Italian Greyhound

Temperament: Sensitive, affectionate, playful and alert. A sighthound in a tiny package.

Height: 13-15 inches

Weight: 7-14 pounds

Life Span: 14-15 years

Breed Average Outlier Index: 0.28

Breed Average Genetic Relatedness: -0.01

Breed Average Internal Relatedness: 0.04

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No.NameGenderOutlier IndexAverage Genetic RelatednessInternal Relatedness
1 Verismo Brynhildr F0.35-0.090.09
2 De La Casa Borromeo's Dante Emura Parry M0.160.020.13
3 Viva Justa Tex In The City Fiore M0.280.01-0.04
4 Bo Bett Tiptoe F0.220.020.10
5 Khani's Insufficient Funds F0.210.030.11
6 Khani's Alfheim Viviani's Theorem F0.31-0.050.08
7 Nubiad'Miuccia F0.36-0.080.11
8 Nautica Wildhart Southern Exposure M0.280.000.06
9 Viva Anji Banjo's Gaelic Dream M0.190.060.01
10 Viva Anji The Colorist F0.180.070.03

Italian greyhounds are an ancient breed, developed in Italy to be companions and a lap dog for women in the Middle ages, however also had endurance, speed and a desire to hunt small game. These days it is a household pet who excels in many sports and conformation.

Breed Standard coming soon!'

Italian greyhound breeders have expressed that autoimmune disorders are their largest concern. Autoimmune illnesses reported include (but are not limited to) Addison's disease, IMTP, AIHA, and MMM. Also of concern are epilepsy and leg breaks due to low bone density.

Italian Greyhounds from the United States and European countries were tested at UC Davis. Genetic analysis showed that American and European both had breed specific genetic clusters, but with very different genetics. It was found that being homozygous increased risk for autoimmune disease.

The breed appears to have reasonable breed-wide diversity, but this diversity is very unbalanced. The average number of alleles in the breed is 7, however the effective alleles only 3.39. This indicates a need to redistribute alleles breedwide and presence of a bottleneck.

Italian Greyhounds from the United States and European countries were tested at UC Davis. Genetic analysis showed that American and European both had breed specific genetic clusters, but with very different genetics. It was found that being homozygous increased risk for autoimmune disease.

18 different STR-associated DLA Class I and 17 DLA Class II haplotypes have been identified to date in Italian Greyhounds. This is fairly average for a purebred population.

The follow includes dogs with birthdates listed in the database.

DLA Haplotypes in the Breed

The Dog Leukocyte Antigen or DLA is the region in the canine genome that controls the immune system, among other things. There are three classes or areas, and the VGL Canine Diversity Test genotypes or records the two regions with the most variation. Because it is an area that mutates more rapidly than others, the method VGL uses is ideal for identifying specific combinations of DNA, and not merely showing whether a dog inherited two of the same sets of genetics from its parents or two different ones.

"Haplotype" is a generic name for a set of genes that are bound together and inherited as a set. The DLA Class I and Class II haplotypes are very tightly bound and represent about 2 million base pairs of DNA - a sizeable chunk. These two haplotypes together make an extended haplotype that is nearly always passed from parent to puppies as a pair. We therefore have two tables below showing both the combinations of DLA found in this breed and how often they appear, and also how often they appear individually.

Remember that frequency percentages do not show how many dogs carry them, but rather how many of these haplotypes exist in the breed as a whole. Every dog has two sets of DLA haplotypes, one inherited from dam, and one inherited from sire. These almost never recombine in new generations.

DLA Class I/Class II Combinations :

Class I HaplotypeClass II HaplotypeFrequency in the Breed

DLA Frequencies :

ClassHaplotypeFrequency in the Breed
Class I100813.57%
Class I10120.43%
Class I10165.43%
Class I10302.29%
Class I104010.71%
Class I104422.43%
Class I10480.71%
Class I10510.86%
Class I105220.29%
Class I105310.00%
Class I10541.71%
Class I10560.29%
Class I10580.71%
Class I105910.43%
Class I11690.14%
Class II20030.29%
Class II20151.29%
Class II201722.57%
Class II20232.29%
Class II20270.14%
Class II202910.43%
Class II20315.43%
Class II20324.00%
Class II20330.43%
Class II203422.43%
Class II20359.57%
Class II20368.57%
Class II20371.00%
Class II20380.14%
Class II203910.71%
Class II20400.29%
Class II20670.14%
Class II21020.29%

