Swedish Vallhund test breeding

The Swedish Vallhund breed received their analysis last year, and the breed was found to be greatly depleted of genetic diversity at the breedwide level. For a breed like this, this is an opportunity to preserve what remains, and many conscientious breeders have been using our tools to do just that. The following test breeding gives an in depth look at two Swedish Vallhunds and talks about a potential breeding. Will this breeding preserve the remaining biodiversity of the Swedish Vallhund?

As always, a breeding should encompass all the tools we always have valued in the past – pedigree, type, temperament, drive etc! We are guardians of breeds, so we must consider everything as a whole. Once we know the genetic status of our breeds, we have a powerful tool to move forward.

Thank you to the owners of the stud dog and the bitch who volunteered their dogs to “be bred” for this demonstration!

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