Shiloh Shepherd, ISSA

Temperament: Loving, loyal and outgoing companions, with a drive to work.

Height: 28 inches/76 cm or more (males) and 26 inches/66 cm or more (females)

Weight: min 110 lbs/50 kg (males), min 80 lbs/36 kg (females)

Life Span: 9-14 years

Breed Average Outlier Index: 0.25

Breed Average Genetic Relatedness: 0.00

Breed Average Internal Relatedness: -0.04

Last 10 Recently Added Public Dogs!

No.NameGenderOutlier IndexAverage Genetic RelatednessInternal Relatedness
1 Guardian's Bear Hug From Samson M0.320.02-0.08
2 Guardian's Secret Silvermine M0.180.11-0.13
3 Guardian's Celtic Chant of Iona F0.170.040.02
4 Guardian's Chip of the Wild Things M0.36-0.01-0.10
5 Jewel's Enchanting Kiara Louve F0.200.06-0.15
6 Wilderness Kennels Fyre Starter M1.13-0.40-0.21
7 Shahayla's Vallavaraiyan M0.200.050.13
8 Guardian's Lara Rae F0.170.040.09
9 Wilderness’ Vixen of Fortune F0.96-0.37-0.16
10 Guardian's Sunshine of Wilderness F0.37-0.02-0.20

Shiloh Shepherds originated over half of their founders from the Shiloh kennel breeding program of GSDs which began in the 70s; 16 out of 20 of the founders contain dogs directly or indirectly from that kennel. Two of these Shiloh founders from that line had crosses from other breeds, such as flock guardian dogs and malamute. Later, some outcrosses were done to a long haired GSD/GSD derived herding stock, a white shepherd, a GSD, and a Czech wolfdog.

Breed Standard coming soon!'

Like many large breeds, Shiloh shepherds are prone to bloat (GDV). They also suffer from hip dysplasia, occasional panosteitis. Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency is also a concern in Shiloh shepherds.

The currently tested population of Shiloh Shepherds is in Hardy Weinburg equililbrium or close to it, which means breeders are doing a good job not inbreeding at present.

Genetic analysis of the breed shows that dogs from different regions fall within the same breed, but with some different genetics developing in different regions of the world. United States based Shilohs appear to have genetics that compare to dogs worldwide, while other regions appear to be becoming genetically distinct. This breed has thus far been found to have very low levels of average alleles of 4.33 and also low effective alleles of only 2.63. This indicates a severe bottleneck likely due to low number of founders for the breed.

The currently tested population of Shiloh Shepherds is in Hardy Weinburg equililbrium or close to it, which means breeders are doing a good job not inbreeding at present.

The 86 Shiloh Shepherds in this study possessed only seven DLA class I and five DLA class II haplotypes. This is the lowest number of DLA class I and II haplotypes identified in any other breed to date and is a reflection of the small number of founders that contribute to DLA diversity in contemporary Shiloh Shepherds. However, further study and testing of Shiloh Shepherds may find more DLA types over time. Three DLA class I (1052, 1065, 1165) and II haplotypes (2017, 2053, 2080) are found in 88% (DLA class I) and 93% (DLA class II) individuals.

The follow includes dogs with birthdates listed in the database.

DLA Haplotypes in the Breed

The Dog Leukocyte Antigen or DLA is the region in the canine genome that controls the immune system, among other things. There are three classes or areas, and the VGL Canine Diversity Test genotypes or records the two regions with the most variation. Because it is an area that mutates more rapidly than others, the method VGL uses is ideal for identifying specific combinations of DNA, and not merely showing whether a dog inherited two of the same sets of genetics from its parents or two different ones.

"Haplotype" is a generic name for a set of genes that are bound together and inherited as a set. The DLA Class I and Class II haplotypes are very tightly bound and represent about 2 million base pairs of DNA - a sizeable chunk. These two haplotypes together make an extended haplotype that is nearly always passed from parent to puppies as a pair. We therefore have two tables below showing both the combinations of DLA found in this breed and how often they appear, and also how often they appear individually.

Remember that frequency percentages do not show how many dogs carry them, but rather how many of these haplotypes exist in the breed as a whole. Every dog has two sets of DLA haplotypes, one inherited from dam, and one inherited from sire. These almost never recombine in new generations.