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No.NameGenderOutlier IndexAverage Genetic RelatednessInternal Relatedness
1 Diavolino's Own The MomentF0.280.01-0.07
2Adriana ExplorerM0.56-0.13-0.10
3Agape's Back In The Saddle AgainM0.29-0.020.10
4Akaya-Alfheim's Sands of Time F0.240.01-0.06
5Alfheim-Avagadro Can't WaitM0.160.060.12
6Alfheim’s Sogno d’OroF0.200.050.15
7Alura I'm The Boss At Southern RootsM0.110.090.15
8Alura Va Va VoomF0.140.040.13
9Anji Ankhu St VeronicaF0.210.000.32
10Anji Donato St. JosephineF0.31-0.040.05
11Anji Nautica JustusM0.230.010.01
12Anji Nautica's St GabrielM0.120.070.11
13Anji Nautica's St LeoM0.170.010.01
14Anji Nautica's St MartinM0.170.07-0.16
15Anji Nautica's St MartinaF0.200.07-0.13
16Anji Nautica's St. HyacintheF0.220.010.11
17Anji Viva Formal AttireM0.190.070.09
18Anji Viva MasonM0.190.09-0.06
19Anji Viva St AnneF0.210.020.18
20Anji Viva's St MirandaF0.270.030.01
21Ankhu Anji's St VolocM0.230.050.04
22Ankhu's Dancing In SeptemberF0.200.040.09
23Ankhu's Get Ready For ThisM0.33-0.010.08
24Ankhu's In The Midnight Hour At LibelleF0.280.010.06
25Ankhu's Metal QueenF0.250.04-0.06
26Ankhu's Steamy WindowsF0.260.02-0.11
27Ankhu's There's Only One Way To RockF0.250.010.09
28Ankhu's You've Got Another Thing Comin'M0.150.030.11
29Ankhu-Anji's Big Bad John M0.160.060.02
30Ankhu-Anji's St TiberiousM0.31-0.050.10
31Ankhu-Anji's Workin' Man At L'ChaimM0.200.050.04
32Apparatus For LEP PhysicsM0.230.000.01
33Argos KC Won't You Join The Dance?M0.270.040.03
34Argos La Sylphide Feel The ThunderM0.28-0.050.16
35Argos Munaut A Little Night MusicF0.25-0.020.05
36Argos Twilight's Last GleamingF0.240.030.04
37Argos When The Angels SingM0.15-0.010.24
38Arrakis Forum RomanumF0.27-0.020.01
39Artmeis Voici Valente of RegallustM0.30-0.030.02
40Aura Ferazi Sounds of FreedomF0.210.020.02
41Avimimus Arctic DreamsM0.25-0.030.24
42Avimimus Arctic SparkM0.230.04-0.05
43Avimimus Sacred CedarF0.290.03-0.14
44Avimimus Spruce SpringM0.320.01-0.12
45Avimimus Terra Sara CoccolareF0.37-0.090.09
46Beauty of Sicilia ValentinoM0.44-0.10-0.14
47Bel Etual Bravo Mio BravoM0.45-0.05-0.15
48Belcanto Shake Me Up ShannonF0.39-0.100.18
49Bethany Voici I'm An Angel TooF0.320.02-0.11
50Blanerne Wondrous AnguaF0.55-0.160.18
51Bo Bett TiptoeF0.220.020.10
52Boadicea Forum RomanumF0.28-0.110.29
53Brio's Anji's Halcyon DaysM0.250.000.03
54Brio's Pineridge CadenceF0.180.000.35
55Caeles H YeahM0.45-0.06-0.10
56Caeles MomentumM0.24-0.060.14
57Caeles Real FantasyF0.36-0.050.13
58Calicanto du Domaine de ChanteloupM0.35-0.090.07
59Caliente Tortuga Treasure In ParrisF0.130.060.06
60Cantex Blue Jays' TopdogM0.210.03-0.03
61Casesa Divine ComedyM0.27-0.040.02
62Casesa Heir ApparentM0.280.000.06
63Castiell Veloce Come Il VentoM0.28-0.06-0.04
64Castor Gemini Dei Raggi Di LunaM0.32-0.070.00
65Celeste Raindance Really Where?F0.340.02-0.21
66Celeste's Blitz'emM0.42-0.090.04
67Celeste's Bubble UpF0.30-0.04-0.10
68Celeste's Crazy DriverM0.280.04-0.28
