Biewer Terrier

Temperament: Affectionate, loyal, energetic and brave, high grooming needs

Height: 7-11 inches

Weight: 4-8 lbs

Life Span: 12-15 years

Breed Average Outlier Index: 0.31

Breed Average Genetic Relatedness: -0.01

Breed Average Internal Relatedness: 0.01

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No.NameGenderOutlier IndexAverage Genetic RelatednessInternal Relatedness
1 Allure Sachs Elite by Nature F0.240.050.10
2 Allure Sachs Dream B.I.G. M0.190.060.06
3 Leona Lewis Selfie Star F0.220.010.16
4 Fortune Radiant Snow Avalanche F0.320.01-0.10
5 House of Biewer Greta F0.190.030.24
6 Sugarbabe's Journey F0.290.01-0.08
7 Crowning Hope Snow Avalanche M0.44-0.070.17
8 Donday Poppy F0.370.00-0.13
9 Donday Hazel F0.36-0.070.12
10 Donday Stella F0.290.05-0.01

Biewers go by many names: such as Biewer Terriers, Biewer yorkshire terriers, or just Biewers. They originated from a yorkshire kennel in Germany in the 1980s. They appeared to be produced between two parents, with a lot of influence from an imported UK stud named Streamglen Richard. It is believed the tri colored patterning evolved from a potential spontaneous mutation, latent mutation, or outbreeding to another breed; Werner and Gertrud Biewer claimed that the latter was not the case. The biewer kennel continued to breed for the type they liked for 5 years before bringing in new genetics. Their dogs were highly sought after. In the 2000s, breeders in America and Germany continued to breed into German yorkshire terriers as was the practice of the Biewer kennel. This practice was ended in 2007. Biewer terriers are currently accepted as a new breed in AKC that may register as a FSS (foundation stock service) and are considered a breed in development.

Breed Standard coming soon!'

The adjusted IR curve for Biewers finds them to be highly inbred, close to that of a litter of full siblings’ breeding, like many breeds, when compared to village dogs.

UC Davis tested Biewers from different backgrounds to see if they were genetically different from one another. While there was variation in the breed, they were found to be one breed. Based on values for all currently tested 104 Biewers, the mean number of alleles found at each locus is 6.39, which is similar to many pure breeds. The number of the alleles (Ne) that contribute the most to overall heterozygosity is 3.35, which is also in line with a number of pure breeds. This indicates a need to redistribute the alleles and the presence of a breedwide bottleneck, likely due to the Founder Effect.

The adjusted IR curve for Biewers finds them to be highly inbred, close to that of a litter of full siblings’ breeding, like many breeds, when compared to village dogs.

16 different STR-associated DLA Class I and 13 DLA Class II haplotypes among the 104 Biewer dogs tested. This is a small range compared to some breeds but greater than others. The comparatively low number of DLA class I and II haplotypes in the Biewer dogs tested is an indication that the breed has evolved from a relatively small founder population, or that many of the original founders have been lost from the population over time.

The follow includes dogs with birthdates listed in the database.

DLA Haplotypes in the Breed

The Dog Leukocyte Antigen or DLA is the region in the canine genome that controls the immune system, among other things. There are three classes or areas, and the VGL Canine Diversity Test genotypes or records the two regions with the most variation. Because it is an area that mutates more rapidly than others, the method VGL uses is ideal for identifying specific combinations of DNA, and not merely showing whether a dog inherited two of the same sets of genetics from its parents or two different ones.

"Haplotype" is a generic name for a set of genes that are bound together and inherited as a set. The DLA Class I and Class II haplotypes are very tightly bound and represent about 2 million base pairs of DNA - a sizeable chunk. These two haplotypes together make an extended haplotype that is nearly always passed from parent to puppies as a pair. We therefore have two tables below showing both the combinations of DLA found in this breed and how often they appear, and also how often they appear individually.

