Flat-Coated Retriever

Temperament: Happy, confident, intelligent. Active working dog. Good with children and dogs. Sheds seasonally and needs occasional grooming. Highly biddable.

Height: 23-24.5 inches (male), 22-23.5 inches (female)

Weight: 60-70 pounds

Life Span: 8 - 10 years

Breed Average Outlier Index: 0.25

Breed Average Genetic Relatedness: 0.00

Breed Average Internal Relatedness: 0.01

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No.NameGenderOutlier IndexAverage Genetic RelatednessInternal Relatedness
1 Argon's The Adoration of the Magi M0.34-0.110.31
2 TidexTripper purple bitch M0.28-0.030.02
3 TidexTripper lime green bitchn M0.270.010.03
4 TidexTripper hot pink bitch M0.39-0.130.18
5 TidexTripper pink bitch M0.29-0.04-0.05
6 TidexTripper gray male M0.220.08-0.20
7 TidexTripper lavender male M0.190.08-0.06
8 TidexTripper navy blue male M0.35-0.02-0.15
9 TidexTripper light blue male M0.27-0.050.17
10 TidexTripper forest green male M0.30-0.050.12

Flat coated retrievers were developed in the UK to be hunting bird dogs from ancestors imported from North America like the St. John’s water dog and the Newfoundland. Founders also included collie-like dogs and Setters. The breed was officially recognized in 1915. Only a small number of dogs existed after World War II, but careful management by breeders brought their numbers back up. This suggests evidence of at least one bottleneck in the population.

Breed Standard coming soon!'

Breed Specific Diseases: Hemangiosarcoma, Lymphoma, Osteosarcoma and other cancers

Flat Coated Retrievers have only a comparatively small portion of the diversity that exists today in modern village dogs, evidence of one or more genetic bottlenecks in the breed. One half of Flat Coated Retrievers, when assessed with village dogs, had IR values that ranged from +0.304 to +0.633. Since the average IR of offspring of full siblings is 0.25, that means that half of Flat Coats when compared to village dogs are more inbred than dogs whose parents are full siblings. This highlights the necessity for Flat Coated Retriever breeders to be very careful to avoid further overall inbreeding which leads to further loss of diversity.

The population of 190 Flat-Coated Retrievers first tested had an average number of alleles of 5.182. This number is low compared to other breeds that have been tested, once again confirming that there is a low level of genome wide genetic diversity in the breed. The mean effective alleles per locus were 2.592, also one of the lower effective allele values that we have observed. However, the distance between the average and effective alleles shows the breed community has done a reasonably good job of retaining what diversity exists.

Flat Coated Retrievers have only a comparatively small portion of the diversity that exists today in modern village dogs, evidence of one or more genetic bottlenecks in the breed. One half of Flat Coated Retrievers, when assessed with village dogs, had IR values that ranged from +0.304 to +0.633. Since the average IR of offspring of full siblings is 0.25, that means that half of Flat Coats when compared to village dogs are more inbred than dogs whose parents are full siblings. This highlights the necessity for Flat Coated Retriever breeders to be very careful to avoid further overall inbreeding which leads to further loss of diversity.

Nine STR-associated DLA Class I and 10 DLA Class II haplotypes in 292 Flat-Coated Retrievers have currently been found. Two Class I haplotypes are unique to the breed (1142 and 1143) while all the others have also been found in other breeds. This is the second lowest amount of DLA found to date in a breed.

The follow includes dogs with birthdates listed in the database.

DLA Haplotypes in the Breed

The Dog Leukocyte Antigen or DLA is the region in the canine genome that controls the immune system, among other things. There are three classes or areas, and the VGL Canine Diversity Test genotypes or records the two regions with the most variation. Because it is an area that mutates more rapidly than others, the method VGL uses is ideal for identifying specific combinations of DNA, and not merely showing whether a dog inherited two of the same sets of genetics from its parents or two different ones.

"Haplotype" is a generic name for a set of genes that are bound together and inherited as a set. The DLA Class I and Class II haplotypes are very tightly bound and represent about 2 million base pairs of DNA - a sizeable chunk. These two haplotypes together make an extended haplotype that is nearly always passed from parent to puppies as a pair. We therefore have two tables below showing both the combinations of DLA found in this breed and how often they appear, and also how often they appear individually.

Remember that frequency percentages do not show how many dogs carry them, but rather how many of these haplotypes exist in the breed as a whole. Every dog has two sets of DLA haplotypes, one inherited from dam, and one inherited from sire. These almost never recombine in new generations.

DLA Class I/Class II Combinations :

Class I HaplotypeClass II HaplotypeFrequency in the Breed

DLA Frequencies :

ClassHaplotypeFrequency in the Breed
Class I101744.09%
Class I10350.53%
Class I105411.29%
Class I10550.09%
Class I106828.57%
Class I114214.55%
Class I11430.44%
Class I11710.09%
Class I11990.35%
Class II200314.29%
Class II200541.45%
Class II20142.73%
Class II201814.73%
Class II202211.82%
Class II205314.81%
Class II20660.09%
Class II20830.09%