69Celeste's Dark EnergyF0.280.02-0.20
70Celeste's Down With ItF0.32-0.070.22
71Celeste's Fashion Mogul A La Superga MogulM0.250.03-0.01
72Celeste's Got Brakes?M0.210.070.01
73Celeste's Lock 'N LoadM0.37-0.04-0.02
74Celeste's Petal to the MetalF0.26-0.01-0.14
75Celeste's Shimmer Darcie Ella MaeF0.29-0.010.15
76Celeste-Avagadro's BrilliantM0.38-0.07-0.05
77Celeste-Avagadro's ProdigyF0.260.05-0.25
78Celtic Uwharrie I Can Afford to Be LateM0.150.010.25
79Celtic Uwharrie Oh That TimeF0.160.010.25
80Charlotte Forum RomanumF0.47-0.09-0.08
81Cielo Raindance Warp DriveM0.220.08-0.13
82Dancyn Evening TideM0.230.06-0.06
83De La Casa Borromeo's Dante Emura ParryM0.160.020.13
84Deerfield's Argos Secret GardenF0.31-0.01-0.06
85Dervisch Oisco MagicM0.50-0.110.07
86Dervisch Sixteen Shades Of BlueF0.42-0.09-0.03
87Dervisch Spring SongF0.31-0.060.06
88Desert Queen Dior DonnaF0.37-0.07-0.02
89Destino delle Polveri di CantorF0.34-0.090.06
90Diavolino Amore Sugar CookieF0.260.000.07
91Diavolino's DemeraraF0.30-0.03-0.04
92Diavolino's Il Re LeoneM0.28-0.060.21
93Diavolino's Lost In The MomentM0.250.010.01
94Dipsy du Domaine de ChanteloupM0.35-0.100.20
95Divine Cave CanemF0.30-0.050.07
96Dolce's Girl With a Pearl EarringF0.280.010.02
97Donato Anji Glory HalleluiahF0.230.040.04
98Donato RaphaelM0.19-0.070.26
99Dream Hail YeahM0.37-0.02-0.11
100Eledi Grace Hadria di Forum RomanumF0.28-0.010.06
101Elektra Allure Dr NoM0.290.03-0.12
102Esken'Dereya Of OjibwayF0.25-0.030.14
103Esmee Forum RomanumF0.37-0.120.07
104Estes Forum RomanumM0.29-0.05-0.04
105Expecting to Fly of OjibwayM0.260.010.00
106Eyez Wide Open of OjibwayF0.34-0.050.10
107Fair Play du Domaine de ChanteloupM0.30-0.080.18
108Ferazi GDM Don QuixoteM0.260.010.01
109Ferazi GDM HexentanzF0.220.010.01
110Ferazi GDM Titania at JarosF0.32-0.040.07
111Fiore Lorenc's Gimme Gumbo at Peeks BayouM0.260.03-0.04
112Fiore Viva Lady's TressesF0.320.02-0.03
113Fiore Viva Skidi Fly Raven FlyF0.260.06-0.05
114Fiore's Gimme A Jewel At Peeks BayouM0.27-0.020.10
115Folklore Infiniti Heart Of GoldM0.190.03-0.01
116Gallica des Jeux du VentF0.32-0.120.30
117GDM Zenyatta at LakesideF0.25-0.020.22
118GDM-Lorenc-Logos Audacious TooM0.200.020.13
119Grandepatte Black Magic WomanF0.210.010.01
120Grandepatte Midnight Blue M0.220.03-0.05
121Grandepatte Paillette FroufrouF0.24-0.02-0.03
122Grandepatte Signorina MisticaF0.210.03-0.05
123Grandepatte VIP SpecialEditionM0.250.03-0.10
124Hakki Di Sangue RegaleM0.280.02-0.08
125Heesa Meesas Gritty Elof EyeM0.34-0.060.01
126Honore Never Say Never @ UwharrieM0.240.010.10
128Infiniti Bulletproof at FeraziM0.120.090.13
129Infiniti Via ChicagoM0.310.03-0.02
130Infiniti Voici VoyagerM0.220.030.09
131Infiniti wizards and witchcraftM0.190.040.20
132Integra Higher and Higher at ShadowlandM0.28-0.010.14
133Integra Just In Time For ShadowlandM0.250.040.12
134Iosono ValentinoM0.30-0.070.00
135Iuana des Jeux du VentF0.36-0.08-0.07
136Izar Forum RomanumM0.39-0.080.06
