Playing with Toys!

Toy Poodles present a bit of a challenge because size is an issue when planning breedings. At times, breeders may opt to breed within a family to offset risk of their toys growing oversize, which is not desirable within their variety of poodle (because it is a DQ). The goal of this test breeding was to look at a potential linebreeding and discuss its strengths and weaknesses using this testing.

Today’s test breeding demonstrates our comparison tool as well as our breed summaries. Within it I discuss both a potential linebreeding and another linebreeding that is not quite so close. Both test breedings look fairly good, though predictably the tighter linebreeding has a slightly higher average IR. Both could be discussed by the owners of the dogs, but are not necessarily breedings that will take place; they have been done for demonstration only.

The linebreeding, all things considered, does not have a high IR when you consider how close the relatives are to one another. Please click here to see the first test breeding’s pedigree

This is the second test breeding


Thank you for allowing us to “play” with your Toys!