Remember that frequency percentages do not show how many dogs carry them, but rather how many of these haplotypes exist in the breed as a whole. Every dog has two sets of DLA haplotypes, one inherited from dam, and one inherited from sire. These almost never recombine in new generations.

DLA Class I/Class II Combinations :

Class I HaplotypeClass II HaplotypeFrequency in the Breed

DLA Frequencies :

ClassHaplotypeFrequency in the Breed
Class I10052.28%
Class I10080.76%
Class I101223.38%
Class I10144.94%
Class I10160.76%
Class I10196.84%
Class I103046.77%
Class I10408.94%
Class I10430.57%
Class I10461.90%
Class I11041.14%
Class I11050.38%
Class I11150.19%
Class I11170.19%
Class I11310.95%
Class II200327.38%
Class II20051.90%
Class II20136.84%
Class II20167.41%
Class II202346.96%
Class II20374.94%
Class II20402.66%
Class II20740.19%
Class II20811.14%
Class II20830.38%
Class II20840.19%

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List of Public Dogs

No.NameGenderOutlier IndexAverage Genetic RelatednessInternal Relatedness
1A Living Doll of Gingerbread BiewersF0.200.020.17
2Aamore Mio Chance To DanceM0.41-0.01-0.12
3Aamore Mio MoniqueF0.360.00-0.01
5Adelina Von El Classius Dio MandyF0.38-0.01-0.04
6Advance Gift Snow AvalancheM0.330.06-0.15
7Ajax Woof of Mystical Fairy TailsM0.37-0.01-0.06
8Alfie Jace of Goldmine YorkiesM0.58-0.160.03
9Allegro of American BiewersF0.36-0.01-0.09
10Allure Sachs Carte BlancheF0.180.040.15
11Allure Sachs Dream B.I.G.M0.190.060.06
12Allure Sachs Elite by NatureF0.240.050.10
13Alouette of American BiewersF0.290.010.04
14Always Kaycee of Gingerbread BiewersF0.34-0.010.06
15Amato PlesidoM0.280.08-0.24
16Amore Mio Biewers AceM0.26-0.030.37
17Amore Mio Biewers AdeleF0.20-0.040.41
18Anastasia Princess Of MystiqueF0.260.02-0.22
19Athena Rose of MysticalFairyTailsF0.300.01-0.01
20Atticus AmoireM0.42-0.03-0.05
21Au Juliette of Absolutely Biewer TerriersF0.270.010.05
22Au RomeoM0.40-0.040.00
23Autumn Von FritzF0.29-0.02-0.04
24Beatrice Babe of American BiewersF0.36-0.03-0.05
25Bedazzling's Heavenly Joy of Fairy GlennF0.170.050.02
26Belamour's AcalyphaF0.240.020.12
27Belamour's AconiteM0.320.000.01
28Belamour's AgapanthusM0.280.03-0.01
29Belamour's AmaryllisM0.260.000.12
30Belamour's AzaleaF0.290.010.04
31Bellkor Charming AngelM0.34-0.01-0.08
32Bellssama's To Grace You With Her Presence- Fairy GlennF0.36-0.040.18
33Benchmark On Y Va My SunshineF0.250.09-0.21
35Bianca of American BiewersF0.38-0.01-0.16
36Bilbo BagginsM0.29-0.010.09
37Bob Hiladel Question Asked and AnsweredM0.180.080.00
38Bonitta Beautiful FantasyF0.370.02-0.17
39Brighten's Coming Up RosesF0.150.070.05
40Brighten's You Are My SunshineM0.21-0.030.30
41Bruschetta of Gessner'sM0.210.09-0.12
42By the Bay Rumour has itM0.30-0.02-0.14
43By the Bay's Honey BoyM0.37-0.01-0.09