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No.NameGenderOutlier IndexAverage Genetic RelatednessInternal Relatedness
1 Presidential All About LincolnF0.29-0.01-0.07
2Acadia's Chocolate DiamondF0.20-0.090.15
3Affinity Great ExpectationsM0.290.00-0.11
4Affinity HighlightM0.25-0.02-0.05
5Affinity Wet Your WhistleF0.250.08-0.07
6Affinity Winter MoonlightM0.230.06-0.11
7Alidar Finders KeepersM0.33-0.05-0.06
8Alidar GoldikovaF0.28-0.030.08
9Alidar I Love a ParadeM0.34-0.110.07
10Alidar I'm A ChatterboxF0.23-0.050.12
11Allegro Rock Me on the WaterM0.210.010.15
12Almanza Strike A PoseF0.340.02-0.25
13Almanza The Bitch Is BackF0.260.010.06
14Aneyron A One Night StandF0.150.060.13
15Angelusparks II Heulwen DavinaF0.210.10-0.12
16Angelusparks IV Joie de VivreF0.38-0.10-0.02
17Applegarth Exeter Halo N HornsF0.36-0.110.03
18Aquarius Black BriantaM0.23-0.060.29
19Argon's Jedi NightM0.260.04-0.11
20Argon's The Adoration of the MagiM0.34-0.110.31
21Artic Suns Pursuing The DreamM0.27-0.010.06
22Athercroft InquesoemergencyM0.260.03-0.13
23Athercroft QuesorahsorahF0.32-0.170.23
24Athercroft Shake Your DjiboutiF0.32-0.070.11
25Athercroft's Sioux Tanka's Icimani OnwardF0.30-0.05-0.09
26Berncroft Zestar EmerynnF0.25-0.020.17
27Bertschire Aangel In DisguiseF0.29-0.030.01
28Bertschire Bbling Is The New BlackF0.31-0.040.11
29Bertschire Black BirdM0.230.010.09
30Bertschire California MoonlightM0.180.04-0.07
31Bertschire Helluva HurricaneF0.220.04-0.05
32Bertschire Honeymoon Magic F0.160.010.10
33Bertschire IndependenceM0.160.09-0.03
34Bertschire Just An AngelF0.230.05-0.06
35Bertschire PyromaniaM0.28-0.010.02
36Bertschire Wonders Never CeaseF0.270.000.01
37Bertschire's Return To SenderF0.19-0.01-0.02
38Bertschire's Triple PlayM0.32-0.03-0.06
39Bertschire's Vixen In VersacheF0.150.09-0.05
40Blacfriar Grace of SwiftwaterF0.34-0.110.22
41Blacfriar SomethingroyalF0.250.00-0.01
42Black Amandas Tempting ChocolateF0.210.09-0.15
43Black Diamond Mr Knightly at HeronbeckM0.140.070.17
44Black Editions DeerhunterM0.28-0.03-0.07
45BlackGamin Kana'tiF0.200.04-0.06
46Blacklace Grand Mere Uptown GirlF0.25-0.020.12
47Blacklace PowderhoundM0.33-0.11-0.01
48Blacklace Star Over GondolinF0.41-0.120.04
49Blackstone Someone's in the Kitchen With DinahF0.29-0.130.27
50Blacktoft Sapphire Ice at BenvellynF0.150.070.28
51Blacktoft TangoM0.25-0.040.22
52Blacnflat Eastcapade On CanvasM0.25-0.030.04
53Blazin's Off-Road Drive'nM0.25-0.010.04
54Blazingstar AerodynamicF0.220.010.11
55Blazingstar Back EastM0.310.00-0.01
56Blazingstar Baffin BayF0.260.05-0.01
57Blazingstar BernoulliM0.270.01-0.06
58Blazingstar Black BubblyF0.30-0.02-0.06
59Blazingstar Black IncaF0.30-0.040.15
60Blazingstar Brown ConeflowerF0.30-0.130.26
61Blazingstar Brown ShrikeF0.160.10-0.12
62Blazingstar CalliopeF0.28-0.060.14
63Blazingstar Cooper's HawkeF0.180.050.01
64Blazingstar Crimson TopazM0.20-0.050.34
65Blazingstar Fly SouthM0.280.02-0.02
66Blazingstar GalweyM0.200.030.00
67Blazingstar Hudson BayM0.220.06-0.07
68Blazingstar King EiderM0.220.05-0.06
69Blazingstar Northern HarrierM0.190.04-0.03
70Blazingstar OspreyM0.230.02-0.02
71Blazingstar PitchM0.160.010.17
72Blazingstar Prairie SmokeF0.170.090.01
73Blazingstar PuffinF0.19-0.010.21
74Blazingstar Rain BirdF0.220.030.00
75Blazingstar Rain BootsM0.20-0.020.26
76Blazingstar Rain DelayF0.28-0.060.29
77Blazingstar Rain ProofM0.130.050.28
78Blazingstar RainbowF0.24-0.050.27
79Blazingstar TinbergenM0.240.000.08
80Blazingstar Triton BayM0.270.02-0.03
81Blazingstar True NorthM0.25-0.010.08
82Blazingstar Westlin WindsM0.32-0.090.12
84Bramatha Under PressureF0.30-0.060.05
85Brdzthewrd Welcome to Shangri laM0.29-0.010.07
86Breezy Hill's Broadway SpellboundM0.27-0.040.07
87Briarpatch Red KaleM0.260.03-0.02
