The Initial Sample! How important could it be?

Really important! That’s how important!

Recently many breeds have requested to enroll with UC Davis and BetterBred for a breed assessment and access to our breed management software. After over three years helping breeds accomplish this task, we felt a simple video with illustrations might help guide those communities (with our continued support) in how to select their initial dogs. While we’ve said over and over it’s important to select as unrelated dogs worldwide as possible, why would this be?

The following is a short 6 minute long video, filled with dog-llama video illustrations. As usual, apologies for my (Rebekah’s) bad drawing abilities in powerpoint. BetterBred does not endorse dog-llama hybrids.

Once an appropriate sample has been made within a breed, UC Davis VGL and Dr. Niels Pedersen BS DVM PhD will create an advanced analysis of the state of the breed, as well as conservation recommendations. Using BetterBred’s advanced breed conservation software, breeders can use tools to preserve their breeds for the future.

Want to learn more about enrolling your breed? Click here!