44By the Bay's Honey GirlF0.39-0.070.06
45By The Bay's Just A Diamond In The RuffF0.34-0.01-0.16
46By the Bay's On Cloud NineM0.220.06-0.09
47By the Bay's Promises PromisesF0.35-0.03-0.11
48CA Beachboy Rocky, House of Wagging TailsM0.23-0.01-0.03
49CA Sunprincess Almond Joy House of Wagging TailsF0.300.01-0.03
50CA Sunprincess Harmony House of Wagging TailF0.200.000.04
51CA Sunprincess Kewpie Dolly, House of Wagging TailsF0.34-0.03-0.01
52CA Sunprincess MadisonF0.270.000.05
53Ca Sunprincess PatticakeF0.240.03-0.13
54Cersei Of Hidaway Cover BiewersF0.29-0.020.10
55Charm of Raven's HollowF0.370.03-0.19
56Chester O'Riley of Little Tuff BiewersM0.200.060.03
57Chip Madison of Blessed SummerM0.36-0.02-0.02
58Chulpan Shanda BeautyF0.22-0.010.21
59Crowning Hope Snow AvalancheM0.44-0.070.17
60D-Waltzing MatildaF0.27-0.020.13
61Daewerys Tiffany of Mystical Fairy TailsF0.26-0.010.00
62Daniel Konti RimM0.29-0.030.02
63Daniel Konti ShorvilF0.58-0.130.09
64Daniel Konti UliannaF0.260.020.04
65Daniel Konti UndinaF0.45-0.07-0.10
66Daphhne SeleneF0.290.02-0.09
67Darcy Benefit GoldM0.300.00-0.04
68Dasher Noble of Mystical Fairy TailsM0.32-0.070.04
69Delta Dawn of Little Tuff BiewersF0.130.090.16
70Diana Rose of Mystical Fairy TailsF0.31-0.04-0.02
71Distinguishing Diamonds Dreaming of La Dolce'M0.110.110.19
72Dixieland Delight's Exquisite ArielF0.240.03-0.05
73Donday BaileyF0.58-0.090.02
74Donday BaxterF0.340.04-0.17
75Donday BBM0.320.06-0.24
76Donday BellaF0.55-0.100.04
77Donday CassieF0.250.02-0.05
78Donday ChanceM0.32-0.03-0.04
79Donday ChanelF0.270.000.03
80Donday CharlieF0.51-0.05-0.11
81Donday ClarkM0.320.01-0.03
82Donday CodyM0.23-0.010.18
83Donday CooperM0.330.000.10
84Donday DakotaM0.270.03-0.12
85Donday DarylM0.280.08-0.04
86Donday DavinM0.360.00-0.13
87Donday DaylanM0.42-0.01-0.11
88Donday DexterM0.300.08-0.17
89Donday DionM0.360.01-0.13
90Donday Double DipF0.220.080.00
91Donday EchoF0.340.00-0.07
92Donday EllaF0.41-0.06-0.09
93Donday EllieF0.230.020.08
94Donday EvieF0.310.00-0.01
95Donday HazelF0.36-0.070.12
96Donday JakeM0.47-0.06-0.12
97Donday KaliaF0.34-0.01-0.09
98Donday KikkaF0.38-0.01-0.08
99Donday KookieF0.19-0.030.14
100Donday LacyF0.280.06-0.21
101Donday MistyF0.38-0.030.02
102Donday MurphyM0.360.010.02
103Donday PhoebeF0.320.04-0.18
104Donday PoppyF0.370.00-0.13
105Donday RufusM0.310.04-0.19
106Donday Saba'akaF0.48-0.07-0.07
107Donday SparkyM0.45-0.130.36
108Donday StellaF0.290.05-0.01
109Donday TaghgM0.39-0.010.00
110Donday TobyM0.41-0.03-0.03
111Donday ZZ TopperM0.25-0.070.35
112Dondayzz GidgetF0.37-0.040.07
113Donner HunterM0.220.040.05
114Double Hearts Dashing DamonM0.36-0.040.02
115Dream Girl Vom WoogthalF0.60-0.170.15
116Elegant Texas Rose of Triple TF0.290.06-0.17
117Elton John Vom WM0.55-0.170.12
118Elvis von Weisse OrchideeM0.41-0.030.03
