Full Annual Membership

$206.96 / year

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the genetic status of your breed and contribute accordingly.

  • Compare breedings to pick the best studs not just from the outside, but from the inside too.

  • Offer your puppy families additional peace of mind that they are getting a conscientiously bred new family member.

  • Send your puppies off knowing you did everything you could to ensure they have long happy lives.

  • *This is a recurring annual subscription.



Full Annual Membership


  • Free mini course to give you a basic understanding of using your results in your breeding program
  • Unlimited access to public genetic analyses
  • Unlimited access to public potential breedings
  • Unlimited access to litter analyses
  • Unlimited access to Litter Summaries, available to the public so puppy families can see them
  • Expanded profiles, including health test results, for all your dogs, available to the public
  • Submit all the dogs you own
  • Make your dogs’ data public or private
  • Discount on courses and other surprise benefits!

$199 per year


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