New Free course (for all members)!

We have lots of changes happening here at BetterBred, but we are thrilled to announce we have now released a new free course to all our members.  This course is designed to be a “crash course” through understanding the UC Davis genetic diversity testing and how to implement its use in your program.  It contains much of the information we’ve released in the past, plus some extras, in a convenient to access location.

This course contains:

  • The UC Davis certificate- what you can tell from looking at your certificate
  • DLA- what is the DLA and how do you use it?
  • IR – what it means and how does it apply to your dog
  • OI/AGR- is your dog typical or atypical
  • Summary of the terms
  • Using BetterBred

You will find this course listed under “My Account” at the “My Courses” drop down menu.  Please note, if it is not listed there, CLICK HERE!

If this course is not enough for you and you’d like a much more in depth class, stay tuned for the release of our upcoming course “Breeding for Conservation“, which will be available in the near future.  This course will have short informational mini classes (designed to be about 5 minutes long) that will take an in depth look at genetic diversity and its meaning to us as dog breeders.  You will learn how to apply the concepts to manage your breed’s population.  Also included will be some basic genetic concepts to aid breeders in understanding genetics.