88Brightmoor Snow PatrolM0.36-0.060.00
89Bristol's JourneyF0.27-0.060.15
90Bristol's Karibbean Queen Of CalypsoF0.260.02-0.25
91Butterblac's Goodnight MoonF0.38-0.100.03
92Butterblac's Turn Back TimeF0.25-0.050.14
93Caci's She's ManeaterF0.33-0.05-0.06
94Casblaidd Over the LineM0.170.000.06
95Casblaidd Xceptionally FancyF0.20-0.010.20
96Catori-Saudades First Forbidden EscapeF0.25-0.050.10
97Catori-Saudades Second Bite of the AppleM0.130.040.23
98CH Huntlane Sorority PartyF0.210.06-0.11
99Citrus Hill Checkered FlagF0.110.060.17
100Citrus Hill Golden CelebrationF0.18-0.010.21
101Citrus Hill Green Light GoF0.18-0.040.22
102Citrus Hill In The ZoneF0.19-0.010.02
103Citrus Hill Look At MeF0.200.010.16
104Citrus Hill Magnus YlvaF0.110.16-0.02
105Citrus Hill Remington M0.200.03-0.07
106Citrus Hill Shelby MustangF0.120.110.00
107Citrus Hill Silver Surfer BlackM0.180.080.04
108Citrus Hill Stone MasonM0.170.03-0.01
109Citrus Hill Take It To The LimitF0.170.11-0.03
110Citrus Hill's Black PepperM0.150.100.00
111Citrus Hill’s Tag AlongM0.23-0.070.13
112Clarenjoy Caris Of KingsbridgeF0.36-0.08-0.08
113Clarenjoy Yahtaris Ice Moon RisingM0.20-0.060.17
114Clarenjoy's Jester Progeny De GooseM0.32-0.090.07
115Clearwater Summer Night DreamM0.220.000.11
116Coastalight All My LovingF0.23-0.070.24
117Coastalight Crown JewelF0.27-0.03-0.10
118Coastalight Free SpiritM0.280.01-0.12
119Coastalight Hit The Road JackM0.23-0.010.01
120Coastalight Island Highway M0.32-0.04-0.06
121Coastalight Itza MysteryM0.330.07-0.12
122Coastalight Ptarmigan StarF0.27-0.060.02
123Coastalight Scenic Rte EmerynnF0.210.06-0.05
124Coastalight SpitfireF0.34-0.01-0.12
125Coastalight Toodoggone MuchM0.33-0.02-0.02
126Cornerstone Bella Donna De La Mer At MagnoliaF0.25-0.050.13
127Covellyn's Dublin Driver by WfsM0.200.050.23
128Dare's Smarter Than A 5th GraderF0.26-0.140.27
129Dare's Victory FourtoldM0.180.000.01
130Darkflame Mountain MeadowrueM0.220.03-0.05
131Darkwater All That GlittersM0.29-0.03-0.02
132DaySpring Lucky PennyM0.220.08-0.11
133Destiny As Good As It GetsM0.28-0.03-0.01
134Diamond Beauty Rock On FireF0.21-0.030.18
135Dowerky I Hope You DanceF0.29-0.050.04
136Dowerky Ramblin Road BrewF0.190.04-0.01
137Dowerky Shall We DanceF0.250.04-0.06
138Duenorth Black BombshellF0.190.050.08
139Duenorth Cosmic EncounterM0.39-0.02-0.06
140Duenorth Didja EverF0.27-0.040.02
141Duenorth Emerald IsleF0.34-0.01-0.10
142Duenorth Emerald TwistM0.200.08-0.16
143Duenorth Flare for SpringF0.320.00-0.02
144Duenorth Flyin Higher N HigherM0.350.01-0.25
145Duenorth Guess WhoF0.320.02-0.03
146DueNorth High Altitude, RN BN CGCF0.280.04-0.22
147Duenorth Spring LoadedM0.33-0.060.06
148Duenorth Summer High JinxF0.220.03-0.02
149Duenorth Working ManM0.280.04-0.11
150Dutch D'Votion Art Of Being An AngelM0.25-0.010.09
151Eagletarn Call of the WildF0.250.06-0.02
152Eagletarn Country SongF0.340.01-0.18
153Eagletarn Great Five PennyM0.34-0.060.02
154Eagletarn Merry Man JaxM0.230.08-0.06
155Eagletarn Mistral WindM0.180.11-0.10
156Eagletarn One Of The FewM0.42-0.180.21
157Eagletarn Radford's ForrestM0.28-0.070.06
158Eagletarn Shine A LightM0.26-0.050.05
159Eagletarn Witchy WomanF0.280.02-0.11
160Eaglewind Its A Wonderful LifeF0.38-0.05-0.10
161Eaglewind's Sugarplum FairyF0.250.010.01
162Eaglewind’s Peppermint PattyF0.36-0.03-0.13
163Echoic Xtra ToppingsF0.31-0.030.00
164Eden Tempting Fate at Southwinds M0.31-0.060.09
165Endeavor Doppler Storm AlertF0.29-0.050.04
166Exacum Dansa Min DockaF0.36-0.080.09
167Exeter's Cash MountainF0.27-0.04-0.14
168Exeter's Flying FortressM0.26-0.070.16
169Exeter's Learning To FlyF0.32-0.040.00
170Exeter's Ringside ChatterF0.33-0.04-0.04
171Fall Flight's Blue RodeoM0.32-0.01-0.18
172Fancy's Sun Streaming Thru CloudsF0.36-0.11-0.08
