabbit NT with AusledF0.59-0.06-0.13
36Asterias' Aoraki QwestM0.34-0.010.02
37Asterias' AsterixM0.28-0.010.33
38Asterias' Royal Star LordM0.30-0.050.29
39Asterias' Sun StarF0.270.040.16
40Asterias' Uncommon CometM0.24-0.020.38
41Au Reult Sd Maplewoof's Master Of DisasterF0.350.090.03
42Au Reult SD Oh SnapdragonM0.330.030.16
43Au Reult SD Redman CooperM0.40-0.070.09
44Au Reult SD Sven The RedM0.250.080.12
45Ausled Antaeus FinnM0.27-0.010.22
46Ausled Bowie M0.55-0.06-0.07
47Ausled Dream Masquerade F0.45-0.07-0.02
48Ausled Ellcrys AllanonM0.480.03-0.27
49Ausled Ellcrys LyriaF0.49-0.06-0.09
50Ausled Ellcrys MarethF0.62-0.160.01
51Ausled Ellcrys Wil OhmsfordM0.50-0.08-0.09
52Ausled GuardianSoren LSM0.38-0.070.12
53Ausled Kaa Chil NTF0.310.040.01
54Ausled Kaa DurakM0.280.020.16
55Ausled Pilatus Madame NTF0.55-0.11-0.02
56Ausled Santas Vixen NTF0.370.04-0.09
57Ausled Saxs Mira Reflect LSM0.61-0.160.15
58Ausled Solar Mars LSF0.45-0.04-0.03
59Ausled Sumos Magpie LSF0.52-0.110.04
60Ausled Sumos Wagtail LSM0.41-0.050.02
61Ausled Torsten STM0.49-0.140.13
62Ausled Xes Acacia LSF0.410.07-0.16
63Ausled Xs Addax BTF0.45-0.06-0.06
64Ausled XS Fennec BTM0.61-0.130.01
65Az-Mt Sol TucsonM0.35-0.010.08
66Barahwolfe Allied Forces (AI)M0.480.02-0.22
67Barahwolfe Blackberry JazzM0.67-0.200.13
68Barahwolfe RangitiratangaM0.430.04-0.10
69Barahwolfe Snow Princess at UbiqqueF0.490.02-0.30
70Barawolfe Mercury Rising M0.440.00-0.06
71Baya Metty Admirable ChienF0.380.050.02
72Beidelyn A Kind Of MagicF0.510.00-0.17
73Beidelyn Against The WindM0.47-0.060.05
74Beidelyn Candle In The Wind, ltF0.46-0.06-0.03
75Beidelyn Dust In The Wind, ltM0.43-0.03-0.10
76Beidelyn Into The UnknownM0.40-0.030.09
77Beidelyn Light My Fire, ltM0.53-0.04-0.13
78Beidelyn Magic Man at VallhollowM0.410.02-0.12
79Beidelyn One O'Clock JumpM0.46-0.02-0.15
80Beidelyn Scotch And Soda at CorvalM0.450.01-0.26
81Beidelyn Some Things Never ChangeM0.41-0.030.04
82Beidelyn Still the One STM0.54-0.04-0.17
83Beidelyn Stillwater Glass SlipperF0.340.020.03
84Beidelyn Take It To The Limit, ltM0.43-0.090.07
85Beidelyn Tequila Sunrise @ VallhollowF0.43-0.050.06
88Bowkol Akasha FireF0.39-0.010.14
89Bowkol Akasha WaterF0.300.12-0.11
90Bowkol Am BuachailleF0.420.02-0.14
91Bowkol Awesome MimameiorF0.35-0.020.08
92Bowkol Awesome YggdrasilF0.360.08-0.14
93Bowkol Dragon DancerF0.48-0.050.11
94Brieda vom SlekiraF0.49-0.08-0.02
95Brieda x Fenris-pink- Eva PepperF0.50-0.120.05
97Caliente Avalanche At Shadows EndF0.59-0.05-0.11
98Caliente Born to SparkleF0.400.04-0.11
99Caliente Dawn's Early LightM0.66-0.14-0.12
100Caliente Harvest MoonF0.47-0.04-0.07
