More linebreeding! A Giant Schnauzer test breeding

Linebreeding is not always inbreeding, as we have long said! Watch the video below to learn more about our breed management software and how its power can be harnessed to evaluate potential linebreedings (or to ensure your outcross is really an outcross!). Want to breed away from a relative who was unhealthy? We show you how in this 16 minute video.

Remember, though not clarified in this video, Outlier Index and Average Genetic Relatedness will tell you how typical or atypical a dog is in comparison to the population. Generally speaking, the more typical a dog is, the higher their risk is of having breed specific diseases. To breed away from breed specific disease, or prevent them from occurring all together, breed for greater than breed average Outlier Index.

Helpful links, which may help you understand these concepts in more depth.
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A sincere thank you to the breeder of these dogs who allowed us to demonstrate how to assess a potential linebreeding genetically and what surprising results you might have by doing so! After posting we discovered this breeding may take place, so a future follow-up will be possible!

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