173Fancy's The Rays of Jacob's LadderM0.34-0.02-0.14
174Favor’s Crocodile RockM0.200.050.13
175Favor’s Rocket ManM0.240.06-0.05
176Featherstone's Night Bird's Song of ZimzalaF0.24-0.100.21
177Fishercreeks A Shore ThingM0.36-0.090.07
178Fishercreeks Changes in L-AttitudesF0.36-0.160.19
179Fishercreeks Genuine RiskF0.30-0.110.22
180Fishercreeks Love at First SightF0.23-0.020.21
181Fishercreeks Sight of the SunM0.170.09-0.02
182Fishercreeks Take a Chance on MeF0.240.000.07
183Flashback Back In BlackM0.29-0.04-0.01
184Flashback One Toke Over the LineF0.270.02-0.09
185Flashback's Sweet Talkin' GuyM0.270.010.11
186Flat Castle's Aristolochia DuriorM0.170.070.12
187Flat Castle's Blissful Blue OceanM0.280.030.01
188Flat Castle's Blue Ocean BayouF0.37-0.060.06
189Flat Castle's Exi All The TimeF0.160.010.26
190Flat Castle's Happy Choc-ToffM0.200.07-0.02
191Flat Castle's Ixon Brown BoyM0.220.06-0.07
192Flatcastle's King of the BluesM0.43-0.11-0.18
193Flatford Ruffles & FlourishesM0.22-0.030.06
194FlatOut Celtic's DreamM0.34-0.070.03
195FlatOut Fuzzy Green FruitF0.270.08-0.31
196FlatOut Had I HeardF0.38-0.01-0.32
197FlatOut In The BagM0.20-0.040.28
198FlatOut Kanned LaughterM0.31-0.01-0.05
199Flatout Kansas City StripM0.26-0.090.19
200FlatOut Little MiteF0.37-0.060.01
201Flatout Mad Nassau PirateM0.270.01-0.02
202FlatOut Make N Life EasierF0.34-0.040.00
203Flatout MVPM0.26-0.030.03
204Flatterhaft I Drove All Night M0.26-0.040.08
205Flatterhaft Nike EverclearM0.42-0.10-0.07
206Flatterhaft Sweetwoods ParkF0.270.04-0.14
208Fleetwing's Fly Me To The MoonF0.270.010.00
209Fleetwing's Force Of The MoonM0.190.09-0.13
210Flyway Farm Ready to Believe at FlashbackM0.24-0.03-0.02
211Flyway Farm's Single GirlF0.310.04-0.11
212Flyway Farm's Winter Storm WarningM0.33-0.030.05
213Flyway Farms Banner Over SanderlingF0.160.030.19
214Flyway Farms Down In The ValleyF0.200.040.05
215Flyway Farms Hazard To NavigationM0.250.010.00
216Flyway Farms Living in a State of GraceF0.29-0.010.06
217Flyway Farms Make Mine A Double KennedyF0.28-0.090.29
218Flyway Farms Maximum Bang For The BuckM0.230.040.03
219Flyway Farms Silly On SazeracsM0.24-0.060.39
220Flyway Farms Sweet Saison SilhouetteF0.18-0.030.38
221Flyway Farms Templeton RyeM0.240.020.00
222Forbidden Love z Mokre HoryF0.24-0.080.28
223Fox Creek Fireside By The ThamesF0.20-0.010.01
224Fox Creek's Black ArrowM0.190.10-0.16
225Freestyles Polaris at BlueflagF0.29-0.110.24
226Friia Agnar TanseyM0.160.060.09
227Gamekeepers Prince CharmingM0.240.00-0.08
228Gamekeepers Ravenswood Time-TurnerF0.240.000.13
229Glainddu's Light My FireM0.29-0.04-0.05
230Glainddu's To Light A CandleF0.26-0.020.04
231Grand Mere Queen of MysteryF0.21-0.010.01
232Grand Mere Secret of the MansionF0.24-0.02-0.13
233Grand Mere She's So CaliforniaF0.35-0.150.13
234Grousemoor High SierraF0.180.08-0.01
235Grousemoor Pinot NoirM0.130.050.03
236Grousemoor Wing ZingF0.27-0.060.01
237Grousemoor WintersongF0.34-0.050.05
238Gucci AmyflattF0.130.070.08
239Gwenadillo Seeka's StarM0.27-0.030.18
240Gwenrose Betcha By Golly WowM0.250.02-0.04
241Hawk Of Krieger's RidgeM0.30-0.070.02
242Heirborn Above The LawM0.240.020.01
243Heirborn Chewy Says It AllF0.52-0.230.14
244Heirborn Creme De La CremeM0.28-0.100.26
245Heirborn Every Black Cloud Has A Silver LiningM0.26-0.040.07
246Heirborn Finadelphia Creme CheeseM0.220.000.16
247Heirborn Prhyme AttractionF0.35-0.08-0.05
248Heirborn Rock EyeconM0.260.02-0.07
249Heronbeck HatildaF0.230.01-0.08
250High Valley Crest RelativelyEinsteinM0.360.03-0.30
251Highpoint 2 BrownM0.190.06-0.05
252Highpoint 2 PurpleF0.220.13-0.26
253Highpoint 3 BeigeF0.20-0.010.17
254Highpoint Ace of HeartsF0.31-0.03-0.12
255Highpoint BelieverF0.240.07-0.23
256Highpoint-Radford All InM0.180.060.00
257Huntlane Blue Note LegacyM0.25-0.030.08