101Caliente High NoonM0.30-0.040.19
102Caliente It's In The StarsM0.420.01-0.12
103Caliente Lightning Strikes TwiceM0.340.09-0.16
104Caliente Midsummer Night's MoonglowF0.52-0.04-0.12
105Caliente Morning ReveilleM0.340.10-0.14
106Caliente Once In A Blue MoonM0.380.05-0.15
107Caliente She's A FirecrackerF0.450.02-0.11
108Caliente Snowball EffectF0.42-0.030.03
109Caliente Winds of DestinyF0.490.02-0.11
110Carlos Zeis Admirable ChienM0.41-0.060.10
111Caval Eye Of The StormM0.310.060.03
112Caval Yuri Gargarin BothaM0.40-0.02-0.02
113Champoeg High Tails at StillwaterM0.400.01-0.05
114Champoeg Sparkling ChampagneF0.33-0.020.14
115Chipsmakers Fyra SekunderM0.34-0.020.13
116Chipsmakers Hello Mary LouF0.47-0.02-0.09
117Chipsmakers Kär och GalenF0.340.03-0.08
118Chipsmakers Lilla StjärnaF0.47-0.070.02
119Chipsmakers Lilla Vackra AnnaF0.280.08-0.09
120Chipsmakers Nitar och LäderF0.460.01-0.10
121Chipsmakers Only LoveF0.47-0.020.04
122Chipsmakers Solaobada i PinacoladaF0.44-0.03-0.03
123Chipsmakers XilurisM0.50-0.04-0.07
124Corval All The Right MovesM0.41-0.050.07
125Corval Itz Mr Bob To YouM0.340.030.05
126Corval Move Outta My WayM0.320.08-0.10
127Corval Taco Bout MeF0.47-0.04-0.01
128Danga's Fia PrimusdotterF0.360.05-0.03
129Dangas X-Force DM0.51-0.02-0.20
130Dayan Dogs BelkaF0.340.09-0.07
131Dehk's Caliente Dancing Light and MatterF0.39-0.010.03
132Don't Stop Believing BxEpic4 M0.36-0.020.12
133Double Doc Lil Bitte Of Iconic EpicM0.320.07-0.01
135Duritzans BetulaF0.370.000.13
136Duritzans Bror BrunbjörnM0.340.10-0.15
137Duritzans Calle FjällrävM0.340.08-0.09
138Duritzans Einar TranaM0.370.10-0.14
139Duritzans Ellie LinneaF0.44-0.110.08
140Duritzans Fia FjällsippaF0.330.06-0.03
141Duritzans FörsommarF0.340.06-0.08
142Duritzans Gaston BäverM0.36-0.090.25
143Duritzans Harald BokM0.350.04-0.02
144Duritzans Hjalmar KronhjortM0.360.09-0.12
145Duritzans Kajsa KungsängsliljaF0.400.05-0.17
146Duritzans KaprifolF0.370.04-0.17
147Duritzans LiljekonvaljF0.38-0.090.21
148Duritzans Loillan StyvmorsviolF0.390.02-0.08
149Duritzans LyckeliF0.34-0.050.10
150Duritzans PopulusM0.340.05-0.07
151Duritzans SommarfruktF0.250.080.08
152Duritzans SommargladF0.42-0.030.02
153Duritzans SommarhoppM0.310.030.08
154Duritzans SommarnattF0.38-0.010.05
155Duritzans SommarvisaF0.52-0.100.01
156Duritzans Stella SkogsstjärnaF0.40-0.01-0.04
157Duritzans ZackM0.290.030.00
158Duritzans ZannaF0.45-0.040.05
159Duritzans ZaraF0.350.010.04
160Duritzans ZebzzonM0.260.020.16
161Duritzans ZelmaF0.45-0.060.02
162Duritzans ZenitF0.39-0.01-0.14
163Duritzans ZeusM0.31-0.030.23
164Duritzans ZkruttenM0.52-0.180.18
