Temperament: Cheerful, social, loyal and brave, the Barbet is bred to love water and work happily in any weather.

Height: Male: 21" - 24.5" (AKC/CKC) or 58cm – 65cm (FCI), Female: 19 to 22.5" (AKC/CKC), 53cm – 61 cm (FCI)

Weight: Male: 37–62 lbs (17–28 kg), Female: 31–51 lbs (14–23 kg)

Life Span: 13-15 years

Breed Average Outlier Index: 0.40

Breed Average Genetic Relatedness: 0.02

Breed Average Internal Relatedness: -0.06

Last 10 Recently Added Public Dogs!

No.NameGenderOutlier IndexAverage Genetic RelatednessInternal Relatedness
1 Patronum Bleuzorange Olivia F0.42-0.000.04
2 Northrock’s Fly Me To The Moon M0.340.05-0.09
3 Douxbarbu Gwendoline Shelby F0.310.09-0.20
4 Rover Douxbarbu Mackenzie M0.270.08-0.06
5 Wendake Nemours-Joconde F0.360.010.09
6 Magnum Kiss Curl Pickle Paulette of Corve(IMP FRA) F0.41-0.020.03
7 Barbevoix Padoue M0.46-0.01-0.13
8 Margueritegauthier F0.91-0.170.00
9 Spiritrock's Oscar M0.390.06-0.20
10 Spiritrock's Zoey F0.340.020.09

An ancient breed, the Barbet is a water-retrieving gun dog thought to be most like the original European curly-coated landrace from which other similar dogs descended, like Portuguese and Spanish Water Dogs and Poodles. After the European wars of the 20th century, numbers dwindled, but dedicated breeders and fanciers have helped support a resurgence in both population size and awareness of this charming breed.

Rarely, epilepsy, umbilical hernias, hip dysplasia and entropion. Can be tested for PRA-prcd.

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List of Public Dogs

No.NameGenderOutlier IndexAverage Genetic RelatednessInternal Relatedness
1 Magnum Kiss Curl Pickle Paulette of Corve(IMP FRA)F0.41-0.020.03
2Aquatilia Avé Innocent IslayF0.350.010.00
3Awelymor MaddoxM0.310.06-0.16
4Barbedoux Braille ErudietF0.54-0.100.21
5Barbedoux Drop LollyF0.34-0.000.11
6Barbet Bays D'Amour Bel DonatelloM0.280.07-0.11
7Barbevoix PadoueM0.46-0.01-0.13
8Bayport's HaileyF0.45-0.03-0.03
9Be-Poppy at NovaforestaF0.290.050.08
10Bleuzorange C Peawi Mystique F0.330.02-0.07
11Bleuzorange Xem dit DariusM0.360.01-0.02
12Bluna du Bois des BuisF0.40-0.020.04
13Charamese HermioneF0.360.000.06
14Coco de la Colline des ViolettesF0.53-0.03-0.10
15Courailée Bleuzorange CallasF0.350.03-0.09
16Courailee EnaM0.280.07-0.06
17Courailée Roidethulé LudovicM0.460.02-0.10
18Da Vinci de la Colline des ViolettesM0.320.06-0.19
19Douxbarbu Gwendoline ShelbyF0.310.09-0.20
20Felipe's Freyja at Los SombraF0.290.07-0.08
21Filou de la Colline des ViolettesM0.430.01-0.02
22Flora Purim Carnaval da CapoF0.37-0.000.04
23Gin de la Colline des ViolettesF0.420.03-0.08
24Ginger de la Colline des ViolettesF0.410.01-0.05
25Ginkgo de Amelia Bric Anam CharaM0.410.03-0.14
26Good Day Sunshine de la Serve de la Chapelle AlexanderF0.89-0.130.14
27Hickory Tavern Epilogue EclairF0.47-0.03-0.00
28Hickory Tavern Finally FridayF0.470.01-0.12
29Kaya vom ZulimoF0.360.04-0.15
30Lennox vom ZulimoF0.380.020.02
31LosSombra Remembers Vimy RidgeF0.320.030.06
33Nappyroots JeevikaF0.340.01-0.02
34Neigenuveaux's Island GirlF0.380.02-0.09
35Northrock's Athos PascalM0.420.08-0.31
36Northrock's Eau De JoyF0.370.03-0.10
37Northrock's Goodness GraciousF0.370.01-0.06
38Northrock’s Fly Me To The MoonM0.340.05-0.09
39Novaforesta Joss StoneF0.40-0.02-0.16
40Novaforesta Lady FernF0.290.08-0.10
41Novaforesta Lily-of-the-ValleyF0.370.06-0.23
42Nuphar's Bonus PointsM0.300.010.07
43Nuphar's Connect The DotsF0.430.03-0.14
44Nuphar's Deep In A DreamF0.360.09-0.21
45Nuphar's In Full SwingM0.230.08-0.03
46Nuphar's Soak Up The SunF0.260.07-0.05
47Patronum Bleuzorange OliviaF0.42-0.000.04
48Polnareff Von ZulimoM0.57-0.02-0.18
49Poppenspaler's IchibanM0.61-0.04-0.09
50Quaciendas Alba Aqua-AuraF0.410.06-0.31
51Reeds Fowling AlexiaF0.260.05-0.08
52Revulen's CintraF0.53-0.05-0.10
53Rover Douxbarbu MackenzieM0.270.08-0.06
54Rover's HarlowF0.350.09-0.16
55Rover's Je M'Appelle NoriellaF0.36-0.00-0.03
56Spiritrock Miakoda Power MoonF0.340.04-0.09
57Spiritrock's Kiss from a RoseF0.34-0.020.16
58Spiritrock's OscarM0.390.06-0.20
59Spiritrock's ZoeyF0.340.020.09
60Toulouse Biscay's SapphireM0.54-0.01-0.21
61Tyynelaen Jente's Ma ChasseresseF0.48-0.02-0.11
62Wendake Nemours-JocondeF0.360.010.09

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