Back to our Roots! Standard Poodle test breeding

Standard Poodles were our first breed and the breed of Founder Natalie Tessier, who started BetterBred after completion of the Standard poodle research at UC Davis. The breed with the most tested dogs (well over 2000 now and growing daily), Standard Poodles have a fairly intense bottleneck within their variety. This has been well known in the breed, termed the “Mid Century Bottleneck” by many breed conservators! 

Today we are going to go back to our earliest breed and demonstrate a test breeding between two unrelated dogs.

Then, as requested by our community, I demonstrate a test breeding between an half aunt/half nephew (a fairly tight linebreeding) that has surprising results! 

Thank you to the breeders who volunteered their dogs to be “bred”. 3000+ puppies is a lot of pretend poop!! Click here to order your own canine diversity test today!!