165Duritzans ZlattenF0.43-0.070.04
166Duritzans ZoomF0.400.00-0.14
167Duritzans ZtubbyM0.370.000.04
168Duritzans ZtumpeM0.40-0.06-0.01
170Eldhastens Bobbo VikingM0.38-0.030.03
171Eldhastens Fabel FirestormM0.360.000.03
172Fantas's Rudy ValentinoM0.360.08-0.12
173Fantasi Born To Be WildF0.50-0.02-0.10
174Fantasi Little Jack HornerM0.410.03-0.11
175Fantasi Magic Flute's AriaF0.310.010.17
176Fantasi's EpicM0.250.020.25
177Fantasi's Lady GodivaF0.380.02-0.02
178Fantasi's Let's Get Dangerous at WinterglenF0.270.060.00
179Fantasi's Magic MojoM0.370.04-0.02
180Fantasi's Partyman AV PavonM0.580.00-0.32
181Fantasis' Tootsie RollF0.420.000.04
182Fennican Rurik JonnissonM0.370.03-0.11
183Feuervale's Let Them TalkF0.410.04-0.11
184Feuervale's Life Goes OnM0.470.00-0.13
185Feuervale's Life on MarsF0.47-0.040.11
186Feuervale's Reason To BelieveM0.460.01-0.14
187FF-N-RR Wyoming's Rocky Mountain HighM0.58-0.150.04
191Foxberry PeteyM0.400.05-0.13
192Foxberry Xcuse Me PleaseF0.63-0.210.14
193Foxberry Xtra CreditM0.39-0.090.21
196Grayson x RocketF0.250.090.03
199Greentops Kensey to BalanceF0.310.050.03
200Guinness Vom SlekiraM0.360.000.08
202Hesmovalls Arvid Den MorkeF0.47-0.04-0.03
203Hesmovalls Benfrid GrabenF0.470.01-0.13
204Hesmovalls Berit LangstrumpF0.51-0.080.03
205Hesmovalls Birger Den StoreM0.51-0.04-0.15
206Hesmovalls Bodil Den SkoenaF0.52-0.060.04
207Hesmovalls Borghild SilvertassF0.43-0.01-0.05
208Hesmovalls Botheid SolstraleF0.50-0.110.09
209Hesmovalls Brynolf TretassM0.48-0.02-0.15
210Hideaway's Mr McDreamyM0.52-0.06-0.07
211HighCotton's Miracles Do HappenF0.340.08-0.05
212HighCottons Will You Dance With MeF0.350.03-0.03
213Hightower Frontier's SmoothasbourbonM0.320.08-0.01
214Hilltop's Big SwingF0.49-0.03-0.13
215Hoeve Morgenster's MarithF0.350.06-0.05
216Hoeve Morgenster's MettaF0.260.010.21
217Hoeve Morgenster's MiraiF0.37-0.03-0.01
218Hoeve Morgenster's MoiraF0.340.08-0.23
219Hoeve Morgenster's MuskaF0.39-0.02-0.01
220Hoeve Morgenster's Nea YlvieF0.47-0.180.35
221Hoeve Morgenster's Nobel NelsM0.420.01-0.09
222Hoeve Morgenster's Nobel NildaF0.49-0.110.06
223Hoeve Morgenster's Nomi BjarkiF0.47-0.090.08
224Hoeve Morgenster's RagnarM0.360.010.22
225Hoeve Morgenster's RasmusM0.41-0.040.14
226Hoeve Morgenster's RaynaF0.420.03-0.07
227Hoeve Morgenster's ReidarM0.59-0.160.19
228Hoeve Morgenster's RikaF0.36-0.020.23
229Hoeve Morgenster's YaroM0.330.030.00
230Hoeve Morgenster's YilmazM0.49-0.100.22
231Hoeve Morgenster's YngvarM0.360.020.03
232Hoeve Morgenster's YnoaF0.42-0.020.00
233Hoeve Morgenster's YorathM0.59-0.160.15
234Hultahaxans Billy ButtaM0.40-0.030.07
