Temperament: Dignified and affectionate, this breed is quiet and independent, with a keen prey drive typical of a sighthound.

Height: Male: 28 inches or more. Females 26 inches or more.

Weight: Male: 75-105 lbs, Female: 60- 85 lbs

Life Span: 9-14 years

Breed Average Outlier Index: 0.39

Breed Average Genetic Relatedness: -0.03

Breed Average Internal Relatedness: 0.05

Last 10 Recently Added Public Dogs!

No.NameGenderOutlier IndexAverage Genetic RelatednessInternal Relatedness
1 RiverRun Oxota Ket Runtuff M0.39-0.010.07
2 Zoiboyz Eclipse of the Heart M0.36-0.050.13
3 Secret Garden Peace, Perfect Peace M0.290.030.08
4 Secret Garden King M0.45-0.110.25
5CH Aldemoor's Grand Illusion M0.44-0.070.42
6 DC Aldemoor's From Russia With Love, MC M0.39-0.01-0.02
7 Beresta iz Razdolia F0.320.010.16
8 Symar-Sunburst What the Inferno F0.51-0.14-0.16
9 Teine RunTuff China Girl F0.37-0.02-0.07
10 Clovelly Symphanyn White F0.36-0.060.18

The traditional hunting dog of Russian aristocracy, the breed was devastated by the Russian revolution.

Heart diseases, bloat and hypothyroid issues are health issues in this breed.

The follow includes dogs with birthdates listed in the database.

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List of Public Dogs

No.NameGenderOutlier IndexAverage Genetic RelatednessInternal Relatedness
1Aldemoor's Grand IllusionM0.44-0.070.42
2Aria's The Minstrel Boy @ RyhkaM0.43-0.020.07
3Au Amberle's Adsila-Azurill TMC's Hooligan of RyhkaM0.24-0.000.16
4Beresta iz RazdoliaF0.320.010.16
5Clovelly Symphanyn WhiteF0.36-0.060.18
6DC Aldemoor's From Russia With Love, MCM0.39-0.01-0.02
7DC Valinor's Circuit de Monaco at RiverRun LotusF0.51-0.03-0.03
8Gladkii Veter The Lost Princess at AriaF0.400.00-0.05
9Mielikki HiNote Secret Agent ManM0.520.02-0.30
10Mielikki Perchance to Dream At CeleritasF0.36-0.010.06
11Nevskyi Golub Belyi GryphonM0.220.080.08
12Oxota RiverRun Tangmalangaloo AvalonM0.480.03-0.17
13Perlova Avalon Giddy Up GoF0.41-0.07-0.11
14Psovaya BedazzledM0.45-0.06-0.12
15Psovaya BewitchedM0.42-0.04-0.10
16RiverRun Oxota Ket RuntuffM0.39-0.010.07
17Secret Garden KingM0.45-0.110.25
18Secret Garden Peace, Perfect PeaceM0.290.030.08
19Secret Garden Way Of Love NeverendingF0.41-0.190.37
20Symar-Sunburst What the InfernoF0.51-0.14-0.16
21Teine RunTuff China GirlF0.37-0.02-0.07
22Teine Zharkov SerendipityF0.30-0.050.09
23Tsarytsin Georgia Peach of StarswiftF0.32-0.060.24
24Zoiboyz Eclipse of the HeartM0.36-0.050.13

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