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  • “Is Diversity testing enough?” is a great article and helped clarify in my mind the sorts of additional and not-so-intuitive considerations I need to examine before allowing my Black Russians to be used in breedin programs. I just wish there was an effective way to get all BRT breeders to place DNA results for all their breedable BRTs into this database. It would be great to be able to run a comparative analysis and select the best and most diverse ptential pairings.

  • I would also welcome more informational/educational emails from that will help educate me and keep driving these concepts home in my mind. I would then forward them to owners of our puppies as well as others intereste in dogs, so that they can see the tenets of responsible breeding of which they may never have been aware.

  • Hi!

    Is it okay to translate this (and other of your) articles to our club magazine, with credit of course. There’s a lot of important information here, but some of our breeders don’t know enough English at this level (scientific) to understand everything.

    Katja Ikonen

    • Hi Katja – I will send you an email about this! I’m glad you are enjoying our blogs.

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