235Hultahäxans Baccus BactrimM0.450.06-0.19
236Hultahäxans Dante DipentumM0.310.08-0.08
237Hurrikane The Mighty HippogriffM0.320.08-0.02
238Icanhz Eclipse For SkyfyreM0.320.000.18
239Jeanne d'Arc Joyau van de KloostertuinF0.40-0.01-0.05
240Jorsakin LupuM0.40-0.080.09
241Kingscrest Love BunnyF0.330.010.06
242Kingscrest Magic New Year at VallhollowF0.280.050.05
243Kingscrest New Years Mr. Right M0.42-0.010.00
244Kingscrest Star of the New YearM0.450.02-0.15
245KleinHaus First to BloomF0.50-0.02-0.07
246Kleinhaus Turkey Day Candied YamM0.42-0.040.31
247Kleinhaus Turkey Day Sweetest PotatoF0.36-0.060.39
248KleinHaus Wish You Were HerF0.380.000.18
249Knalletorpets LabolinaF0.280.10-0.17
250Knalletorpets PiggelinaF0.430.01-0.16
251Kongaälvans Egon-ÖgonstenM0.350.010.01
252Kopparas LinF0.300.010.07
253Krösaskogens QiaF0.240.19-0.22
254Kuskvillans DunderM0.41-0.03-0.03
255Kuukiven TiwazM0.490.01-0.15
256Kvastapinglan‘s Baby LoverF0.68-0.190.00
257L'Ektra Des Coeurs D'AleneF0.47-0.060.00
258La Belle D'A Cote Des Coeurs D'AleneF0.48-0.04-0.08
259Landshark's Chivas RegalM0.480.04-0.18
260Larska's Red Velvet F0.390.020.03
261Larska's She's a PistolF0.40-0.080.19
262Lavendel Skyward Griffin av SolborgM0.330.09-0.17
263Lavendel Sunday Scrapple SpecialM0.360.08-0.06
264Lejondalens Pingla PerfektF0.58-0.11-0.15
265Litter IXZ - AdeleF0.390.08-0.17
266Litter IXZ - BeyonceF0.250.10-0.02
267Litter IXZ - FlashM0.390.010.08
268Litter IXZ - PhantomF0.340.07-0.09
269Loven Beverly Crusher of SolborgF0.46-0.040.20
270Loven Solborg Pi Defined at Luna SeaF0.460.00-0.01
271Lycklig Cowboy CasanovaM0.43-0.020.00
272Lycklig Love WinsF0.48-0.060.12
273Lycklig Water and a FlameF0.370.03-0.02
274Lycklig Water From The MoonF0.230.120.04
275Lycklig What a Wonderful WorldM0.400.01-0.06
276Lycklig What Can I SayM0.320.07-0.04
277Lycklig Wishful ThinkingF0.320.05-0.01
278Maroki Forrest Quist AusledM0.38-0.030.14
279Maroki St Clair MiraF0.36-0.060.28
281Mill Creek's Big SplashF0.520.01-0.25
282Millcreek's Cure for Black MagicF0.380.02-0.12
283Minikota's Front Line AssemblyM0.400.01-0.05
284Minikotas Round Midnight At PavonF0.440.03-0.18
285Mystarz Baileys BlazerM0.37-0.050.19
286Mystarz Lavish Loitsu to PepperthymeF0.410.02-0.14
287Mättjärns SiljaF0.360.04-0.17
288Mättjärns UtterM0.45-0.090.16
289Naraena Viking PrinsM0.34-0.060.19
290Natka des Fumées du NordF0.340.010.07
291Nee A La Puisaye Des Coeurs D'AleneF0.39-0.020.00
292Nobel Nawak de JommokkF0.440.04-0.23
293Nobel Never Go Back de JommokkM0.490.02-0.21
294Nustaddam Mystic Ray of FireF0.39-0.030.13
295Olsen Des Coeurs D'AleneM0.35-0.01-0.04
