Who are we?

Born of a love for purebred dogs and their devoted breeders, BetterBred LLC was created in response to the glaring need for multiple measurements to help identify, maintain and redistribute genetic diversity in several breeds. It was formed as an outgrowth of a project that helped develop the Canine Genetic Diversity Test created by world renowned Dr. Niels C. Pedersen, DVM PhD at UC Davis for Standard Poodles. After the release of the Standard poodle results, breeder and founder Natalie Green Tessier realized that inbreeding was not the only aspect of diversity to consider.

Biodiversity and allelic richness are also major concerns to dog breeds and other species, many of which are under human management. Breeders hold the responsibility to conserve their breeds for future generations by maintaining and addressing loss of diversity due to genetic drift and bottlenecks. BetterBred’s mission is to support all breeders so they can conserve the genetic diversity in their breeds.

What do we offer?

We offer the only online breeder suite that predicts what range of inbreeding and bottleneck genetics to expect in your puppies. Our software gives proven, scientifically accurate, and easy to use data.  Our goal is to help breeders make breeding choices that can keep their breeds as healthy as possible. We work closely with UC Davis Veterinary Genetics Laboratory to bring you meaningful analysis of your data.

For free! List your health testing, titles (and more!) and receive a free individual dog analysis with our free public membership.

Our membership: Our powerful tools accurately predict what to expect in litters, and allow for easy online networking with like minded breeders. We offer a free mini-course to walk you through understanding your results! Simulate 1000s of puppies and store those litters, as many as you like, for as long as you like. Upload photos of your dogs, and much more to come.


Meet the team!

Natalie Green Tessier is a mother of six successful adult (or nearly adult) children, Natalie has held many roles in her life and has a natural drive to learn. Once a journalist, who ran a successful newsweekly prior to google, Natalie also has been a dog breed advocate and leader in the Standard Poodle community for over a decade. Upon completion of the Standard Poodle diversity study at UC Davis, Natalie set out to create an easy to use and innovative online breeding software suite for all breeds. She completed this task by teaching herself to code, reading countless articles and contacting some of the world’s premier diversity and genetic relatedness experts. She now speaks occasionally nationally and internationally and enjoys her own standard poodles, with an occasional litter.

Natalie is the original Founder of BetterBred LLC.

Rebekah Zurbrugg has a passion for purebred dogs and has ever since she was a child, when her parents raised German Shepherds. She is a mother of three children six years old and younger. From 2002-2006, she attended Purdue University to earn an Honors degree in Biology (with a specialization in Neurobiology and Physiology) as well as minors in Psychology and Spanish. At Purdue, she researched parasitology as well as tutored in biology. In summers, Rebekah had many research internships in parasitology and neurology, from which she is now published. Originally she attended medical school at Ohio State University towards a MD but left to fulfill the important role of parent. Additionally, Rebekah and her family have a minifarm, currently with purebred Nubian goats. She continues to have a passion for genetics and physiology and enjoys showing standard poodles in her spare time.

Namat Katawazi has had a passion and a track record of success in software development. He had taught himself how to repair computers and create websites as a hobby when he was young. Namat attended Rochester Institute of Technology to earn a degree in Information Technology with a specialization in advanced software development from 2007 to 2011. Since then he’s worked for companies of all age, size, and industry and has significantly contributed to both process and technology. Namat hopes to take his skill sets to the dog breeding world in conjunction with Rebekah and Natalie’s knowledge of genetics to help the dog breeding community breed healthier dogs. In his spare time he enjoys movies, fine arts, and playing classical violin. Namat has a mixed breed puppy he adopted in 2018.





More than just a company:

We love dogs and have owned them for collective decades. Not a gimmick, BetterBred was produced by breeders FOR breeders. We are hear to listen to your needs and create a database that will fill a niche in our communities.


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