258Huntlane Boston Tea PartyF0.29-0.03-0.05
259Huntlane Kettle LakesM0.25-0.020.08
260Huntlane Moonlight SonataF0.280.01-0.13
261Huntlane NoteworthyF0.290.00-0.11
262Huntlover's Readymade From DenmarkM0.30-0.01-0.01
263Indulgent Purple HazeM0.250.00-0.12
264Indulgent Spirit of the DanceF0.200.04-0.04
265Inglis Kountry SkyeF0.180.030.20
266Ironwood Be Quick or Be DeadF0.210.010.06
267Itzawhat's Just An Otter Day In ParadiseF0.150.100.09
268Jazz'd Rhythm and Blues (Jazz)F0.250.08-0.11
269Jubilee Black IrishM0.20-0.030.27
270Karasail Dancing in the ReignM0.31-0.060.02
271Kingsbridge A Lick And A PromiseF0.30-0.04-0.14
272Kingsbridge Handfull Of TreatsF0.36-0.170.18
273Kippenhill Home Is Where The Heart IsM0.250.010.01
274Kistryl Captain AmericaM0.180.010.10
275Kistryl Cloak & Dagger from LibertyM0.36-0.04-0.19
276Kistryl Clocks Fall BackM0.35-0.06-0.05
277Kistryl Dutch MochaM0.29-0.03-0.07
278Kistryl Happy TogetherM0.130.070.13
279Kistryl I SpyF0.180.060.08
280Kistryl Leggo My EggoM0.38-0.14-0.01
281Kistryl Lightening Strikes TwiceF0.29-0.040.04
282Kistryl Mint MochaM0.320.01-0.11
283Kistryl Ocean Aged At VictoryF0.180.07-0.12
284Kistryl Ona Swedish HolidayF0.160.15-0.22
285Kistryl Pilgrim's FeastF0.42-0.140.10
286Kistryl Shining In The DarknessF0.220.000.05
287Kistryl Shoots and LaddersM0.280.05-0.18
288Kistryl Skating on Thin IceF0.200.070.00
289Kistryl Telltail FandangoF0.17-0.020.26
290Kistryl Telltail To Infinity And BeyondM0.31-0.04-0.02
291Kistryl TempestM0.170.050.09
292Kistryl ToffeeF0.220.13-0.21
293Kistryl Twice As NiceF0.24-0.010.12
294Kistryl Yall By BertschireF0.25-0.040.00
295KR Lt PurpleF0.270.03-0.21
296KR WhiteF0.270.03-0.21
297Krieger's Ridge Alfred the GreatM0.250.04-0.10
298Krieger's Ridge Autumn FlyteM0.28-0.110.25
299Krieger's Ridge Bailey's Irish CreamM0.240.01-0.07
300Krieger's Ridge Dover the MoonM0.250.01-0.02
301Krieger's Ridge Emersyn SageF0.29-0.07-0.04
302Krieger's Ridge Finian's RainbowM0.40-0.08-0.05
303Krieger's Ridge Girl's Night OutF0.300.00-0.20
304Krieger's Ridge Keeper of the StarsF0.21-0.04-0.06
305Krieger's Ridge Lady ChatsworthF0.42-0.200.18
306Krieger's Ridge LutaM0.250.04-0.15
307Krieger's Ridge Magical Bleu RavenF0.270.03-0.21
308Krieger's Ridge MahpiyaF0.240.010.12
309Krieger's Ridge Pink Champagne ZinniaF0.30-0.050.01
310Krieger's Ridge RemedeeF0.33-0.06-0.02
311Krieger's Ridge Sound Of A Distant DrumM0.28-0.020.12
312Krieger's Ridge TatankaM0.27-0.030.07
313Krieger's Ridge Tor's LadM0.31-0.03-0.10
314Krieger's Ridge ToryF0.32-0.01-0.14
315Krieger's Ridge WanagiM0.180.060.04
316Krieger's Ridge WoniyaF0.160.060.12
317Krieger's Ridge Worth The WaitM0.31-0.070.00
318Krieger's Ridge Zitkala-SaF0.18-0.010.21
319Krieger’s Ridge Walks With The WindM0.210.13-0.28
320Labrys Just One LookM0.260.00-0.13
321Larcan's Dolcetto Di KorimarF0.23-0.060.01
322Lemonade Joe z Mokre HoryM0.45-0.09-0.14
323Let Me Win Oasis of PeaceM0.260.040.07
324Liberty And Nothing MoreF0.200.01-0.07
325Liberty Boy Is A GemM0.250.06-0.14
326Liberty By The Dawn's Early LightF0.220.01-0.04
327Liberty Carolina WrenF0.270.03-0.17
328Liberty Crossing The DelawareF0.250.08-0.16
329Liberty’s Danger Zone to DowneyleeF0.240.02-0.12
330Liberty’s Don’t Fear the Reaper at DowneyleeM0.250.07-0.15
331Light-Foot's 1776F0.37-0.04-0.13
332Light-Foot's Bella NotteF0.25-0.04-0.02
333Light-Foot's BewitchedF0.190.030.09
334Light-foot's Dream BoatM0.280.00-0.02
335Light-Foot's Hells BellsF0.26-0.080.05
336Light-Foot's K2F0.33-0.130.16
337Light-Foot's Magical Mystery TourF0.39-0.04-0.18
338Light-Foot's Ready for ActionF0.24-0.050.02
339Light-foot's September Morn at RiverwindM0.23-0.040.13
340Light-Foot's Show TimeF0.36-0.04-0.06
341Lopplådans Fanny FasanF0.210.05-0.01