296Onderaan De Gele Berg Ylra at PepperthymeF0.470.02-0.13
297Optimist Blue BloodM0.280.060.13
298Optimist Calhoun StreetM0.390.02-0.02
299Optimist Constant Comment At SnowoodF0.39-0.01-0.07
301Osafin Jam KolacheM0.43-0.090.14
302Osuno Great Gatsby At UbiqqueM0.31-0.010.33
303Osuno Nova ZeeF0.56-0.110.07
304Osuno Outback Alice at UbiqqueF0.48-0.090.19
305Osuno Secret SmileF0.370.09-0.14
306Osuno Spellbound Saros (Imp NZ)M0.420.00-0.05
307Osuno Strike a Pose at UbiqqueM0.320.030.06
308Osuno Thunder DownunderM0.420.02-0.07
309Otomne Des Coeurs D'AleneM0.37-0.060.08
310Ourea du Serment des BrumesF0.45-0.02-0.06
311Ourse-d-Oliferne Des Coeurs D'AleneF0.450.04-0.25
312Out of ControlM0.340.08-0.09
313Pavon Charlie Bird ParkerM0.410.04-0.06
314Pavon Night FeverF0.42-0.050.10
315Pavon Pride and JoyF0.450.03-0.13
316Pavon Take it or Leave itF0.250.080.13
317Peakdreams Kinder Scout At ThorjakkerM0.38-0.020.13
318Pepperthyme Sea BreezeF0.56-0.04-0.13
319Pepperthyme TapaniM0.400.020.00
320Pepperthyme TheodoraF0.44-0.040.00
323Price's Roscoe Svensk VikingM0.36-0.040.24
325Quincy des Fumées du NordM0.35-0.010.08
326Rahkantra All Shook Up With VanaheimF0.39-0.030.15
327Rahkantra Crocodile Rock With VanaheimM0.42-0.020.00
328Rahkantra Jailhouse Rock with VanaheimM0.39-0.160.47
329Rahkantra Lil Surfer Girl with VanaheimF0.43-0.01-0.14
330Rahkantra Limited Edition with VanaheimF0.370.03-0.06
331Rahkantra Pinball Wizard with VanaheimM0.39-0.020.08
332Rahkantra Return to Sender with VanaheimF0.29-0.080.46
333Rahkantra Tiny Dancer With VanaheimF0.38-0.01-0.06
334Rani de la Tourbiere des DaugesF0.320.020.16
336Ritou's Hedda HumleF0.45-0.030.07
337Ritous Svea SidensvansF0.56-0.09-0.01
339Rocket X GraysonM0.44-0.72-0.13
340Rocket X GraysonM0.44-0.72-0.13
341Rosa Retty des Coeurs d'AlèneF0.410.02-0.05
342Rukka des Coeurs d'AlèneF0.430.05-0.20
343Rusern BrynhildrF0.500.02-0.24
344Sandra de la Tourbiere des DaugesF0.42-0.020.01
345Shalomar Soul of ValorM0.37-0.030.11
346Shandy Vom SlekiraF0.360.000.01
347Shibusa Flying Solo By LarskaF0.280.040.14
349Silmarillion Barahwolfe The Beacons Are LitM0.450.02-0.10
351Skadi Vom SlekiraF0.44-0.070.16
352Skaldsongs Lokis Game of Lore at SlekiraM0.500.00-0.12
353Skogsbygdens Janne StolligM0.25-0.010.22
354Skogsbygdens Jerry StiligM0.36-0.050.04
355Skogsbygdens Kalle KvickM0.36-0.030.02
356Skyfyre Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy @IcanhazF0.50-0.130.15
357Skyfyre It's A Small WorldF0.45-0.040.10
358Skyfyre Mad Tea PartyF0.53-0.110.12
359Skyfyre Monsters After DarkF0.340.010.07
360Skyfyre Tower Of TerrorF0.380.02-0.02
361Skyfyres the call of cthulhuM0.48-0.03-0.07
