Rat Terrier

Temperament: Keenly observant, high energy dog. Good with families and other dogs, reserved with strangers, and of course has high prey drive for vermin and small game.

Height: 10-13 inches (miniature), 13-18 inches (standard)

Weight: 10-25 pounds

Life Span: 12 – 18 years

Breed Average Outlier Index: 0.44

Breed Average Genetic Relatedness: -0.03

Breed Average Internal Relatedness: 0.01

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No.NameGenderOutlier IndexAverage Genetic RelatednessInternal Relatedness
1 Whiterose Bitty Gust of Wind at Toddot F0.540.02-0.13
2 CB's God of Thunder at Wahio M0.55-0.01-0.10
3 Rosethorn Comanche Kestrel F0.47-0.050.10
4 Rosethorn Jazz'n up your World F0.320.010.13
5 Rosethorn Twilight and Moonbeams F0.340.05-0.15
6 Rosethorn Riders on the Storm F0.59-0.01-0.10
7UKC CH Meraki's Reducto! M0.27-0.040.18
8 Casper F0.410.01-0.09
9 Kelso M0.36-0.040.35
10 Waterwheel Creek Set To Stun M0.55-0.050.02

Once a popular breed in the US, the modern Rat Terrier is the descendant of generic English terriers used to control vermin on farms. Said to have been crossed to breeds such as the Italian Greyhound, Beagles and Manchester Terriers in the 19th century, their popularity decline with the advent of modern rodent control - but the diversity in the breed has remained.

Rarely seen, but CHIC recommends testing for patellar luxation, cardiac abnormalities, pancreatic issues, hip dysplasia, and Legg–Calvé–Perthes. Dental disease may also be of concern.

The follow includes dogs with birthdates listed in the database.

DLA Haplotypes in the Breed

The Dog Leukocyte Antigen or DLA is the region in the canine genome that controls the immune system, among other things. There are three classes or areas, and the VGL Canine Diversity Test genotypes or records the two regions with the most variation. Because it is an area that mutates more rapidly than others, the method VGL uses is ideal for identifying specific combinations of DNA, and not merely showing whether a dog inherited two of the same sets of genetics from its parents or two different ones.

"Haplotype" is a generic name for a set of genes that are bound together and inherited as a set. The DLA Class I and Class II haplotypes are very tightly bound and represent about 2 million base pairs of DNA - a sizeable chunk. These two haplotypes together make an extended haplotype that is nearly always passed from parent to puppies as a pair. We therefore have two tables below showing both the combinations of DLA found in this breed and how often they appear, and also how often they appear individually.

Remember that frequency percentages do not show how many dogs carry them, but rather how many of these haplotypes exist in the breed as a whole. Every dog has two sets of DLA haplotypes, one inherited from dam, and one inherited from sire. These almost never recombine in new generations.

DLA Class I/Class II Combinations :

Class I HaplotypeClass II HaplotypeFrequency in the Breed

DLA Frequencies :

ClassHaplotypeFrequency in the Breed
Class I10022.00%
Class I10082.00%
Class I10092.00%
Class I10112.00%
Class I10128.00%
Class I10164.00%
Class I10304.00%
Class I104022.00%
Class I10462.00%
Class I10542.00%
Class I10622.00%
Class I10744.00%
Class I10878.00%
Class I10926.00%
Class I11054.00%
Class I11284.00%
Class I12002.00%
Class I12114.00%
Class I12342.00%
Class I12522.00%
Class I12534.00%
Class I12542.00%
Class I12574.00%
Class I12582.00%
Class II20012.00%
Class II20022.00%
Class II200310.00%
Class II20056.00%
Class II20092.00%
Class II20112.00%
Class II20142.00%
Class II20152.00%
Class II20174.00%
Class II20214.00%
Class II202212.00%
Class II20234.00%
Class II20258.00%
Class II202816.00%
Class II203110.00%
Class II20376.00%
Class II20432.00%
Class II20794.00%
Class II20812.00%

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3Blackwood I'll Have Your HideF0.53-0.02-0.05
5CB's God of Thunder at WahioM0.55-0.01-0.10
6Diamond Willow Chisum At BlkwdM0.53-0.120.12
7Felixville's NostromoF0.56-0.070.08
8Felixville's Skippin CJ RougarouM0.52-0.050.01
9GG It's Complicated @ AFF0.38-0.01-0.05
11Meraki's Reducto!M0.27-0.040.18
12QGK's Tiger Lily LigaF0.26-0.050.34
13RnB's Virgin QueenF0.340.01-0.08
14Rosethorn Comanche KestrelF0.47-0.050.10
15Rosethorn Jazz'n up your WorldF0.320.010.13
16Rosethorn Riders on the StormF0.59-0.01-0.10
17Rosethorn Twilight and MoonbeamsF0.340.05-0.15
18Rpk WarrenMtns Three WishesF0.45-0.04-0.16
19Sugarloafer Solo Autumn AriaF0.67-0.07-0.04
20WarrenMtn's Dark KnightM0.42-0.07-0.06
21Waterwheel Creek Set To StunM0.55-0.050.02
22Westside Deckers Sputnik OneM0.43-0.070.12
23Whiterose Bitty Gust of Wind at ToddotF0.540.02-0.13
24Wild Heart Take A Chance On Me River RidgeM0.330.03-0.10
25Wild Heart's Little Babalu At River RidgeM0.30-0.020.11

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