DLA Class I/Class II Combinations :

Class I HaplotypeClass II HaplotypeFrequency in the Breed

DLA Frequencies :

ClassHaplotypeFrequency in the Breed
Class I10010.64%
Class I10350.21%
Class I10450.21%
Class I105237.92%
Class I106827.33%
Class I11600.21%
Class I116521.82%
Class I11664.45%
Class I11675.93%
Class I11721.27%
Class II20010.64%
Class II20030.64%
Class II201737.92%
Class II20224.45%
Class II20240.21%
Class II20260.21%
Class II20330.64%
Class II20390.21%
Class II205333.26%
Class II208021.82%

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List of Public Dogs

No.NameGenderOutlier IndexAverage Genetic RelatednessInternal Relatedness
1Andante of ShahaylaM0.22-0.03-0.02
2Aria of ShahaylaF0.22-0.03-0.10
3Arkan Vid EchoM0.27-0.03-0.14
4Aslan The Great Of SpartaM0.20-0.040.14
5Augustus Red of River PackM0.28-0.080.19
6AZ's Hobo Conley FCSM0.280.00-0.06
7AZ's Queen Of The KingdomF0.37-0.100.01
9Black CollarM0.40-0.09-0.05
10Blue CollarM0.28-0.05-0.05
11Byebye Elle Bird of RiverwindF0.200.05-0.15
12Capriccio of ShahaylaF0.180.08-0.17
13Chief Earl of EchoM0.27-0.02-0.15
14DP's Shield Maiden Floki FCSF0.160.060.11
15DPS Pals of Olden Glory MekoM0.180.07-0.08
16DPS Pals of Olden Glory Barney M0.130.060.02
17DPS Pals of Olden Glory Buddy M0.170.080.01
18DPS Pals of Olden Glory Georgina F0.240.09-0.25
19DPS Pals of Olden Glory SidneyF0.210.03-0.01
20DPS Pals of Olden Glory SnowflakeF0.220.01-0.04
21DPS Pals of Olden Glory Tuuli F0.290.000.00
22DPS-Black DiamondF0.62-0.18-0.24
23DPS-Faith For The Future F0.230.04-0.15
24DPS-Fast Forward To The Top M0.210.04-0.05
25DPS-Feylin's Dutch GuardianM0.23-0.03-0.01
26DPS-Finding My Way To YouM0.210.010.08
27DPS-Gazing At The Stars M0.210.09-0.12
28DPS-Going To Keep The Dream Alive F0.29-0.070.16
29DPS-Golden Key To My Heart F0.180.020.06
30DPS-Got My Mind Set On YouM0.190.010.17
31DPS-HeMa's Always Adorable Angel F0.220.00-0.14
32DPS-HeMa's Grey Mystery ManM0.210.08-0.28
33DPS-HeMa's Handsome WarriorM0.32-0.07-0.04
34DPS-HeMa's Hayabusa Hero ToohayM0.25-0.04-0.14
35DPS-HeMa's Sweetheart For DannyF0.250.07-0.28
36DPS-Noa's Deeply Loved Helios M0.200.02-0.05
37DPS-Noa's Deeply Loved ThorM0.270.01-0.12
38DPS-Skaya's Limited EditionM0.240.06-0.18
39Dutch Pride's Cool Guy CharlieM0.32-0.04-0.21
40Dutch Pride's Cool Guy KaytM0.250.00-0.10
41Dutch Pride's Duke DarkanM0.110.090.00
42Echo of Guardian SpiritF0.29-0.03-0.05
43Echo of Loch NessF0.300.01-0.10
44Echo's All Fired Up M0.130.12-0.06
45Echo's Big League Fire Storm M0.28-0.070.03
46Echo's Breaking the IceM0.200.04-0.06
47Echo's Chasin' the HorizonF0.220.02-0.09
48Echo's Coastal Carolina MoonshineM0.26-0.030.12
49Echo's Coastal Lucky StarrF0.260.00-0.10
50Echo's Coastal Storm SurgeM0.250.02-0.14
51Echo's DallasM0.24-0.01-0.11
52Echo's Donnie DarkoM0.180.06-0.20
53Echo's Golden SlumberM0.180.07-0.21
54Echo's HokulaniF0.180.020.01
55Echo's Infinite IvyF0.200.05-0.15
56Echo's LedgerM0.24-0.040.04
57Echo's LegacyF0.23-0.020.01
58Echo's Phantom Storm of Fenris M0.34-0.09-0.04
59Echo's Rogue Rainbow of Shalom F0.130.040.13
60Echo's SalemF0.240.01-0.11
61Echo's Starr Light Starr Bright (Suta)F0.250.04-0.09
62Echo's Starr Studded OakleyM0.150.030.05