362Snodogz MoseyF0.47-0.01-0.08
363Solborg Theo RagnarM0.340.020.05
364Starvon Double Agent at KirkholmeM0.350.06-0.05
365Starvon Valkyrja Mist for BowkolF0.45-0.030.09
366Starvon Ziva (AR3)F0.340.11-0.17
367Stefindy Lilaussiemates SaskiF0.55-0.130.09
368Stillwater BewitchedF0.390.000.03
369Stillwater Thriller at VallhollowM0.340.020.08
370Stillwater Trick Or TreatM0.300.060.00
371Stone in Love BxEpic3 M0.300.06-0.04
372Stonewall Cinnabunny at OsafinF0.410.02-0.11
373Stonewall's Gathering StormF0.380.02-0.02
374Svedala Billy Busvader at PepperthymeM0.370.04-0.07
375Svedala Klara KristallF0.340.050.05
376Svedala Linus LingonM0.350.09-0.04
377Taylor's Wyoming LillieF0.45-0.050.12
378Thorjakker Hundi HomnelvikM0.56-0.100.10
379Thrya Vom SlekiraF0.46-0.02-0.12
380Tornaslättens ZebM0.400.00-0.16
381Torvall Bosse KindlessonM0.50-0.130.12
382Torvall Candle in the WindF0.39-0.030.08
383Torvall Captain MainwaringM0.46-0.06-0.03
384Torvall Daniel My Brother M0.42-0.030.08
385Torvall Doppler EffectM0.240.040.23
386Torvall Ellie Mae of VallarityF0.41-0.050.10
387Torvall Fox By VallarityF0.270.090.08
388Torvall Laird of the GlenM0.38-0.030.12
389Torvall Magnus KindlessonM0.43-0.080.14
390Torvall Mrs RobinsonF0.330.08-0.17
391Torvall My LeannanF0.230.120.01
392Torvall Pink PetticoatF0.340.03-0.03
393Torvall Private Pike At VallarityM0.500.00-0.14
394Torvall Secret LiaisonM0.380.010.04
395Torvall Walk Me HomeF0.44-0.050.07
396Torvall What About UsF0.410.03-0.07
397Torvall Xmas Stocking FillerM0.39-0.01-0.02
398Treasure Island Slick WillyM0.45-0.120.32
399Trendam Busy Being FabulousF0.300.040.01
400Tridents FrodoM0.300.020.05
401Trilura's MissyF0.370.02-0.01
402Ubiqque Dont Change My LuckF0.34-0.060.18
403Ubiqque Stop Your FussinF0.52-0.130.10
404Valdistar Diesel Demeter NTF0.310.07-0.05
405Valkyrie Caliente's Remington LTF0.470.01-0.22
406Valkyrie Caliente's Rollercoaster LTM0.320.11-0.14
407Valkyrie Caliente's Stubborn Love LTM0.320.11-0.18
408Valkyrie's Baby I'm A StarF0.440.00-0.01
409Valkyrie's Caliente's White Lie STF0.330.11-0.20
410Valkyrie's FlawlessF0.360.05-0.05
411Valkyrie's From Finner LTF0.32-0.050.10
412Valkyrie's Have Fun in LifeF0.310.050.09
413Valkyrie's Lets DanceM0.490.00-0.17
414Valkyrie's Lil Bitte of TimeF0.320.030.06
415Valkyrie's Lil Bitte of ZoomF0.340.04-0.03
416Valkyrie's Little TalksF0.38-0.030.05
417Valkyrie's Pink Salt and the SeaF0.360.07-0.14
418Valkyrie's Power to RedeemF0.110.070.44
419Valkyrie's QuicksilverM0.360.09-0.14
420Valkyrie's Rebel HeartM0.200.110.11
421Valkyrie's RelentlessF0.43-0.040.05
422Valkyrie's SummitF0.34-0.020.00
