Saint Bernard

Temperament: A giant, powerful dog who is also especially patient and gentle with people

Height: Males: 28-30 inches, Females: 26-28 inches

Weight: Males: 140-180 lbs, Females: 120-140 lbs

Life Span: 8-10 years

Breed Average Outlier Index: 0.44

Breed Average Genetic Relatedness: -0.01

Breed Average Internal Relatedness: -0.01

Last 10 Recently Added Public Dogs!

No.NameGenderOutlier IndexAverage Genetic RelatednessInternal Relatedness
1 Reyer friends Lena F0.410.04-0.15
2 Libby Des Legendes De Bretagne F0.57-0.06-0.11
3 Gruyere's Finn M0.39-0.01-0.02
4 Gruyere's Beemo F0.380.02-0.03
5 Gruyere's Gretel F0.52-0.04-0.16
6 Off Limits v.h. Demsterwold F0.320.070.11
7 Quality Time v.h. Demsterwold F0.40-0.010.02
8 Nelson Merijntje JuBoBelCo's Hoeve M0.360.020.05
9 Daisy Od Mikija F0.350.05-0.09
10 L'Olivia Des Princes De Savoie F0.67-0.100.04

Developed in the late 17th Century in the Alps, these dogs were bred for search and rescue in treacherous terrain. Their strength and loving temperament are both part of their original function.

Joint and hip issues, osteosarcoma, epilepsy, heart disease.

The follow includes dogs with birthdates listed in the database.

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List of Public Dogs

No.NameGenderOutlier IndexAverage Genetic RelatednessInternal Relatedness
1Alphofs LudvigM0.50-0.090.09
2Always Friends Pebbles-JuwelF0.390.03-0.05
4CH DesertWind's Betcha X LukeF0.42-0.020.10
5Cosmo v. Kopershof HeibloemM0.74-0.14-0.04
6Daisy Od MikijaF0.350.05-0.09
7Danny Androb KennelM0.46-0.01-0.06
8Diva Fan Darya's hutteF0.410.01-0.02
9Double Helix @ Solid GoldF0.500.02-0.14
10Freya de L'Orée des MontagnesF0.65-0.09-0.12
11GCH Orpheus du Grand Blettay CGN PCDM0.360.05-0.07
12Gruyere's BeemoF0.380.02-0.03
13Gruyere's FinnM0.39-0.01-0.02
14Gruyere's GretelF0.52-0.04-0.16
15Hero of the Mountains BertaF0.380.01-0.05
16Homey v.d. WaterschansM0.37-0.030.09
17Jessy Au Moulin de TallansF0.77-0.11-0.13
18Kings Row Moneypenny F0.46-0.060.14
19L'Olivia Des Princes De SavoieF0.67-0.100.04
20Lady Abeille F0.52-0.03-0.09
21Lasquite's Chikira DesertWindF0.42-0.020.01
22Libby Des Legendes De BretagneF0.57-0.06-0.11
23Magic Mountain's Striecher For NosirragM0.390.03-0.03
24Mio Amore DJ van SinBer-HeimF0.34-0.060.13
25Missing Link v.h. DemsterwoldM0.410.01-0.16
26Montmart's Zenon V LudvigM0.370.09-0.10
27Mt. Harmony's Frosty of Swisstar v. ElbaM0.38-0.030.17
28Nelson Merijntje JuBoBelCo's HoeveM0.360.020.05
29Never Last Transylvania GiantM0.370.000.18
30Nikan v.h. BorgerbosM0.260.09-0.16
31Nosirrag's And Magic Mountain's BethF0.300.010.22
32Nosirrag's Calling Doctor MeesterM0.320.05-0.06
33Nosirrag's What Dreams May ComeM0.340.000.10
34Off Limits v.h. DemsterwoldF0.320.070.11
35Once Upon A Time v.h. BorgerbosF0.40-0.04-0.06
36Parker v.h. BorgerbosM0.42-0.020.10
37Pearl du Val du MorakopfF0.49-0.03-0.01
38Quality Time v.h. DemsterwoldF0.40-0.010.02
39Queenie v.h. BorgerbosF0.45-0.00-0.03
40Ramyra von der BorisevF0.42-0.050.13
41Reyer friends LenaF0.410.04-0.15
42Reyer-Friends Pallas AthenaF0.390.01-0.04
43Romy van de BurggravehoeveF0.48-0.070.05
44Rubis Rios SaintsF0.430.000.02
45Saintdiamond GodfatherM0.63-0.130.01
46Saintdiamond In Your DreamsM0.39-0.010.02
47Saintdiamond Jump Of JoyF0.38-0.01-0.03
48Sierras Kodachrome M0.60-0.10-0.01
49Sierras Lotus V DeloreanF0.41-0.050.08
50Swisstar's Wendy DarlingF0.38-0.010.07
51Toffe Loffe's Glory of VaianaF0.55-0.03-0.16
52U R My Faith Wielkopski BernardynF0.390.02-0.07
53Yummy-Gumgum UR Reyer-FriendsM0.340.02-0.03
54Zucker Zoran od Strazcu HorM0.54-0.02-0.13

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