Frequently Asked Questions

How can I enroll my breed?

We here at BetterBred have vast experience in helping breeds from the research phase of a breed all the way to maintenance of a well established and tested population. We have worked with many different breeds, both forming and established, to help them conserve the breed’s genetic diversity. We currently do not charge to help a breed get established. Please contact us to get started!

What is required for my breed to get enrolled so we can start using your website?

UC Davis offers the canine diversity test to breeds in the research phase for $50. The goal of the research phase (approximately 100 dogs) is to sample the depth and breadth of diversity that remains in your breedpool. Once established, breeding recommendations will be made for your breed and you can begin using our online software! We have experience with many different ways a breed may go about their initial sample: some breed clubs fund the testing, others offset the price, or breeders themselves fund the initial 100. The most important goal is to sample as diverse and different a population as possible for the first 100 tested.

Do I need a membership in order to upload my dog to your database?
We take privacy concerns very seriously here! We need you to have a membership so that we can verify ownership of the submitted dog. It’s a privacy concern to ensure that individual owner’s have control over the use of their data, therefore we need your permission and a way to verify ownership. In exchange for uploading your dog, you will get a free individual dog analysis/profile as well as cloud storage of your titles and health testing.

I am having trouble logging in, can you help me?

If you’ve tried our password reset and did not receive an email, make sure you have “” on your approved contact list and that our email is not being sent to spam. Please email us for help if you cannot reach us at our Chat feature on our website! Email and we will help you as soon as we can!

How do I use buccal swabs to get DNA for UC Davis?

How are you associated with UC Davis VGL?

We have a great working relationship with VGL and work closely with them to analyze your results. However, we are a separate company. We love their research goals to aid breeders and support their ethics when it comes to producing meaningful and accurate test results for dog breeds. 

Can I order my own buccal swabs?

UC Davis prefers you use their swabs, but an acceptable type of swab to purchase yourself is GUM Go-Betweens Proxabrush Cleaners Wide 4 Pack x 8

Can I upload my dogs without a paying membership to BetterBred?

Yes! We offer a free public membership with which you can upload your dog for free, add titles, health testing (and more!) as well as get a free individual analysis. Please do so here: Submit My Dog!

I’m a small time breeder and cannot afford your membership.

We totally understand, it’s expensive to breed dogs between showing, testing, whelping and raising puppies. Small time breeders can join for just a month and run all their test breedings and take our free mini course, then pause their memberships until they need it again.

Can I send you a check or use PayPal?

Our online ordering system employs Stripe, a leading innovator in online credit card ordering. Safe and secure, your credit card information will be safe with us! We have an easy and secure checkout process.

I don’t understand how to use my results, where can I learn more?

We understand this is a lot of new information to take in and it takes a while to navigate.  To help our users, we have created a free mini course for all our Full members. Please check it out under “My courses”.  We also occasionally offer a longer 5 week course that goes more in depth, check in often to see when it will be offered next! 

Can this testing be used to establish paternity?

Yes, this testing can determine paternity on dual sired litters. However, AKC will require their own test to establish paternity, should your breed be registered with them.

Can frozen semen be used to establish a profile?

Yes, UC Davis will use semen to create a profile. They will even attempt with a used vial, though cannot guarantee enough sample to get results. 

I made an update to my dog and it’s not showing up! What gives?

We review all changes made to our database to ensure accuracy, consistency and reliability. Please be patient while someone approves your change.

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