User Reviews

Although I was a real skeptic about the value of using diversity information in my breeding program, I am blown away by the tools available through BetterBred and the information it can provide. I was surprised to find by using BetterBred to analyze our STR information from VGL that breedings I thought were outcrosses weren’t necessarily so. Two potential line breedings I had considered had predicted outcomes very different from one another—and the opposite to what I would have thought from simple pedigree information. I don’t plan to use diversity information to guide me in keeping puppies (in toy poodles our litters are too small to give me much choice in every generation) but I will certainly be using the diversity information about those puppies and those of potential mates to guide me in breeding decisions. I am a complete convert!
– Dr. Barbara Hoopes, PhD

“In 8 years I went from a female with not great conformation and below average diversity to a program with very nice conformation , nice temperament and OI near .4 in pure Standard Poodles . Thanks to BetterBred I have had this tool to improve my breeding program in the direction that I wanted to go” Rae I, Standard Poodles


I love the people, the tools, the possibilities and the fact it was made by breeders, for breeders. It’s great value for your money; especially since you can only purchase a month of use at a time to try it out, no commitment. It’s a great resource for breeders who are looking to the future” Kristin D. Dobermans


I love being able to see the outlier index and genetic relationships. I love that I can see the genetic relationships potential keeper pups have to my current dogs and pick a keeper who I may be able to use with the offspring of my current dogs. So it really helps with future program planning as well as being able to decide in the short term who to breed a certain dog with. I also like that on Betterbred you see tx he low and high ends of the predicted ranges on OI and IR, as well as seeing where the majority may land in the summaries. Wonderful tool!” Mona S. Standard Poodles


It’s value to our breeds and its ability to connect possibilities that may never have been considered.” Rebecca L, Standard Poodles and Giant Schnauzers


I love the answers to questions I have had for years breeding my Standard Poodles. Finding out the Outlier Index is the first plus and then looking to whom that puppy pairs with as unrelated is absolutely a priceless moment when it goes together. The last pup I had evaluated was so superb I cried at all we are able to learn with this DNA test and BetterBred, as I had taken a bit of a chance into a bit less diversity and she came through with plenty. WOW! Just WOW!” Julie R. Standard Poodles


(I love) The possibilities… The hope that it gives us all” Diva D, Dobermans


“I feel like I’m making a more educated choice with regards to reducing autoimmune diseases by considering a scientific way to measure genetic diversity instead of just comparing pedigrees.” Evelyn C. Standard poodles