Test breeding – Scottish Collie

Scottish Collies received their initial population summary last week, and today they had a test breeding created for them. But while this test breeding is for the Scottish Collies, it will contain relevant information about all breeds! Take a look with us at the breed comparisons and learn what each measurement on your dog’s profile might mean and how it applies to your population. What should you think about when you are looking at your dog’s test breeding? Many of the considerations of one breed are applicable to other breeds.

test breeding for the Scottish Collies
BetterBred measurement cheatsheet

As always, it’s important to say that breeding dogs is more nuanced than looking at genetic diversity data. Breeders must still assess the quality of a dog in order to determine its value to the breed. Type, temperament, pedigree, drive, health testing etc will always need to be the consideration of any preservation breeder. Genetic diversity tools should add to, rather than detract, from the tools and conventional wisdom of breeders. Of equal importance: genetic diversity testing does not tell us the quality of a dog, but rather informs on how they and a population may be managed.

Thank you to the owners who allowed us to use their dogs in this test breeding demonstration! We hope this helps with learning how to use our breed management software for breed conservation.

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