342Meadowrue Step DancerF0.25-0.02-0.10
343Meadowrue Two To TangoF0.28-0.02-0.07
344Meadowrue VIPM0.22-0.01-0.07
345Midnight Lovers Kiss in the DarkF0.230.12-0.27
346Miss Mallorys Other Than BlackF0.25-0.02-0.05
347Moonstone Absolutely BertschireF0.160.020.10
348Moonstone All Bertschire MagicM0.130.08-0.03
349Moonstone Astrozombies Magical Mystery TourF0.110.030.09
350Moonstone Bright Light in the Idaho Night F0.220.000.05
351Moonstone Demons and WizardsF0.160.020.24
352Moonstone Dynamic Magical Idaho DirigibleF0.180.06-0.01
353Moonstone Enigma Of WestwindM0.13-0.070.29
354Moonstone Eve At SanderlingF0.080.010.25
355Moonstone Excitable Magical BoyM0.14-0.01-0.03
356Moonstone Fantasy Green Idaho MagicF0.18-0.010.02
357Moonstone Faraway in the JungleM0.26-0.070.00
358Moonstone Flying Over the Black SeaF0.26-0.110.15
359MQ 1F0.220.08-0.19
360MQ 10M0.31-0.010.02
361MQ 2M0.220.020.06
362MQ 3M0.230.06-0.16
363MQ 4F0.170.060.08
364MQ 5F0.25-0.010.08
365MQ 6F0.190.020.10
366MQ 7F0.290.01-0.03
367MQ 8M0.210.10-0.12
368MQ 9F0.200.020.16
369MuddyFlats Blazingstar Blue PuppyM0.230.010.07
370MuddyFlats Blazingstar Lime PuppyF0.250.06-0.14
371MuddyFlats Blazingstar Plum PuppyF0.190.060.09
372MuddyFlats Blazingstar Raspberry PuppyF0.27-0.070.20
373Noanarkin Fodiator AcutusM0.160.100.01
374Northern Lights Tracing the Spirit TrailM0.29-0.060.05
375Northwood's All the Pretty GirlsF0.240.00-0.06
376Northwood's One Hellof An AmenF0.32-0.04-0.08
377Northwood's Wagon WheelM0.21-0.020.00
378Oakwood's Depth of FieldF0.260.06-0.14
379Oakwood's Lure Me To The LakesM0.210.10-0.22
380One Shining Fleetwing StarF0.26-0.040.00
381One Shining Hero Marc O’PoloM0.27-0.030.09
382Orenda On Top Of The WorldF0.300.05-0.21
383Orenda Ride The Ridgeline M0.22-0.030.18
384Orenda Trek Into The TaigaF0.26-0.03-0.04
385Orenda Wind In The WillowsF0.30-0.040.06
386Orenda Yahtaris Midnight ShikobaM0.320.03-0.33
387Pemberly's Never SurrenderM0.29-0.06-0.07
388Pemberly's The Time is NowF0.30-0.07-0.10
389Pinnacle's Johnny RoccoM0.210.030.00
390Pinnacles Beach PeacemakerM0.110.060.03
391Prairielight All In The FamilyF0.160.040.23
392Prairielight LiontamerM0.220.040.08
393Prairielight PincianF0.220.08-0.12
394Presidential All About TaylorF0.290.02-0.09
395Presidential Because I'M MadisonF0.220.09-0.12
396Presidential Because I'M MckinleyF0.250.030.01
397Puppy LolaF0.19-0.020.12
399Quillquest An Airtight AlibiM0.24-0.060.16
400Quills First ViolinistF0.44-0.05-0.28
401Quills Flight StatusM0.150.080.08
402Radford Autumn's EveF0.230.01-0.03
403Radford BomerangM0.26-0.05-0.04
404Radford CalleighF0.220.010.21
405Radford Dark MatterM0.36-0.03-0.17
406Radford Don't Ya Think I RockF0.250.08-0.18
407Radford Electric BlueM0.25-0.01-0.01
408Radford EvergreenM0.240.020.04
409Rainesgift Wax LyricalM0.090.100.15
410Rainshadow Rollin' on the RiverF0.300.02-0.22
412Riverwind Kith and KinF0.28-0.02-0.05
413Rockyhill's Aces Are WildM0.350.00-0.25
414Rowansgaard Lemon TwistM0.120.080.17
415Rowansgaard Paint It BlackM0.190.030.06
416Rush's Always BelieveF0.29-0.090.20
417Rush's Beautiful IllusionF0.29-0.050.00
418Rush's Cameron CambridgeF0.300.00-0.06
419Rush's ConstellationOfOrionM0.28-0.04-0.06
420Rush's Floating On A Moonbeam F0.200.03-0.01
421Rush's Full And Uncensored M0.220.07-0.07
422Rush's Just Another Werewolf M0.200.06-0.19
423Rush's Just So MightyF0.210.030.02
424Rush's Keen and QuikM0.220.02-0.06
425Rush's Keepin Her Busy F0.240.03-0.04
426Rush's Kiss Me QuickF0.200.05-0.06
427Rush's Lite Up My LifeF0.180.040.15
428Rush's Q Up The BandM0.26-0.01-0.02
429Rush's Quik StepF0.24-0.050.03
430Rush's True IllusionF0.240.05-0.16
431Rush's Victoria SecretF0.170.010.19
432Rush's Wild YonderM0.14-0.010.25
433Rush's Wrapped In MoonliteF0.190.11-0.07
434Rush's You Lil' StingerF0.210.040.00