119Everlasting Sunshine Of Sunshine BiewersM0.30-0.070.00
120Fabulous Baker Boy My Insatiable LoveM0.310.01-0.08
121Fairy Glenn's Daire To DreamF0.220.07-0.19
122Fairy Glenn's Dancin Til DawnF0.280.07-0.19
123Fairy Glenn's IanM0.20-0.010.13
124Fairy Glenn's KaylaF0.53-0.06-0.25
125Fairy Glenn's LaurelF0.32-0.02-0.09
126Fairy Tail Gretel Von Regal DesireF0.31-0.070.16
127Famous Star Snow AvalancheF0.360.000.00
128Feva of American BiewersF0.24-0.020.06
129Figaro of Absolutely Beautiful Biewer TerrierM0.37-0.03-0.01
130Fortune Radiant Snow AvalancheF0.320.01-0.10
131Galatea from My Beautiful TribeF0.210.03-0.01
132Gedeona Von Weisse OrchideeF0.240.010.09
133Gee Whizz Of EdgewoodF0.290.02-0.11
134Gem Pearl Snow AvalancheF0.250.01-0.02
135Gloria Dee From The White AngelF0.70-0.220.13
136Glory Bee of American BiewersF0.250.05-0.15
137Graceful's BlackM0.34-0.040.01
138Gracie of Little Tuff BiewersF0.210.070.09
139Gran De Cuerro Hard Rok Irish DzhazzM0.230.010.16
140Great Scott's PaisleyF0.40-0.050.00
142Hanna Of Southern Belle BiewersF0.25-0.080.33
143Haus Black Bist BentleyM0.300.03-0.03
144Haus Black Bist FenyaF0.290.04-0.08
145Haus Black Bist Grin RimM0.160.10-0.08
146Haus Black Bist TsaritsaF0.270.020.02
147Hedda Hop of American BiewersF0.49-0.130.09
148Helen Rainbow Lolita Lady BreezeF0.290.010.05
149Helena S Medovih PoleyF0.260.04-0.05
150Hillary Golden BenefitF0.170.080.02
151House of Biewer GretaF0.190.030.24
152Howie of American BiewersM0.41-0.05-0.07
153I Am Alpha Boy Von Weisse OrchideeM0.330.01-0.11
154Imperiales D'Morffiz Never Miss A Beat NexieF0.140.050.06
155InBloom Notorious Affair @ MeadowviewF0.32-0.070.08
156Jackpot Von Weisse OrchideeM0.37-0.020.00
157Java Queen Schneekonigin Von Der ElsF0.140.110.03
158Jazz Man of American BiewersM0.44-0.04-0.06
159Joy To My World Of Showtime BiewersF0.30-0.04-0.13
160JR Biewer's Beat of My HeartF0.230.06-0.03
161Kamila of Little Tuff BiewersF0.250.08-0.17
162Kassanova SnowboyM0.31-0.050.00
164Kewpie Doll of American BiewersF0.130.110.01
165Kodi of Loving AcresM0.250.03-0.16
166Lamel All About MeF0.370.00-0.23
167Lamel All That GlittersF0.150.060.04
168Lamel All That JazzF0.300.010.00
169Lancelot Snowdeneice Von Den KoboldenM0.350.02-0.05
170Leona Lewis Selfie StarF0.220.010.16
171Levian Von Regal DesireF0.28-0.050.15
172Liberty of American BiewersF0.170.060.16
173Liliya Gold Black Diamond WinnerM0.200.10-0.06
174Little Tuff Biewer's Foxy LadyF0.340.02-0.11
175Little Tuff Biewer's Hot PantsF0.220.020.29
176Lottie Dee of American BiewersF0.260.020.04
177Marsella AkvitasF0.340.05-0.17
178Maybe of American BiewersF0.150.060.13
179Mighty Moose of BenchmarkF0.230.020.01
181Mirica (Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers)F0.270.01-0.04
182Morning Glory CunamiF0.29-0.060.11