63Echo's Starrlight Warrior Princess (Xena)F0.240.00-0.16
64Echo's Sweet Sister SugareeF0.080.070.11
65Echo's There is No Place Like HomeM0.200.01-0.02
66Echo's WallyM0.23-0.01-0.10
67Echo's YahtzeeF0.15-0.010.26
68Echo’s Infinite Twist of Fate - FuseF0.28-0.03-0.01
70Epic's Majestic Rock StarM0.270.00-0.07
71Epic's Rigged up to RockM0.30-0.050.08
72FCS Gwydion CailinF0.110.120.04
73FCS Keilah RoseF0.200.04-0.06
74FCS Kerri LassF0.130.010.19
75FCS TheaF0.18-0.010.19
76General Grant's EchoM0.150.050.03
77Gold CollarM0.55-0.20-0.16
78Green CollarM0.58-0.24-0.07
79Guardian's AmaterasuF0.23-0.020.12
80Guardian's AxelM0.290.04-0.22
81Guardian's Bear Hug From SamsonM0.320.02-0.08
82Guardian's Celtic Chant of IonaF0.170.040.02
83Guardian's Ceridwen F0.240.04-0.08
84Guardian's Chip of the Wild ThingsM0.36-0.01-0.10
85Guardian's Georgia On My MindF0.180.030.02
86Guardian's Going the DistanceF0.180.04-0.02
87Guardian's Johhny Cash of SentinelM0.24-0.040.12
88Guardian's Jolie MarieF0.230.04-0.07
89Guardian's Keeping the FaithF0.180.01-0.01
90Guardian's Lara RaeF0.170.040.09
91Guardian's Leap of Faith F0.24-0.03-0.04
92Guardian's Light of ZivaF0.27-0.080.34
93Guardian's Moonstruck CosmoM0.220.00-0.05
94Guardian's Noble AtticusM0.260.05-0.25
95Guardian's Once in a Blue MoonF0.280.00-0.07
96Guardian's Onyx JewelM0.130.050.16
97Guardian's Pacific Wild ArcanaF0.200.000.05
98Guardian's PlutoM0.200.020.01
99Guardian's RagnarM0.18-0.010.10
100Guardian's Ranch GirlF0.200.03-0.06
101Guardian's Rocky Mtn. AtaraF0.150.060.06
102Guardian's Secret SilvermineM0.180.11-0.13
103Guardian's Sentinel DuchessF0.200.010.00
104Guardian's SpartanM0.220.03-0.14
105Guardian's Sunshine of WildernessF0.37-0.02-0.20
106Guardian's Tamarack KodaM0.230.04-0.10
107Guardian's TrajanM0.260.10-0.35
108Guardian's Tuuka BearM0.280.03-0.08
109Guardian's Wildly Wiccadly SassyF0.27-0.010.14
110Guardians LuckyCharm for Silvermoon F0.130.000.17
111Guardians New Found Barrett (Barrett)M0.210.000.05
112Guardians Reflection of Wildfire F0.31-0.080.03
113Iso sentinel of ZionM0.170.05-0.13
114Jetta's Little Halo of GuardianF0.24-0.060.13
115Jewel Cherish Everlasting Love M0.31-0.04-0.06
116Jewel's Amazing GandorM0.32-0.08-0.15
117Jewel's Amazing MachoM0.34-0.07-0.12
118Jewel's Breathtaking ChytahM0.090.040.17
119Jewel's Breathtaking GabbroM0.170.10-0.09
120Jewel's Cherish Beautiful Blossom (Sheila)F0.34-0.100.06
121Jewel's Cherish Flower GirlF0.28-0.040.00
122Jewel's Cherish Gentle BreezeM0.22-0.050.11
123Jewel's Cherish Key of the Heart (Max)M0.35-0.11-0.01
124Jewel's Cherish Ray of Sunshine M0.290.02-0.26
125Jewel's Dazzling CorunaF0.170.040.03
126Jewel's Dazzling LazioM0.130.12-0.22
127Jewel's Dazzling OlimpiaF0.210.03-0.10
128Jewel's Dazzling SantosM0.18-0.070.19
129Jewel's Enchanting Kiara LouveF0.200.06-0.15
130Jewel's Viva of Shahayla F0.150.050.01
131Jewels Breathtaking BlizzardM0.150.06-0.03
132Jewels Breathtaking IdocraasM0.180.030.11
133Jewels Breathtaking LazuliF0.150.060.02
134Juno Gentle Son Of Dutch PrideM0.200.01-0.09
136Kavik - King of the North Sworn Oath to SNSM0.210.010.03
137Kingston of RMSM0.240.05-0.19
138Kodiak Arctos of SolaceM0.24-0.050.06