435Ryegate's Let Me Entertain YouM0.220.000.16
436Sanderling Eagles WingsM0.150.09-0.13
437Sanderling East of the JordanF0.150.08-0.12
438Sanderling ElijahM0.20-0.040.11
439Sanderling EternityF0.210.02-0.14
440Sanderling Everlasting LoveF0.180.07-0.02
441Sanderling Every Bird In The MountainsF0.170.07-0.08
442Sanderling Exceeding JoyF0.170.040.04
443Sanderling Expect A BlessingF0.25-0.02-0.08
444Sanderling EzkielM0.170.030.04
445Sanderling EzraM0.200.030.00
446Saudade's JalapenoM0.210.010.20
447Saudades' Hunka Hunka Burnin' Love at ShannaraM0.200.05-0.06
448Saudades' I Walk The LineM0.250.03-0.04
449Saudades' Juicy FruitF0.39-0.070.03
450Saudades' Kafta KhashkhashF0.200.020.01
451Sedgeblac's Bahati NzuriM0.19-0.050.13
452Shalyn Blue Skies At FlashbackF0.34-0.07-0.07
453Shannara's LoreleiF0.26-0.010.10
454Shasta BarrelofLaughsM0.190.02-0.03
455Shasta Brown TroutM0.090.090.28
456Shasta BrownstoneM0.230.010.00
457Shasta Encyclopedia BrownM0.27-0.100.20
458Shasta Fetcher in the RyeM0.130.08-0.01
459Shasta Heaven Sent To WestwindM0.39-0.11-0.05
460Shasta LeatherM0.29-0.100.04
461Shasta Meet And GreetF0.26-0.100.18
462Shasta P BeezleyF0.23-0.01-0.05
463Shasta Saving GraceF0.160.050.13
464Shasta ShawnikaF0.28-0.080.10
465Shasta Sirius BrownstoneF0.27-0.120.22
466Shasta's Stoney Castle by the Sea At K&LF0.120.060.04
467Shasta's Western SamuraiM0.110.050.19
468ShiningSands Midnight RideM0.170.040.13
469Solstice Fly Away on my ZephyrF0.21-0.030.21
470Songdog Down TP EarthM0.34-0.06-0.14
471Songdog MuirburnM0.290.06-0.34
472Songdog Red Flag WarningF0.28-0.06-0.02
473Songdog WinterfireF0.170.050.01
474Spader Damen's AnjouM0.22-0.010.16
475SS litter BlueF0.290.05-0.21
476SS litter GreenF0.32-0.060.03
477SS litter Lt BlueF0.34-0.04-0.14
478SS litter MaroonF0.260.03-0.09
479SS litter OrangeF0.22-0.020.00
480SS litter PurpleF0.36-0.11-0.06
481SS litter RedF0.37-0.06-0.08
482SS litter YellowF0.29-0.03-0.10
483Steelriver Live For The SunM0.180.03-0.04
484Stonewall's Great ExpectationsF0.200.050.09
485Stormwatch Enclave GenesisF0.21-0.010.13
486StormWatch She's Like the WindF0.20-0.020.26
487StormWatch The Wind and the LionM0.110.050.13
488Stratford's Love-In-IdlenessF0.220.010.01
489Summerhill National PastimeM0.290.05-0.16
490Swallowflight Glencraig JaraM0.34-0.140.16
491Swallowsflight Icecool-CycloneM0.31-0.020.08
492Swallowsflight Safed by the BellM0.26-0.02-0.02
493Swallowsflight Saturday SurpriseF0.250.05-0.14
494Swiftwater Brilliant DisguiseM0.25-0.01-0.08
495Swiftwater Fooled You By A DayF0.34-0.07-0.01
496Swiftwater My Foolish HeartF0.34-0.02-0.17
497Swiftwater Redwing BlackbirdF0.30-0.05-0.03
498Swiftwater Steadfast FoolM0.29-0.060.09
499Swiftwater Tom FooleryM0.38-0.04-0.16
500Tag Along to the BackwoodsM0.200.030.11
501Talon of Krieger's RidgeM0.22-0.050.22
502Telltail Enchanted Dreams Come TrueF0.28-0.090.05
503Telltail Flying on Magick CarpetF0.29-0.070.04
504TidexTripper forest green maleM0.30-0.050.12
505TidexTripper gray maleM0.220.08-0.20
506TidexTripper hot pink bitchM0.39-0.130.18
507TidexTripper lavender maleM0.190.08-0.06
508TidexTripper light blue maleM0.27-0.050.17
509TidexTripper lime green bitchnM0.270.010.03
510TidexTripper navy blue maleM0.35-0.02-0.15
511TidexTripper pink bitchM0.29-0.04-0.05
512TidexTripper purple bitchM0.28-0.030.02
513TidexTripper red maleM0.29-0.030.00
514Timberblacs True BrewM0.220.03-0.14
515Timberblacs Wild Heart SoaringM0.240.05-0.02
516Torwood Ace DresserM0.34-0.090.00
517Tulipgrove One In A MillionF0.190.07-0.07
518Twilight Star's Don't Talk Just KissF0.220.040.00
519Twilight Star's Heaven Must Have Made UF0.29-0.02-0.01
520Valhala Down By The SeasideF0.32-0.070.01
521Valhala Sea StarF0.190.030.05
522Valhala's Tiny DancerF0.230.030.04