183MS. Bianca My Love of Glenna' GablesF0.200.050.04
184My Eyes Adore You Of Unforgettable BiewersF0.42-0.090.16
185Mystic Merlin of Gear AcresM0.32-0.050.02
186Mystique HollyF0.39-0.060.07
189Nelson of American BiewersM0.240.030.11
190Nimfeya Von Weisse Orchidee - Fairy GlennF0.310.01-0.08
191Noodle of American BiewersF0.30-0.020.09
192October Sky of American BiewersF0.320.01-0.07
193Only You From My Beautiful TribeM0.48-0.090.15
194Parker Tee of American BiewersM0.42-0.100.02
195Peeless Sccuess Snow AvalanchF0.390.00-0.04
196Penelope of Sweet DevilF0.38-0.05-0.15
197Popcorn of American BiewersF0.22-0.020.28
198PotiJohn's Puppy Love Everlasting RoseF0.320.00-0.03
199Princess Ariel of Teddy Bear Faces of FloridaF0.44-0.100.06
200Proper Jewel Snow AvalancheM0.44-0.020.05
201Quite Pleasing to the EyesF0.60-0.160.01
202QVC of American BiewersM0.41-0.01-0.03
203Rainbow Valley Basilio Mighty KingM0.210.040.10
204Razz of American BiewersF0.38-0.05-0.04
205Ricky Doo of American BiewersF0.34-0.040.03
206Riley of Haus Von Living MagickM0.34-0.050.16
207Sabrina of American BiewersF0.230.08-0.15
208Semper Fi of American BiewersM0.26-0.030.23
209Serenity of American BiewersF0.240.06-0.08
211Shake It Up Billie Jo of American BiewersF0.18-0.010.31
212Shape of a Heart My Insatiable LoveF0.45-0.07-0.03
213Shatiba Velori BimboM0.170.030.25
214Shayley's Glenn From My Beautiful TribeF0.300.00-0.02
215Shiroon of American BiewersF0.40-0.060.01
216Show Kurazh YunaF0.22-0.040.35
217Signature's I Gotta Crush On YouM0.160.09-0.24
218Simauta Dess Xtra Special XavierM0.320.02-0.25
219Sir Cosmo (Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers)M0.200.020.20
220Slakii Malchik Linus From My Beautiful TribeM0.38-0.02-0.16
221Snow Kurazh NinelF0.35-0.03-0.05
223Southern Belle of Little Tuff BiewersF0.31-0.030.22
224Strait Layne's Heart of Music CityM0.320.03-0.25
225Sugar & Spice Heart & SoulF0.280.020.04
226Sugarbabe's JourneyF0.290.01-0.08
227Sunkissed Biewers AvaF0.160.030.09
228Susy Q of Southern Belle BiewersF0.26-0.050.24
229Thuringia Attraction GloryF0.230.02-0.04
230Truman of American BiewersM0.26-0.020.17
231Uniqueness of American BiewersF0.34-0.030.09
232Unitee of American BiewersF0.27-0.040.13
233Upton of American BiewersM0.290.03-0.02
234Usher of American BiewersM0.46-0.070.14
235Utah of American BiewersF0.46-0.06-0.05
236Utara of American BiewersF0.30-0.050.21
237Vanity of American BiewersF0.37-0.040.03
239Windsong's Knows It By HeartM0.47-0.01-0.17
240Windsong's Ravishing In Ruby slippersF0.210.07-0.02
241Windsong's Save The Last DanceF0.270.010.04
242Xenia Wonder of the WorldF0.38-0.080.10
243Zeeva of American BiewersF0.28-0.060.20
244Zoe (Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers)F0.170.060.10

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