423Valkyrie's Under Pressure STM0.57-0.08-0.10
424Valkyrie's When Doves CryF0.400.01-0.02
425Valkyrie's You Have My SurrenderF0.270.000.26
427Valladar Call of DutyM0.50-0.090.07
428Vallarity Aira ForceF0.57-0.08-0.09
429Vallarity DylanM0.47-0.04-0.02
430Vallarity Kisses For MeF0.460.05-0.18
431Vallarity Miss DemenorF0.410.03-0.15
432Vallarity Norma JeanF0.59-0.140.12
433Vallarity Once Upon A TimeF0.35-0.020.08
434Vallarity Optimus PrimeM0.40-0.04-0.02
435Vallarity Penny ArcadeF0.41-0.030.00
436Vallarity Queen BeaF0.400.000.03
437Vallarity Rock Me GentlyF0.40-0.080.10
438Vallarity Rockabilly RebelM0.36-0.050.14
439Vallarity SerendipideeF0.57-0.110.06
440Vallarity Two StepF0.340.010.17
441Vallarity VallkyrieF0.59-0.09-0.07
442Vallarity Wood NymphF0.46-0.04-0.11
443Vallhollow Bang-A-BoomerangF0.450.03-0.12
444Vallhollow Beidelyn Kisses of FireF0.510.00-0.13
445Vallhollow Beidelyn Waterloo stM0.46-0.040.00
446Vallhollow Catch A WaveF0.420.05-0.16
447Vallhollow Come and Get Your Love LTM0.39-0.010.00
448Vallhollow Go All the Way STM0.34-0.070.16
449Vallhollow Honolulu Lulu at SkyfyreF0.400.03-0.02
450Vallhollow Hooked on a Feeling STM0.32-0.04-0.01
451Vallhollow Spirit in the Sky LTF0.370.000.03
452Vallhollow Surfin' Safari At JustSayF0.57-0.04-0.11
453Vallhollow To The Stars at HesmovallsF0.280.040.14
454Vanaheim Alchemy With VallarityM0.59-0.06-0.26
455Vanaheim Every Ones A Winner with RahkantraM0.37-0.01-0.05
456Vanaheim Its A Kinda Magic with RahkantraM0.43-0.01-0.14
457Vanaheim Making MischiefF0.38-0.060.19
458Vanaheim Sweet Black Magick With RahkantraF0.490.04-0.29
459Vanaheim Sweet Devilery With RahkantraM0.39-0.03-0.02
460Vanaheim You Sexy Thing With RahkantraF0.290.020.15
461Vargaviddernas Önska ÖstanvindF0.58-0.05-0.20
462Vastgota Canadian Giiwedin LTM0.290.050.07
463Vastgota Canadian Ishkode ST M0.300.040.07
464Vastgota Dream of Delilah STF0.320.10-0.11
465Vastgota Fiddler O' The Roof ST PTM0.38-0.030.01
466Vom Slekiras Skys the LimitF0.42-0.05-0.04
467Westorps Listen to your HeartM0.44-0.040.02
468Westorps Wild Thing to PepperthymeM0.33-0.070.25
469Wheel in the Sky BxEpic1 F0.250.080.20
470Wild Hunt Geralt of Rivia's QuestM0.350.010.11
471Wild Hunt's Marigold the FearlessF0.360.01-0.02
472Wild Hunts Ciri UnboundF0.37-0.090.35
473Windstorm's Ashes In The SnowF0.41-0.060.09
474Windstorm's Capture The LightF0.290.000.18
476Änglundagårds Hector OlssonM0.340.06-0.06

Active BetterBred Breeders:

KennelWebsiteState or ProvinceCountry
Ausled Swedish VallhundsWebsiteVictoriaAUS
Torvall Swedish VallhundsWebsiteNZ
Vallarity Swedish VallhundsWebsiteNZ