523Valley Crest Two-Headed EagleF0.270.00-0.05
524Victory It's Outta HereM0.39-0.130.10
525Victory Just DessertsF0.200.01-0.06
526Victory Nutty PorterM0.23-0.010.01
527Victory's GolcondaM0.200.040.01
528Victory's High GradeM0.26-0.050.03
529Victory's Jelly Side Up (Jelly)F0.270.07-0.22
530Victory's Just What the Doctor OrderedM0.160.11-0.13
531Victory's Ketch'n a StormF0.240.020.05
532Victory's Kodiak Grin and Bear ItM0.180.080.06
533Victory's Ocean Explorer (Dora)F0.250.05-0.06
534Victory's On the WingM0.310.02-0.12
535Victory's Outlaw Josey WailsM0.270.03-0.03
536Victory's Party Boat (Party)F0.210.12-0.18
537Victory's Perfect HarmonyF0.190.09-0.17
538Victory's Quidditch SeekerF0.200.030.05
539Victory's Rock N RollF0.15-0.010.26
540Victory's Smooth SailingF0.180.020.19
541Waunarun Joe CoolM0.170.030.13
542Waunarun's Madame MirageF0.180.030.07
543Waunarun's Mario AndrettiM0.37-0.06-0.15
544Waunarun's Midnight SymphonyM0.30-0.02-0.06
545Waunarun's Prime MinisterF0.26-0.060.22
546Waunarun's You Put A Move On My HeartM0.45-0.180.04
547Westlawn Black JagM0.25-0.020.18
548Westlawn Blue Melody At RushF0.30-0.100.26
549Westlawn Free Born ManM0.28-0.110.12
550Westlawn Freedom To StayF0.28-0.050.00
551Westlawn Northernlites at RushF0.33-0.060.07
552Whazthat's Collector's Edition F0.27-0.04-0.06
553Whazthat's As Time Goes ByF0.36-0.05-0.22
554Whazthat's Time In Harmony M0.29-0.01-0.04
555Whitland Barley MowF0.180.030.20
556Whitland Nothing to DeclareF0.140.060.14
557Whitland One For the MoneyM0.25-0.050.00
558Whitland The London TraderM0.160.13-0.15
559Wind Dancers All Stars and StripesM0.27-0.05-0.01
560Wind Dancer’s Fortune HunterM0.190.040.09
561Windfall's Perpetual MotionM0.150.020.20
562Windfall's Que as Time Goes ByM0.28-0.02-0.16
563Windigo's All Dressed UpF0.38-0.11-0.10
564Windigo's SpellboundF0.45-0.04-0.30
565Windrose Pride and GloryM0.36-0.11-0.01
566Windrose Shared Moments of IndigoF0.39-0.10-0.04
567Windy Hill Apollo God Of LightM0.24-0.010.02
568Windy Hill Love Changes EverythingM0.250.06-0.23
569Wingmaster Nicodemus SanderlingM0.17-0.090.24
570Wingmaster Nightwatch Retro RodeoJoeM0.17-0.040.22
571Wingmaster Raisin' Cain At KistrylF0.26-0.02-0.06
572Wingmaster Shoot to Thrill KeltwynM0.31-0.070.02
573Wingmaster's PeriwinkleF0.20-0.040.20
574Wingover Ready Or NotM0.35-0.03-0.16
575Wingover's Potentium PhilosophyM0.280.07-0.18
576Woodfinch Dark Island at BristolM0.260.020.06
577Wyncliff Legacy of the Black WidowF0.200.010.05
578Wyncliff Taking the Day OffM0.140.050.17
579Wyncliff's Agent of ShieldM0.21-0.020.03
580Wyncliff's Winter MagicM0.31-0.090.09
581Wyncliff’s Gen of TamturiF0.150.080.07
582Wyncliff’s Lock Up Your DaughtersM0.200.07-0.13
583Wyndhams Sweet N' SassyF0.30-0.070.02
584Wyreriver's Charles Parker InvincibleM0.19-0.010.17
585Yahtaris I Believe In MiraclesM0.250.02-0.02
586Yonsaff Irresistable (Bliss)F0.230.040.09
587Zia Zinzilla Black BriantaF0.24-0.020.32
588Zimzala Good SpiritM0.32-0.03-0.08
589Zimzala I'm Your AngelF0.36-0.090.10
590Zimzala Prince of PeaceM0.25-0.020.11

Active BetterBred Breeders:

KennelWebsiteState or ProvinceCountry
Blazingstar Flat-Coated RetrieversWebsiteAlbertaCA
Eagletarn Flat-Coated RetrieversWebsiteBritish ColumbiaCA
Radford RetrieversWebsiteBritish ColumbiaCA
Duenorth Flat-Coated RetrieversWebsiteOntarioCA
Highpoint flatcoated retrieversWebsiteBritish ColumbiaCanada
RUSH Reg’d RetrieversWebsiteOntarioCanada
Light-FootWebsiteNew JerseyUnited States
Sanderling Flat-Coated RetrieversWebsiteCaliforniaUS
Wind Dancer Flat-coated RetrieversWebsiteCaliforniaUS
Kingsbridge Flat-Coated RetrieversWebsiteIllinoisUS
Kistryl Flat-Coated RetrieversWebsiteIllinoisUS
Krieger's Ridge KennelsWebsiteWisconsinUS
Orenda Flat Coated RetrieversWebsiteWisconsinUS