What can we do with your data? Doberman Test Breeding

Ever want to see what we do here at BetterBred?  What can we do with this data and the research from UC Davis Veterinary Genetics Laboratory?

The following video was done for the Doberman VGL users community, a group of dedicated BetterBred members on Facebook. It is an example of looking at a potential mating that is a little too closely related for comfort.  It also is an example of a potential linebreeding between a bitch and dog who have close relatives in common.  However, please note that the breeders were not actually considering this breeding, but rather it was made to be a demonstration only.

This video demonstrates how you might use our tools to check how closely related a linebreeding may be; other times we may find that dogs we think should be closely related are not, which can aid in our decisions to linebreed (or determine an outcross is really an outcross!)




As always, selecting for breeding mates will always require the same arsenal of selection criteria we have used in the past: pedigree research, health testing, temperament, drive and conformation.  This manner of testing gives us genetic insight in to our potential puppies, but is one of many aspects to consider.

Our many thanks to the breeders who volunteered their wonderful dogs to allow us to run this test breeding!