139Kyla of Guardian KennelsF0.24-0.010.01
140Lakota-Golden Eyes Of RiverwindF0.170.09-0.14
141Lavender CollarF0.37-0.130.04
142Legacys Kingdom of PtahM0.23-0.080.17
143Loki Lough of New ZionM0.170.02-0.04
144Lord Reykur of Guardian KennelsM0.180.02-0.06
145Mainzer Guardian's Night BeautyF0.32-0.06-0.01
146Moonshine's King ColeM0.170.07-0.11
147Moonshine's Louis XIII CognacF0.210.04-0.11
148Moonshine's MargaritaF0.25-0.040.09
149Moonshine's Pink CosmopolitanF0.28-0.080.01
150Nikani Guardian's Perfect MatchM0.32-0.160.08
151Pink CollarF0.30-0.06-0.03
152River Pack's Heart of AtlantisF0.22-0.040.04
153River Pack's Wynn For VictoryF0.220.02-0.03
154Riverwind Sooner's New Found HazeF0.170.020.14
155Riverwind Sooners Top GunM0.180.06-0.02
156Riverwind's EzekielM0.210.07-0.17
157Riverwind's Flying DutchmanM0.170.020.09
158Riverwind's Hannah GraceF0.200.05-0.07
159Riverwind's Liberty Belle SoonerF0.180.09-0.27
160Riverwind's Moon ShadowM0.160.10-0.14
161Riverwind's Moonlight ReverieF0.27-0.04-0.06
162Riverwind's Moonshine & RosesM0.26-0.01-0.01
163Riverwind's Moonstruck For LoboM0.210.03-0.23
164Riverwind's North Star of ZionM0.190.07-0.20
165Riverwind's Ruby MoonF0.180.07-0.21
166Riverwind's Shiloh Teddy BearM0.21-0.080.14
167Riverwind-Sooner's Barley LightfootM0.100.11-0.02
168Riverwind-Sooner's Thunder BestowerF0.180.06-0.09
169Riverwinds Logan Howl'n At The MoonM0.230.01-0.03
170RMS's Purple Mountain's MajestyF0.18-0.050.21
171Rockstar's Majestic ChiefM0.290.04-0.08
172Rocky Mountain CyanF0.120.10-0.06
173Rocky Mountain DookerM0.130.12-0.08
174Rocky Mountain Shadow of Blu M0.130.08-0.05
175Rocky Mountain's AbbyF0.250.000.05
176Rocky Mountain's BeartholomewM0.180.09-0.11
177Rocky Mountain's KodaF0.24-0.02-0.10
178Rocky Mountain's MackM0.180.08-0.13
179Rocky Mountain's PM RiverF0.18-0.020.15
180Rocky Mountain's ThomasM0.200.010.00
181RP's Rocky Mtn. Koal MinerM0.160.000.09
183Shahayla Obi Won KanobiM0.29-0.02-0.05
184Shahayla Turbo PorscheF0.22-0.03-0.01
185Shahayla's Little Ms PiperpotF0.260.09-0.35
186Shahayla's Silver and GoldF0.30-0.04-0.04
187Shahayla's VallavaraiyanM0.200.050.13
188Shahaylas Brio of GuardianF0.090.12-0.07
189SHS Kingdom's Pride of KovuM0.24-0.040.03
190Silvermoon's Willow of ZionF0.24-0.020.03
191SNS's Five Minute MajorF0.24-0.010.04
192SNS's Oops I Did It AgainF0.170.000.01
193Sparta's Blaze of GloryF0.200.11-0.23
194Storm's Light EshonaiF0.35-0.09-0.08
195Storms Arcadian Wild V SolaceF0.47-0.240.14
196Super Nova's Stanley CupM0.140.070.08
197Tempo of ShahaylaF0.200.02-0.05
198Tikaani Dear JJ of IHOSSF0.29-0.05-0.01
199Timba of WinterharbourM0.260.02-0.12
201Vanguard's Kaiju Born of WildfryreM0.65-0.24-0.13
203Victory's Sassy Chassis of DPSF0.210.10-0.25
204Victory's Turbo Running Full BoostM0.18-0.060.09
205Wilderness Kennels Fyre StarterM1.13-0.40-0.21
206Wilderness’ Vixen of FortuneF0.96-0.37-0.16
207Willow Rock's Haunted TimbersM0.140.07-0.03
208WillowRock's Windy NovemberF0.200.05-0.01
209Wolfcreek Storm's Phantom EchoM0.42-0.08-0.16
210Yellow CollarF0.49-0.13-0.15
211Zion's Lykaios Jewel of HoltanF0.210.03-0.08
212Zion's Smokey on the RiverwindM0.240.03-0.15

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