137Izat Blackacre Ooh La LaF0.32-0.050.12
138Izat Pitch BlackM0.45-0.02-0.15
139Izat Reddy When You AreM0.40-0.070.00
140Izat Simply DebonaireM0.44-0.04-0.05
141Izat Simply ScandalousF0.35-0.060.06
142Izat The Spy Who Loved MeF0.48-0.09-0.14
143Izat Up All NightM0.45-0.070.10
144Izora des Jeux du VentF0.30-0.090.14
145J'adore Forum RomanumM0.55-0.140.09
146Jaerys des Jeux du VentF0.36-0.130.16
147K.C.'s Take A Moment To DreamM0.30-0.010.06
148Kailea Forum RomanumF0.44-0.08-0.09
149Keep Winning for Sunnymoon z KoloseumM0.27-0.020.05
150Khani's Alfheim Viviani's TheoremF0.31-0.050.08
151Khani's Insufficient FundsF0.210.030.11
152La Plage Argos All Through The NightM0.170.050.03
153La Plage Argos Fascinating RhythmF0.170.030.16
154La Plage Crowning GloryF0.68-0.14-0.12
155La Plage Dream Of GloryM0.40-0.07-0.01
156La Plage Road To GloryM0.370.00-0.21
157Lady Les Grandes PattesF0.240.06-0.27
158Little Dragons Ebery Inch A LadyF0.33-0.110.14
159Little Dragons QTM0.36-0.100.04
160Little Dragons X'citing over The MoonF0.24-0.03-0.02
161Logos Sweet Home AlabamaM0.280.020.02
162Loranne Gimme A Sign FlosiM0.240.06-0.09
163Louis Sunnymoon PlaceM0.29-0.04-0.02
164Lucie ArnezF0.29-0.050.20
165Luise of Mystical Wooden HouseF0.33-0.060.07
166Magic Mike du Domaine de ChanteloupM0.29-0.080.13
167Maplewood's InvincibleM0.190.030.12
168Marchwind's Lanie's Little LadyF0.29-0.070.28
169Marsic Dance with the DevilM0.38-0.060.03
170Merikaez Dancin With The DevilF0.35-0.010.00
171Merikaez Great EscapeM0.37-0.090.18
172Merikaez Yellow GoldM0.220.06-0.03
173Miss Luna du Domaine de ChanteloupF0.29-0.030.02
174Murbella Forum RomanumF0.30-0.060.16
175Nautica Anji St BrendanM0.160.030.26
176Nautica Anji's St CyrusM0.240.040.10
177Nautica Anji's St. Marcella At BokaF0.230.020.05
178Nautica Wildhart A Million Dreams By RicklyF0.130.13-0.09
179Nautica Wildhart A Puzzling RomanceF0.290.010.06
180Nautica Wildhart A Wonderful RomanceM0.130.070.15
181Nautica Wildhart An American RomanceM0.160.10-0.03
182Nautica Wildhart Anji Autumn HazeF0.240.07-0.08
183Nautica Wildhart Anji September ReignF0.200.070.04
184Nautica Wildhart Crimson Red HazeM0.230.09-0.16
185Nautica Wildhart On The Edge Of GloryF0.240.07-0.07
186Nautica Wildhart Once Upon A Rainy Day RomanceF0.200.09-0.02
187Nautica Wildhart Rewrite The StarsF0.230.010.15
188Nautica Wildhart Southern ExposureM0.280.000.06
189Nautica Wildhart The Phantom RomanceM0.220.030.10
190Nefertiti De MagistrisF0.250.000.01
191Nuada Forum RomanumF0.46-0.070.09
193Odiseia Forum RomanumF0.28-0.070.17
194Once Again De MagistrisM0.29-0.050.04
195Pangea Rhamah Nothing But Blue SkiesF0.240.020.01
196Parris Caribbean Blue SkyM0.240.050.03
197Parris Tortuga Black CelebrationM0.17-0.010.18
198Piason All Dressed Up In His Sunday BestM0.160.010.22
199Piason Make My Wish Come TrueM0.26-0.040.10
200Piason Skidi's Belle StarrF0.19-0.020.23
201Piccino All That GlittersF0.32-0.080.15
202Pico Bolivar Forum RomanumM0.24-0.030.06
