Meet our Scientific Advisory Board!

These lovely people have formally agreed to advise us here at BetterBred, and we cannot be more delighted to have them by our side!

Dr. Barbara Hoopes PhD 

Dr. Hoopes has a PhD from Harvard University and is passionate about purebred dogs. In her spare time she shows toy poodles in agility and conformation. Her research at Colgate University investigates genes that regulate growth in canines and she teaches molecular genetics and biology there.


Dr. Rebecca Bellone PhD veterinary sciences

Dr. Bellone has a long history of genetic research in horses; her current research focus is on ocular disorders in horses. She is the director of UC Davis Veterinary Genetics Laboratory and is an Associate Adjunct Professor in Population Health & Reproduction at UC Davis.


Our heartfelt thank you and welcome to Dr. Hoopes and Dr. Bellone for your aid to BetterBred and dedication to purebred dog breeders.

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