Genetic Relationships
Breed: Havanese
Registration Number: TS32776201
VGL Case ID: NCD68455
Gender: F
Call Name: Nabila
Country: US
Sire: Little Phantom of Velvet Dreams
Dam: Selah Pearls of Grace
Date of Birth: 2016-09-10
Extended DLA Haplotype 1: 1016 / 2066
Extended DLA Haplotype 2: 1115 / 2003
Outlier Index (OI): 0.29
Compare to Breed Average OI: 0.38
Average Genetic Relatedness (AGR): 0.01
Compare to Breed Average AGR: -0.01
Internal Relatedness (IR): -0.05
Compare to Breed Average IR: 0.04
Homozygosity by Loci (HL): 0.21
Compare to Breed Average HL: 0.27
Percent of Dogs Unrelated (PCUR): 42.35
Compare to Breed Average PCUR: 55.80%
Color: Black

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