203Pineridge Elvis Love Me TenderM0.23-0.040.20
204Py's Galant to LaviereM0.290.010.06
205Raindance Acqua Di GioM0.290.03-0.18
206Raindance Argos Good Heavens!F0.25-0.010.03
207Raindance Commanding CurveF0.38-0.02-0.17
208Raindance Darkness FallsM0.27-0.030.09
209Raindance Providence of NarwynF0.30-0.040.12
210Raindance She Is a DiamondF0.27-0.030.06
211Raindance She WolfF0.220.07-0.13
212Raindance Tebo ZardettoM0.23-0.050.21
213Raindance The Sky Is FallingF0.240.030.08
214Raindance Up To No GoodF0.33-0.020.02
215Raindance Wicked StrongM0.280.00-0.01
216Raindance Wildcat RedM0.320.00-0.11
217Raindance-Celeste Hare ForceM0.34-0.02-0.16
218Regallust Voici London CallingF0.22-0.030.14
219Retaggio Yes It's TrueF0.150.030.17
220Rhamah BenvenutoM0.150.020.12
221Rhamah BhindiF0.250.01-0.02
222Rhamah BiscottiM0.200.010.05
223Rhamah Flash of LightningM0.26-0.010.14
224Rhamah FlashbackM0.38-0.070.30
225Rhamah FlashpointM0.34-0.030.19
226Rhamah Happiness Is The TruthM0.38-0.060.12
227Rhamah IntoxicationF0.33-0.070.30
228Rhamah Make Much of Time at ShadowlandF0.300.020.04
229Rhamah NeroM0.240.05-0.14
230Rhamah NimbusM0.280.02-0.02
231Rhamah No LatteF0.160.030.08
232Rhamah NuanceF0.29-0.030.13
233Rhamah Pursuit Of FruitM0.240.040.04
234Rhamah Pursuit of HappinessM0.370.02-0.12
235Rhamah Rhed Hot MinuteF0.280.010.09
236Rhamah Rhight On TimeF0.36-0.100.27
237Rhamah RhomanM0.230.02-0.03
238Rhamah RococoF0.230.020.05
239Rhamah RussoM0.250.030.02
240Rhamah Rythm Making MagicM0.200.050.07
241Rhamah Rythm's StargazerF0.250.04-0.02
242Rhamah Starlight AnomalyF0.220.030.07
243Rhamah There Will Be Time at ShadowlandM0.330.010.01
244Rhamah Tutti FruttiF0.32-0.020.03
245Rhamah Wee Red She Dragon - FiamaF0.34-0.010.02
246Rìan Gil-EndorF0.24-0.030.11
247Rosemont HayleyF0.270.05-0.10
248Rovente's Ray of Light at Jo-Na-DaF0.310.000.02
249Salswift's Heart Of GoldM0.160.040.13
250Selah London FogF0.250.04-0.08
251Selah Prince of WalesM0.150.020.18
252Selah Shannon's Silver SpoonsF0.220.000.22
253Serendipity-Celeste 2 the MoonF0.280.04-0.07
254Shamiram Forum RomanumF0.47-0.180.25
255Sheeana Forum RomanumF0.55-0.170.17
256Silvani Voici Glides Upon the NightM0.23-0.040.15
257Silvani Voici Treading the ShadowsM0.320.02-0.07
258Skidi's Ain't Nobody That Can Sing Like MeF0.260.01-0.04
259Skidi's Gimme That Old Time ReligionF0.280.02-0.04
260Skidi's Hear You Sing AgainF0.270.010.04
261Skidi's Hesitating BeautyF0.260.020.13
262Skidi's This Land Is My LandF0.210.09-0.10
263Skidi's This Land Is Your LandM0.240.05-0.01
264Soranus Forum RomanumM0.41-0.03-0.17
265Strippoker's Icona NeraF0.34-0.06-0.03
266Szczy's Layne To InfinitiM0.30-0.100.17
267Tahrae Tucker BoxM0.300.03-0.13
268Taraza Forum RomanumF0.31-0.100.15
269Tebo Mente' The Generals DanceF0.37-0.070.18
270Tebo Raindance Cat About TownM0.36-0.050.05
271Tebo Raindance RouletteF0.290.02-0.07
272Tebo Raindance Take That!F0.260.04-0.03
273Tebo Raindance The GamblerM0.31-0.070.31
274Tebo-Raindance-CCR Hell's BellsM0.290.00-0.06
275Tebo-Raindance-CCR TNT I'm DynamiteF0.240.05-0.04
276Terra Pavan Voici Wish Upon a StarF0.33-0.030.07
277Top Runner's Oisco OioiF0.29-0.09-0.04
278Topaasin Feel That FunkF0.110.070.11
279Topaasin Mona Lisa SmileF0.170.09-0.07
280Tuncap's CreditM0.150.060.09
281Ulli Sunnymoon PlaceM0.34-0.080.12
282UNICO FIRESTORMM0.22-0.010.02
283Urakibaramel De Domu MeaF0.260.00-0.12
284Uwharrie Bluemont Carolina Moon at CelticF0.40-0.03-0.15
285Uwharrie Kismet Road to RhamahM0.210.000.17
286Uwharrie Nobody's Fool At Bon AirF0.120.060.10
287Uwharrie Rhamah InaraF0.260.020.12
288Uwharrie Rhamah Little FireflyM0.240.030.08
289Uwharrie Rhamah SerenityF0.210.040.14
290Uwharrie Rhamah Shepherd BookM0.210.070.06
291Uwharrie Rhamah Still A SoldierM0.300.010.18
292Uwharrie's I Aim To MisbehaveF0.230.040.08
293Valhasar A Dance With DragonsF0.23-0.020.36
294Valhasar A Song Of Ice And Fire At AgapeF0.160.030.21
295Valhasar A Storm Of SwordsM0.15-0.040.51
296Valhasar Cyan MaleficentF0.210.050.06
297Valhasar Infiniti Let Freedom RingM0.270.09-0.31
298Valhasar Turn The PageF0.310.01-0.10
299Valhasar Voici Angel Of The MorningF0.320.000.08
300Valhasar Watchin The Full Moon Crossin The SnowF0.140.050.16
301Valhasar You're Gonna Love MeF0.200.02-0.08
302Vals Valento Zhofrey NoirM0.38-0.150.37
303Verismo BrynhildrF0.35-0.090.09
304Vertragus Filippo ArtùM0.37-0.06-0.18
305Viva Anji Backyard SwaggerM0.230.07-0.10
306Viva Anji Banjo's Gaelic DreamM0.190.060.01
307Viva Anji The ColoristF0.180.070.03
308Viva Anji's Commanche MoonM0.250.050.03
309Viva Fiore BluebellF0.220.07-0.10
310Viva Fiore Cardinals FeatherF0.36-0.01-0.01
311Viva Fiore Dust Bowl Blues SkidiM0.240.020.13
312Viva Fortune TellerF0.250.05-0.06
313Viva Justa Tex In The City FioreM0.280.01-0.04
314Viva Murphy's RomanceM0.250.07-0.07
315Viva's Lanie's Little Lad Of LorilaneM0.20-0.040.33
316Viva's Sweet TeaF0.150.080.11
317Vodka des Princes de KazanF0.35-0.080.09
318Voici Aegean BlueM0.280.01-0.06
319Voici Angelic ReflectionF0.270.08-0.17
320Voici Born in Blue JeansM0.240.010.15
321Voici Courage Under FireM0.30-0.01-0.11
322Voici Even MoneyM0.340.02-0.24
323Voici Favorite SonM0.240.06-0.14
324Voici Graceland Viva Las VegasF0.220.07-0.09
325Voici Lilacs In BloomF0.32-0.02-0.12
326Voici Ocean Treasure of DivineM0.26-0.060.28
327Voici Roman HolidayF0.180.08-0.16
328Voici Storm On The HorizonM0.34-0.06-0.01
329Voici UR Gonna Hear Me Roar at OjibwayF0.43-0.05-0.13
330White Eagle Central Park at FeraziM0.29-0.010.04
331White Eagle Rachel Alexandra FeraziF0.240.010.10
332Ymelda Pustynny WiatrF0.46-0.15-0.05
333Zabava Znaty HectorM0.29-0.02-0.11
334Zanbellia Showem Whos BossM0.38-0.08-0.02
335Zanbellia Silk N SatinF0.270.02-0.07
336Zanbellia SupernovaM0.30-0.070.09
337Zanbellia Tahitian PearlF0.34-0.02-0.02
338Zanbellia White GoldF0.330.04-0.13
339Zanbellia Who's The BossF0.42-0.07-0.02

Active BetterBred Breeders:

KennelWebsiteState or ProvinceCountry
Nautica WildhartWebsiteGeorgiaUnited States